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I had yet to do a blog post on gifts for a new mama {or a pregnant friend!} and so I thought the holidays were the perfect time for this. Friends will be announcing pregnancies around Christmas, you may be gifting your pregnant BFF, or you might be unsure what to bring when you visit a new mama.

I like that this selection is mainly geared towards the mother being celebrated. I joke once you have the baby you are chopped liver in your mother’s eyes- so you love when you get a gift for yourself or two. 😉

Let’s get to gifting- shall we?

One. Got a friend that just broke the news to you? Go in with some other gals and gift her this jacket! She’ll wear it forever and it will be a pregnancy staple with her maternity dresses.

Two. Even if your friend has a diaper bag, this TOTESAVVY insert is something she will want on hand. Trust me! There will be days she is sick of a diaper bag and craves her old totes. Plus, many new moms splurge on a nice tote to take them through the baby and toddler stages, and this will allow her bag to stay organized and clean.

Three. Whether she is 6 weeks pregnant or has a 6-year-old, your friend will adore this necklace! It is just like my Maxi one!

Four. From cups to nipple cream and diapers in between, a new mama’s nightstand will become a catchall. If she loves home decor, give her some sense of herself with a beautiful tray she can keep on her nightstand. She can stack her chapstick, creams, and water cups there. I promise any sense of things she enjoyed before babies, is always appreciated as she navigates her new world! 🙂

Five. Because I work for myself, I have a major blessing in staying home with Maxi. However, I didn’t get a traditional maternity leave. So while I was gifted many sweet new mama books, I couldn’t read them since I needed to work in any spare time I had. I was gifted this devotional book when I had Maxi and I can’t recommend it enough! It isn’t overwhelming at all, so perfect for a mom that has other little ones to care for or is trying to balance work and motherhood. This book takes a few minutes to read each day and it gives you devotionals, daily tips, and updates on your baby’s growth. It’s like a devotional, app, and daily affirmation all in one!

Six. I kept a long phone charger by Maxi’s rocker for those late-night feeds. I could scroll Pinterest and respond to texts and it helped me stay awake. If you’ve got a mama friend all about practicality, she will love this!

Seven. A new mama won’t be drinking hot tea or coffee around a baby, but boy is it a necessity! The Ember mug solves that problem. She can control the temperature for specific drinks FROM HER PHONE and set it at certain times. So if she pours a cup of coffee before baby wakes, enjoys half, then goes to nurse, and it gets cold this fixes that. She can control the temperature while she is nursing and then the app will tell her when it is warm. Or, say she is enjoying some tea before bed, she can make it lukewarm as to not drink hot drinks around baby.

Eight. This wrap top is perfect for your nursing friend because she can wear it now and later. It is soft enough to wear at home with leggings or joggers and cute enough to pair with jeans on her outings. When I was nursing, I always tried to find tops I would wear long after breastfeeding and this top is just that. It comes in other shades, too!

Nine. A new mama needs a nice robe. Not only is it easy for nursing and will be fabulous in the hospital, but it is a necessity those first few weeks. People will pop over randomly to bring you treats and goodies, so you will want a robe that you can throw on! Make like the queen you are, and wear a fabulous robe while you chat with your girlfriends visiting.

Ten. A lot of little gift kits like this may seem to be filled with unnecessary “extras” but I think this labor and delivery gift set includes all the things a mama may not pack but will want! I remember wondering why I didn’t pack snacks, and this includes a lactation bar. If your friend is pouring over blog posts on what to pack in her hospital bag, gift her this and tell her to not stress. 🙂

Eleven. If your friend just found out she is pregnant and is overwhelmed with all the changes going on, gift her a pregnancy-safe skincare routine! That’s one last thing on her to-do list. I love this set.

Twelve. There are many times you want to give a mama a gift and you know you need to go the practical and small route. Does your BFF live in smaller spaces like Manhattan or San Fran? Is this her second or third baby and she already has the traditional “mama” gifts? Get her a gift card for Postmates and some fabulous glass straws like these! She’ll be drinking nonstop with nursing, and these reusable straws will make it all the more enjoyable.

Thirteen. Upgrade her phone case to this chic Daily Edited option with shadow text. You can write anything on it- but I think “Mama” makes quite the cute case.

Fourteen. Generally, I pack really light. I’m excessive, high maintenance, and over the top in just about every area of life. But packing? Give me a carry-on and I can do it! So when I was packing my hospital bag and people told me to bring my own pillow and blanket I thought, “Oh, I’ve stayed overnight for surgery before. What the hospital provides is just fine!” Yeah, no. I was about 3 hours into contractions and begged my mom to bring me her pillow from home. ASAP. ha. Maybe it’s the emotions of labor and wanting to cling to something familiar, or maybe it’s the sheer fact you’re going through one of the most physically demanding experiences in life…but a girl needs her own pillow and blankie for the hospital! She just does. If your BFF is pregnant, you splurge on this blanket for her and tell her to take it to the hospital. I don’t care if she wants to be a light packing hero. Tell her Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity says she needs to take it. Plus, after you have your little angel, you are homebound enough to make a homebody antsy. You better have a cozy blanket to keep you company. 😉 This is my favorite blanket of all time.

If you are a mama, I’d love to hear! What was the best gift you recieved?

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  1. These are such great ideas, Katey! I have a few friends who recently became mamas, how perfect! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 02 Dec 18Reply
  2. Kelsey wrote:

    Love this! Do you know if Tula products are safe for pregnancy??

    Published 02 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kelsey! Some are, but the ones that have retinol you want to skip! Their site will have ingredients. I used the cleanser my entire pregnancy! 🙂 My OB/DERM also cleared the moisturizer! xo, Katey

      Published 02 Dec 18Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    Just spent like $300 in 6 minutes but feel zero shame. This soon to be mama read this at just the right time, thanks girl!

    Published 02 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      LOL I’m laughing so hard! Girl, you enjoy that zero shame- you deserve it! xo, Katey

      Published 03 Dec 18Reply
  4. Sayra Torres wrote:

    I am currently expecting and would love to receive any of these gifts!!! I am sooo excited to meet my aby and be a mama. I’d love it if you did a gieaway for moms to be sometime or moms in general!!

    Published 03 Dec 18Reply