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Welcome to part two of our registry post! In case you missed it, I did a post on some items I think are worth registering for here. My focus in that post was baby gear you’d be reaching for early on from bouncers to boppy pillows. It didn’t feature every single item, but a quite good portion of basics! Fast forward to today, and I’m blogging items you’ll use more towards the toddler years. Granted some of these will get plenty of love before your little one’s first birthday, but these are items that have longevity well into them turning three. I think it’s definitely worth registering for at least one item you’ll use when they get older, or if you are having a baby sprinkle for your second baby these might be items to register for since you already have the basics. I always joke you get so many meals with your little one is a newborn, but you also really need meals when they are a few months old and you’re back in the swing of things with work and life. The same goes for baby gear gifts. 😉 ha! Any pregnant mamas volunteer for me to throw you a shower once you have an 8-month-old?! I will happily do my best to make this a trend.

I shared the new Walmart Baby Registry online experience, which features everything from checklists to the top nursery trends of 2019 and it has plenty of gear to use with your tot. You’ve got backpacks for preschool, plenty of Disney toys, and an array of toddler furniture. While your pregnancy insomnia is in full force {I feel for you! My girlfriend is pregnant and wakes up EVERY day at 3 a.m.} don’t forget to look to toddler items.

Whether this is your second baby and you already have a few of the essentials or you want to be ultra prepared, you’ll eventually need many of these items- so why not register now? This is what I use day in and day out with a toddler!

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One. Once your little one walks, a stroller isn’t all that appealing to them. Umbrella strollers are nice because they are easy to maneuver and they aren’t too large if your toddler wants to get out and walk a bit themselves. We have this exact Minnie one due to Maxi’s obsession with Minnie Mouse. The nice thing about this umbrella stroller is it has a little storage underneath, which many of them don’t have! So if we do run an errand, I can put things under there.

Two. Ahh, the great toddler diaper bag debate! Do you use a tote? Switch to a backpack? Should you just get them their own little backpack and you take reign of your purse again?! I’m the worst person to ask because I’m just excessive and constantly switch out each day. But having things like a wipes case makes switching out easy! Even if your little one is potty trained, baby wipes stay a necessity for wiping spills and messy fingers. This wipes case has a wrist strap so you can throw it on your stroller or wrist if you are running an errand.

Three. This unicorn thermos keeps food warm for 7 hours or cold for 5 hours. I’ve blogged this many times before, but if we are going to be out and about all day I’ll bring a lunch box with snacks. I use these to store cold fruit or anything so I’m not tempted to run through a drive-through. These are also really nice for taking your toddler on a picnic or to the park!

Four. Speaking of my lunchbox obsession, they have a ton of cute lunchbox options. How sweet is this dalmatian? If your daughter is as into unicorns as mine {she calls them “corns” lol} here is the matching backpack. Maxi has this exact one!

Five. This is Maxi’s absolute favorite sippy cup that she is quite attached to. It’s the one she requests when she is sleepy or upset and I’m always washing the ones we have on repeat. I actually found out about this cup from a few of her friends, so I’m guessing lots of toddlers are attached to it, as well. It’s worth trying out if your little one likes Minnie and Mickey!

Six. Talk about a chic diaper backpack. This will make you rethink all your qualms about wanting to just carry a purse again. It comes in black, too, if you aren’t as much of a pink gal!

Seven. I didn’t register for a jogging stroller but wish I had. We actually ended up getting one with a Black Friday sale when Maxi was a few months old. Whether you or your husband use it to run, or power walk {me! ha!} it’s worth it to look at. Here’s a list of some to browse!

Eight. I had a million precious monogrammed bibs to start, but once she was eating actual food we went to silicone and never looked back. They are ridiculously easy to clean and come in a ton of cute prints or animals.

Nine. A cart cover might have been my most used baby item from 7 to 18 months! Flu season anyone?! These are great because they can go on a restaurant highchair or a grocery shopping cart.

Ten. Last week, I blogged that a car storage tote is the only thing that keeps my car clean with a toddler. It also gives me a little peace to know I always have what we need, even if we are at a restaurant and I want to grab some toys to entertain her. This one is also collapsible and has six pockets to organize extra diapers, books, and other essentials. It’s also on the smaller side if you don’t want something too large taking up real estate in your backseat.

Eleven. Maxi is always sitting at her toddler table and chairs to do crafts, play with Play-Doh, or paint her nails. How sweet is this option you can register for?! It comes in pink and gray, too.

Twelve. I much prefer serving maxi’s food on the plate sets that have divided sections. She doesn’t like things mixed together and I find it easier to save food she didn’t touch if it’s in a separate section. It survives mealtime instead of getting smooshed under mac and cheese. ha! Don’t forget to register for plenty of plates they’ll be eating off of once they get a little older.

Thirteen. We can’t skip the most glamorous item on your list- a toddler potty. 😉 We’ve had ours out for a few months and it’s nice that she sees it and will sometimes ask to use it before we officially potty train. Walmart has a huge potty training section on their site.

Okay, toddler mamas! What else would you add to the list for a mama to be?! Would you register for more wipes or more items for mealtime?! You can register here or browse all the checklists I talk about, too. And if you are looking for items for your newborn, don’t miss my registry post here. Have a wonderful start to your week!

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  1. You have the cutest things on your registry! Love all the items! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 22 Jul 19Reply