15 Items for Your Postpartum Wardrobe

For as many books, blogs, and “how to’s” on pregnancy, there sure isn’t enough equal information on postpartum. When I was pregnant with Maxi, I made it to 39 weeks and it dawned on me, “I probably need clothes for postpartum life?!” I asked my mom if she wanted to go to the mall partially so we could shop and partially so I could hopefully walk baby out. We walked the entire mall, got a cookie, and I settled on a few sets of sweats. Sweats….so not very…helpful?

Did I wear the sweats? Absolutely. But then when it came time to get out of the house, those weren’t my choice of outfit. My maternity clothes didn’t fit right, my old clothes didn’t fight right, everything just felt like it wasn’t even from my own closet.

This time around, I know recognize two things I wasn’t aware of while pregnant with Maxi.

One, it’s just as important to prep for your postpartum wardrobe as your pregnancy wardrobe- maybe even more?! You’re thrown into taking care of a new little life, you don’t want to stress about what options you have in your closet. You’ve got less time and higher stress, but you should still feel good about yourself. And two, I now know how my body reacts to postpartum. For me, I hold onto weight while I breastfeed. My chest doesn’t fit in my typical tops, so I need to have go-to options on hand that will always work.

Another thing to think about is that everyone feels different postpartum and it depends on SO many factors. Do you have maternity leave or will you be jumping back into work soon? Did you have a c-section? That totally changes what clothing you need. Do you have other kids at home and you’ve got to head right back into soccer practice and carpool? For some mamas, you heal best in your coziest loungewear. For other mamas, you need to put on that mascara and that blouse, to still feel a bit like yourself. There is NO right or wrong way, there is only the way that nurtures yourself best. And I’m sure this baby will prove, I may feel differently each postpartum experience.

All of that ramble to say, use this as a loose guide! Find inspiration in a piece or two to make you feel a little bit more dressed up on the days you feel exhausted. Many other pregnant gals have asked that I share what I love for postpartum, and I’ve made a small section in my closet dedicated to postpartum girdles for those first few months. I separated this section off so that I’m able to just grab one and not think about it, too much. If you are home and have a bit more time right now, dedicate a section in your closet to 10 postpartum options. Incorporate a few pieces for those early days {comfy tees, please!}, blouses for being out and about, and don’t forget dressy options, too! While those may seem impractical at first, a few months in, you may head to dinner with your husband or want to dress up for church.

  1. Buddy Love North Tunic– These tunics are some of my favorite for postpartum. They are loose, so they aren’t irritating, but they can easily lift up if you wear a nursing tank underneath. They are also light, so if you do need to nurse, you aren’t dealing with a ton of extra fabric to mess with.
  2. Spell & The Gypsy Collective Bianca Blouse– If you are looking for one addition to your postpartum wardrobe, check out Spell & The Gypsy Collective. It’s a bohemian brand that has many maternity-friendly and postpartum-friendly pieces. Their prints, colors, and styles are so gorgeous that you’ll feel special even if you are just hanging out at home!
  3. Printed Kimonos– Kimonos and dusters were some of my favorite pieces to reach for after I had Maxi. You can throw them over loose tanks, nursing tops, or your favorite cotton dresses. They dress you up while working as a nursing cover should you need one.
  4. Rails Button Down– I tried my best to avoid TOO many button-down blouses in this roundup because let’s be honest, we can get tired of them postpartum. But, the brand Rails features some of my favorites! I purchased two to add to my postpartum section and I just sized up, because you can always tie at the waist if you need to make it more fitted.
  5. Hunter Bell Addison Dress– This dress is on my wishlist! Hunter Bell’s pieces are a bit more oversized in structure, so you don’t have to stress on sizing as much. The drop waist dress lengthens you, and there is a button-up option if you need it.
  6. Cute Baseball Hat– Don’t forget a cute baseball hat! If you don’t want to mess with your hair, you don’t have to resort to a top knot. Add this cute tie-dye hat and it will brighten up a basic tee and joggers.
  7. Sneakers– Speaking of a tee and joggers, these sneakers will be the perfect addition. While you don’t need to focus on shoes for your postpartum wardrobe, you can dress up your sneaker options since you’ll run around in them to Pediatrician appointments.
  8. Off-The-Shoulder Top– What about when you venture out to date night in a few months? Off-the-shoulder tops give you the option to tuck them in or wear them out. I always find them to be extremely flattering and if you need to pump in the car, it allows you to do that!
  9. Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top– If you are a Lilly fan, I think their Elsa Tops is one you can’t forget about postpartum! They come in gorgeous prints, are forgiving in size {don’t stress on ordering, just grab your true size} and have buttons.
  10. Comfy Camo Shorts– Having a summer baby, one thing I’ve had to think of is shorts! These comfy camo shorts look like they would be easy to throw on with your favorite loose tee. These give you an option outside of your traditional workout shorts that you may tire of.
  11. Floral Midi Dress– I ordered this dress while postpartum and decided this was even better for postpartum. The sleeves and top area pull down easily if you need to nurse, the linen blend is comfortable for summer, and it’s loose in the waist.
  12. Tie-Dye Pullover– We can’t forget what you’ll live in, in those early days! If you want a soft pullover just to change out of pajamas, the tie dry trend will still be going strong all summer.
  13. Button-Up Midi Dress– While I didn’t have a c-section with Maxi, my friends that have had c-sections say dresses like these are perfect for their healing incision! Add some layered necklaces and a messy ponytail, and you are perfectly styled.
  14. White Shirt Dress– I know you’re probably thinking, white?! Isn’t this dressy?! I’ve seen a few postpartum mamas wear this dress on Instagram and it is GORGEOUS. I’d size down if you are in between sizes, but it looks stunning in newborn photos. If you don’t have a traditional maternity leave and will need to hop on Zoom calls or do a few conference calls soon after, this gives you an option to do so.
  15. Linen Jogger Pants– You may not want to mess with jeans, especially in the hot summer months. These linen jogger pants seem as comfortable as pajamas, but allow you to have something on a bit more polished.

I hope a few of these items give you inspiration to clear out a section in your closet as you prepare for yourself and baby! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. I’m not a mother but these seem like great suggestions! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 14 Apr 20Reply
  2. Lindsey wrote:

    Thank you for putting this together. This is a great and needed resource for moms-to-be!

    Published 14 Apr 20Reply