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If we thought talking skincare was finicky, don’t even get me started on babies. One baby may love a Como Tomo bottle. Another only take on by Dr. Brown. One mama can’t survive without a certain bouncer. Another mama immediately donates her bouncer because it makes her baby scream more. I remember many emotional pregnant nights just crying trying to register for different items because I had no clue what brand to go with considering all the mix bagged reviews.

So what helped calm my Nervous Nellie tendencies? I loved finding blogs with lists of products those mamas used. Sometimes a checklist of 60+ items felt a bit daunting, and to be honest, everyone has different registry needs. Some mothers register for basics, while others want to register for items they’ll use throughout the toddler years. A lot of it is so dependent upon lifestyle and personality.

I shared new-mom items after I had Maxi and have reviewed some brands since then. But this summer, I’m going to be doing posts on items to register for under 12 months and then another post on items to consider registering for that will get lots of use after their first birthday. While this post doesn’t have everything you need {I’m not talking too in-depth on items like toiletries, medicines, etc.} my hope is to cover a lot of the main items you may really dive deep on in research. I also don’t cover some items Maxi didn’t use- like she never used a bottle warmer. So feel free to use this as a starting point if you are pregnant with your first. I’m no expert at all, I’m the furthest thing from it! But hopefully, by dividing these posts, you can find a good starting point regardless if you are a minimalist or not.

All of these items can be purchased or registered for via Walmart. Walmart recently launched a new, personalized baby registration experience. Instead of having 18 Internet tabs open and tearing up as you get lost on the internet in all of them {okay, maybe that was only me pregnant-ha!} they’ve added so many well-thought details to their registry site. From new parent and hospital checklists to a car seat safety guide, they’ve thought of everything. They break down breast pumps in their breastfeeding basics section and all the parts you’ll need in their stroller guide. Oh, and look at this boho-chic nursery. I love the wallpaper and metal crib! Essentially, their new registry section feels like a mommy blog, with easy t0 navigate features which I love.

A few notes about this post:

  • Because the baby industry has such a high turnover in products and they are always creating the “new” version of XYZ, not all of the exact products we used are even sold anymore. Shocking after just 2.5 years! But, in many cases, I’ll link to the brand or “updated version” like with our baby food maker!
  • This isn’t a post to tell you what brand you NEED to go with. Some points are a checklist and some are the brands Maxi preferred and some are what my friends with newborns prefer. I felt even more overwhelmed when moms told me the brands I “had” to go with, so I don’t want to do that to you.
  • Now some items we used with Maxi, I wouldn’t use again. A few of these items are products that pique my interest per the recommendations of friends, and I am choosing to not recommend a product that wasn’t my favorite with Maxi as a newborn.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen | sixteen | seventeen | eighteen | nineteen | twenty | twenty-one

Okay, my rambling is commenced. πŸ˜‰ Here’s some products to consider registering for that you’ll use the first year of their life!

One. We can start this post with an obvious choice. You’ll need a space for baby to sleep! I love this gender neutral 3-in-1 convertible crib that would go with any style of decor. This is also a lovely option if you know you’ll want to expand your family past this little one on the way because it’s a classic look that can go in numerous nurseries.

Two. Now, of course, you don’t have to make your own baby food, and I don’t want to tell you to register for this if that would cause unnecessary stress. I just really enjoyed making Maxi’s food when she started on solids, simply because I didn’t have a desire to cook while nursing {it made me nauseous for some reason and many of you said you experienced the same}. But this little step was a nice way to be in the kitchen, without standing over a saute pan. I honestly think this baby food maker was a huge reason I slowly but surely started to enjoy cooking again. The Baby Breeza makes it so simple to make food and prep their solids for the week.

Three. We adored our Dockatot and gave it so much use, even though we didn’t use this for Maxi to sleep in. She slept in her bassinet, but we used this in our bed with her while we watched movies, sang to her, cuddled on the couch, etc. It made her feel really secure and cuddled while we all spent time together and I found it would calm her down in those early newborn days.

Four. I like a true diaper bag for that first year. Now, I find myself switching between backpack and tote, but until they can walk give me my diaper bag. πŸ˜‰ I love a black option because it’s still chic and coordinates with your looks. If I’m toting around diapers over lipstick, I want to at least coordinate. ha! This option looks great.

Five. We tried a few different baby baths, and I found the more simple the better for those first few months. I love this option and how compact it is if you need to use your tub for other kids or yourself, too!

Six. I loved my Boppy Pillow for nursing! Register for one and then you can always buy different cute covers that match your nursery or personal taste.

Seven. We went through a few different thermometers that would break or fail to work each time until we got this one. It’s the one we still use with Maxi now.

Eight. This little lamb soother is great to hold while you rock your babe, and then once they sleep with stuffed animals past 12 months they can use this at night!

Nine. Hooded towels are a must-have registry item because you’ll use them through the toddler years, as well. So although this registry post is geared towards things you’ll need under 12 months, it’s nice to know you’re going to be using these for a while. Register for different ones because as they get older, they’ll get so excited as they recognize their favorite animals. I love this unicorn option.

Ten. This might seem like an odd suggestion, but I would maybe register for one preemie outfit. Maxi was six pounds 11 ounces and even then, newborn outfits swallowed her. We actually got a few preemie pajamas and she lived in those for the first four weeks. It made swaddling easier since her pajamas fit her well!

Eleven. I loved to babywear, so I can’t recommend a carrier enough! Now carriers will depend heavily on who is wearing it, their build, etc. So definitely research this {some fit great depending on your length of torso or broadness or shoulders}, but Babybjorn is a great brand to start with in your research.

Twelve. You’ll want to select a baby monitor for when your little one is in their own room. Now, in my experience, baby monitors don’t always get the most glowing reviews. In fact, Maxi’s first year, we had to buy two new ones because ours kept breaking. However, I’ve seen this monitor on at least a dozen Instagram accounts and all the mamas rave about it! I’d definitely look into this one if you are registering.

Thirteen. I can’t recommend this enough for work-from-home mamas. I kept this BabyBjorn Bouncer in my office so she could be right next to me as I worked. A lot of my other friends that work from home said this was their number one item they used for getting anything accomplished.

Fourteen. We didn’t register for a portable bassinet, but I wish we would have! If you’re constantly going to family or friend’s homes or even if you travel a lot, this is such a nice option to have. This one can be disassembled in under a minute, so would be great to bring to a friend’s house for small group or get-togethers, so your baby can stay on schedule.

Fifteen. These were the bottles that worked best for Maxi! They are incredibly easy to clean and she didn’t ever seem to have an issue switching back and forth between pumped milk in these or nursing. I’d also recommend registering for a few of the NUK cups, for the point they’ll start trying a sippy cup. We had the best luck with these cups.

Sixteen. These were the sleepsacks we used after the hospital gave us two. We loved them and stayed with this brand up until she didn’t sleep in a sleepsack any longer!

Seventeen. Sophie is a hit with all little babes, and you’ll most likely receive this at your baby shower. I’d register for two, so you can keep one at home and one in your diaper bag so you are never without.

Eighteen. Of course, a car seat and stroller are a given, but I had to include this on my list since the Walmart registry has guides to helping you decide which is the best fit for your family.

Nineteen. Don’t forget to register for a swing. Maxi preferred the Fisher-Price ones to the more expensive options.

Twenty. I found high chairs to be one item that I really had to research a bit more than others. The Walmart registry looks to have more of a selection than other retailers. For me, I really loved the ones that were easy to clean.

Twenty-one. This is the noise machine that we used from day one! We gave this one to my parents as well for whenever she naps at their house and it’s been great. I registered for this one because most reviews said this one won’t break for years, so you can use them with all your little ones.

Other Items To Add

Check out Walmart’s new registry online experience and get ready for the next post in this series. πŸ™‚

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  1. Such adorable photos! You and Maxi are so cute! ❀️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 24 Jun 19Reply
  2. Ali wrote:

    We have that exact sound machine and still use it for our SIX year old. Living in town it helps drown out lawn mowers, car doors, barking dogs, etc. It truly is the best! Great list of registry items!

    Published 24 Jun 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Love that it still works for your 6 year old!! Makes me so happy that’s the one we got! πŸ™‚ xx, Katey

      Published 25 Jun 19Reply
  3. Christine wrote:

    Love this post! I have a 16 month old little boy and we are starting to talk about another baby (God willing). I related so much to your anxiety with creating a baby registry. Every baby is so different and I love how thoughtful you were with each item in this post! Pinning this for (hopefully) baby #2!!

    P.S. Before I clicked on your link for you flats (all the heart eyes) I thought wow, she is brave to wear white Badgley Mischka flats with a toddler lol. But OMG could NOT believe the price…ordering the shoes for me now and saving the post to buy baby products later haha. And this is reason number 1,000 why you’re my favorite blogger!

    Published 25 Jun 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      You are the sweetest!!! Oh girl, you know I’m not about to spend money on that with a toddler! bahah! I was so excited to find these! Sending love to you as you grow your family! xo

      Published 14 Aug 19Reply