Should You Be Using a Beauty Roller?

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Facial massage. Lymphatic drainage. Jade rollers. What is all of this?!

I’ve shared bits and pieces about facial rollers for a little over a year now on Insta Stories, but I get that it still seems intimidating. You probably think, “So first you tell me to microneedle my face with a Glopro- and now I need to roll it with a stone?! What happened to just using makeup wipes?

This may seem like a new beauty buzzword, but jade rolling has roots back to ancient Chinese history. From rose quartz to jade, beauty rollers {or facial rollers} can be used for not only healing benefits but quick-beauty hacks as well.

What’s a Beauty Roller?

A face massage tool. A facial roller. Whatever you like to call it, a beauty roller {or jade or rose quartz roller} is a hand-held device with two sides that typically uses stones to help increase circulation and decrease inflammation. These aren’t just for pretty countertop shots, but instead, are additions to your daily wellness routine.

Why Would I Add an Extra Step in My Routine?

A daily step?! WHY. Okay, hear me out. You’ll actually start to crave doing this. I promise. And I rarely “promise” on a blog- because we all have different opinions/experiences!

Facial Roller Sparknotes Edition

  • Facial rollers work to increase circulation in your face. Increased circulation = more blood flow = more healing = healthy skin!
  • Reduces inflammation and also helps with puffy eyes. Facial rolling supports lymphatic drainage so if you struggle with looking puffier in your face, this will help immensely.
  • Increases definition in your jaw and cheeks- like a built-in natural contour.
  • Helps detox your skin and is like a mini workout for your skin’s elasticity, so ultimately, it can increase! Increased skin elasticity = more youthful skin.
  • Facial rolling also helps infuse your serums and oils into your skin so you are getting the most out of your products.
  • Personally, I find these to work fabulously for migraines! I’ll use peppermint oil and roll up on my temples and it gives immediate relief.
  • This gives you facial massage like you get in a facial, so if you never make it to a spa, this will give you the benefits in your own home.

Ok, Fine! Do I use Jade or Rose Quartz?

Jade and Rose Quartz are going to be your most popular stones in terms of facial rollers. Both stones provide different benefits, so you’ll want to select based on your preferences! I’ve used both and love both, but am using rose quartz as of late for inflammation.


  • Jade is great for those that want a more contour of lifted appearance. Jade isn’t as smooth of stone as rose quartz, which will create more resistance in your roll.
  • If we look to ancient healing methods, jade is believed to be used for detoxing.
  • Jade is also said to remove bacteria, being a great option for those that struggle with acne.

Rose Quartz

  • Rose quartz is a softer stone in comparison and is great for those with sensitive skin or inflammation of the skin.
  • While Jade is fabulous for firming skin, rose quartz is claimed to be perfect for fighting wrinkles.
  • Rose quartz stays cooler than jade, so if you find the cooling sensation to be calming, you’ll love how you could continually roll rose and your face feels cooler. Whereas, jade can warm up more quickly on the skin.

I’ve used both and personally, the rose quartz is going to be a little heavier than the jade- so I really think it is dependent upon how you like the feel in your hand and the friction. If you want something lighter that you can do as you answer e-mails or sip coffee, maybe grab jade! However, if you have more sensitive skin, you will probably prefer rose quartz.

When Do I Use It?

If I am using my Glopro at night, I’ll use this in the morning- however, I generally use my roller at night! This is great for depuffing and giving a natural contour to the skin, so if you have a big day at work definitely try it out in the morning! This also helps to remove tension in the jaw and face, so I really enjoy using it at night as it helps me calm down and get ready for bed! I’ll go through phases where I only use it in the morning and phases when I only use it at night, there really isn’t a right or wrong way. However, you do want to use this after you have cleansed your face and applied your serums and moisturizers.

Serum –> Moisturizer –> Oils

You want to cleanse, tone, apply eye cream, serums, moisturizer and then if you use a beauty oil, add an oil. Oils deliver nutrients to the skin but don’t hydrate as they don’t contain water. They bring moisture to the skin and protect the natural barrier on your skin. So think of facial oils like vitamins and moisturizers like your healthy food. You have to have a foundation of good food for your body- like a great moisturizer. Supplements and daily multivitamins add a wonderful boost, hence your facial oils! But if you didn’t eat for a week, you wouldn’t reach for a vitamin over food. Just like if you could tell you were coming down with a cold, you’d reach for extra Vitamin C. Moisturize daily to increase hydration of the skin and then add your oils to protect that barrier with hydration.

Then your facial roller is going to make sure your skin soaks up ALL that goodness! I’ve seen some say you can use a roller on dry skin, but I don’t know if I’d recommend that. I think the friction could be too much for some delicate skin! I always make sure I use my order of products before. But no matter when or how you incorporate this into your routine, make sure your skin is freshly cleansed and makeup is removed! You don’t want to be spreading bacteria all over your face.

Need an oil to try? Right now I’m using the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil as a few of my girlfriends recommended it to me. Elemis had been a brand on my “to try” list I keep in the notes section of my phone. I know beauty oils can scare some, but they will not give you an overproduction of oil that causes blemishes! In fact, oil pulls oil, so if you do struggle with acne- try to find an oil that works well for you. It’s a skincare game changer. I love this brand because it’s part of Nordstrom’s “Natural Beauty & Wellness” and is free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, and talc. If you are using a facial oil and nervous, using a clean one is a great place to start!

How Do I Use It?

If you just use it on your face, you want to roll upward and outward. If you use it on your neck or decolletage, definitely research lymphatic drainage so you can see the proper ways to roll!

I start at my jawline and roll up and out and roll 3 times in the same spot. Then I go up on my cheekbones and do the same. I repeat around the eye area, using the smaller end. Then on my forehead, I roll up and out towards my hairline. I will do this all over my face and it takes about 2 minutes! Don’t go back and forth, just outward! Think of how you sweep a floor and keep going in one direction to make a pile, that’s how you will roll your face.

I will clean my roller once a week with a gentle soap and water but be careful that the soap and water doesn’t touch any of the metal, so you avoid rust. Some rollers allow you to remove the stones to do this, so you can see if yours allows that. Then I pat dry with a dry towel and let it sit on the towel overnight.

One more little hack, if you are having horrible allergy or sinus headaches- leave your roller in the fridge overnight, apply a sheet mask in the morning, and do your rolling all over your mask while it is on your face. Not only will that be great for your skin, but it will feel so good for your headache and it’s a little less pressure since you have the barrier of the mask between the roller and your skin. And if you’re interested in rejuvenating your facial appearance and addressing skin concerns, you can explore options like a liquid facelift in Noblesville, IN or facelift in Sacramento, CA to achieve a refreshed and youthful look.

Where Do I Buy It?

Here’s where you want to be careful! Lots of dupes are sold on the market, so really research and make sure you’re getting a good product. You don’t want something rusting immediately as that will spread all over your face. I bought my rose quartz roller from Nordstrom. They have a huge “Natural Beauty & Wellness” section with clean skincare products and more. In that section, they have lots of rollers! Mine is by Herbivore Botanicals and I have zero complaints! This specific roller actually sells out quite frequently, which I think is a good sign of a great product! Here are some great ones from Nordstrom.

If you forget, you can save this photo to your phone!

Let me know if you try facial rollers and which one you pick up. Browse more natural beauty and wellness products at Nordstrom here.

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  1. I can actually see a roller being a good addition to my morning routine! My face is like a balloon when I wake, I’m always so swollen! And not to mention, the rollers look so cute too. 😛 Now, if only I could just get up five minutes earlier…

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 22 Jan 19Reply
  2. Steph wrote:

    Hi! I also love facial rolling and I actually clean mine with the same isopropyl alcohol spray I use on my GloPro. It’s a little easier than soap, super fast, and no rust! 🙂

    Published 22 Jan 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Omg game changer- totally doing that! Thank you!!

      Published 22 Jan 19Reply
  3. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Great post lady! Super informative and helpful. I have a jade stone roller but honestly haven’t been great about using it. You’ve inspired me to get on it!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 22 Jan 19Reply
  4. Annaliese wrote:

    Such a helpful post Katey! I’ve been wondering about these for awhile!

    xoxo A

    Published 22 Jan 19Reply
  5. Becca Matthews wrote:

    This was so helpful! Thank you!!

    Published 22 Jan 19Reply
  6. Jazz wrote:

    I use a rose quartz roller with my moisturizer and Vitamin C serum. LOVE that it stays chilly in my medicine cabinet. I actually just gifted my best friend a jade roller as he is refining his skincare regimen to incorporate serums!

    Published 22 Jan 19Reply
  7. One of my favorite morning routines! <3

    Blondie in the City

    Published 23 Jan 19Reply
  8. Hilary wrote:

    I just got my Rose Quartz roller and I really want a jade one too now. I love how you explained everything! Thank you!

    Published 23 Jan 19Reply
  9. Nicole Sioui wrote:

    Hi Katey. Enjoyed your post. Once you’ve done your face – it is important to properly drain by placing the larger part of the roller behind your ears and roll “downwards” on the neck to to ensure lymphatic drainage.

    Published 25 Jan 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ahh so helpful!! Thank you so much, Nicole!

      Published 25 Jan 19Reply
  10. Lindsey W wrote:

    Very helpful, as always!

    Published 29 Jan 19Reply
  11. Jessica Bowman wrote:

    Hi KATEY,

    How do you work this with your Clarins tan drops? I have been using them at night last combined with my moisturizer. Do you beauty roll over the tanner? Will the tanner damage the roller?


    Published 02 Feb 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jessica! I use Clarins drops in my morning moisturizer now, so it doesn’t get on the roller and actually find them to work better that way! xx, Katey

      Published 03 Feb 19Reply
      • Jessica Bowman wrote:

        Thank you! And you use the Clarins drops every morning? Sunscreen over the drops is ok?

        Thanks again!

        Published 06 Feb 19Reply
        • Katey wrote:

          I probably use the Clarins drops every other day! I mostly just use them when I’m wearing makeup so not every single day out of the week- but you could and just use less drops! And yes, I put my sunscreen over and no issues. I hope that helps! 🙂

          Published 06 Feb 19Reply