What to Do When You Don’t Have Time to Self-Tan

I mean does anyone like self-tanning?! You have to exfoliate, you are going to probably have to wash your sheets, you’ll smell until you rinse it off…the list goes on and on. And while I’ve found a slew of great tanners that do help avoid that- it’s still a beauty chore! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a good faux glow. But it’s not my favorite activity by any means.

Another thing about self-tanner is that you typically have to have time. You generally need a solid 4 or 5 hours before an event so the color can develop and you can quickly rinse off before you leave your house. And we don’t *always* have that time. So whether you just want to be lazy and avoid washing your sheets after they get a stain from St. Tropez or you are short on time, I have a summer beauty hack for you such as tanning Red Deer.

I’ve tried different bronzer creams that are supposed to act as a “glow” for the skin. Some don’t blend well. Some act like straight-up leg foundation. Some have a smell. But after making my legs act as guinea pigs for said task the past few months, I can proudly say I found THE fabulous hack you’ll be using all summer long. Colleen Rothschild Lotion meet Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Cream.

So why this specific body butter?

The new Colleen Rothschild Body Butter is made without Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Colors, TEA, DEA, PEG, PPG, Silicone, Aluminum or SLS/SLES Sulfates. What does that mean? It will be a great carrier for color. A lot of lotions can break down any bronze color from self-tanner or luminous creams due to the sulfates. This Body Butter is also made Pink Algae to protect the skin, Arabica Coffee Seed to energize the Skin and Polynesian Mother of Pearl. What does that mean? It’s ultra-hydrating but dries like a satin {NOT sticky/oily}, so you aren’t stuck waiting to put your clothes back on for an hour. If you’re going to add a bronzer to your lotion, you don’t want it to rub off because it’s got the viscosity of water on your legs! The Mother of Pearl gives you a glow- kind of like a Snapchat filter for the skin, if you will.

Why this luminous cream?

This cream acts as a contour kit for your skin. You’ve got bronzer, luminizers, and a finish to just even out skin tone. This formulation has micronized pigments that give a soft-focus effect so it deepens your tone {whether you are already tanned or not} just slightly! I have the shade medium which works for light to medium skin tones and it also comes in Dark and Ultra Dark. If you’ve been at the beach and just want to enhance the tan you already have, smooth it over your skin. If you haven’t touched self-tanner or sun in a few weeks, but just have 10 minutes to get ready, this works beautifully as well.

Together? You get a glowy cream that smooths out any imperfections and gives you a twinge of glow! It dries evenly and you can throw on your sundress in a few minutes! I will note, I have put white denim on after applying this all over. It only rubbed off a little bit on the waistband but washed out completely. I experience the same with self-tanner but just wanted you to know. If you are wearing tight jeans, I’d just skip this on your legs.

{Also, I cringe to use the word imperfection in regards to skin. I don’t really think blemishes, bruises, eczema, cuts, should be qualified as imperfections. They just make up what our skin looks like! But it’s just the best word to describe what this product does- like a tinted moisturizer for your skin!}

This is the amount of each product I’ll use for one leg, arm, etc. I blend it in all over.

Unlike self-tanner, this will last until you rinse off- but given that it takes 5 minutes to apply, a few minutes to dry, and doesn’t have a smell- I’m thrilled! It’s just like applying lotion after you shower anyways.

You can purchase the CR Body Butter here.

You can purchase Loving Tan Luminous Cream here.

Something about the texture of both these products together really allows the product to give you that “CC Cream/Self Tanner” look while drying matte enough to not get all over your outfit.

This is a photo of what my skin looks like in natural light after application! Let me know if you try it and what you think!

But if you do have 4 hours to let color develop, these are my two favorite self-tanners!

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  1. Seems like a wonderful convenient solution for those looking for a quick tan! Me, I tend to prefer being pale so no sun or self-tanning for me! 😛

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
  2. Denise wrote:

    I love this. Trying it today! Would you mind sharing your lip and nail color. I just love it. Thanks

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Denise! Of course! My lip color was MAC Costa Chic with NYX Creme Brulee gloss on top! For nails, I think I had a gel on, but it would have been most similar to OPI Mod About You. I hope that helps! xx, Katey

      Published 18 Mar 19Reply
  3. Robyn Pass wrote:

    The new Colleen Rothschild Body Butter is made with Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Colors, TEA, DEA, PEG, PPG, Silicone, Aluminum or SLS/SLES Sulfates.

    I think you mean without! 🙂

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Yes! Just fixed it, so sorry! Xo, Katey

      Published 14 Mar 19Reply
  4. Lisa Davila wrote:

    Thanks, Katey! I am very pale and these legs need some tanning love, but I loathe self tanning for all the reasons you mentioned above. I love Colleen Rothschild, but I’m just wondering why you need to mix the Loving Tan with any lotion since it seems to be made for exactly the scenario you are describing. Thanks so much. I love the blog!

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lisa! I mix because I think alone it doesn’t blend as nicely! Xo, Katey

      Published 14 Mar 19Reply
      • Katey wrote:

        Pressed enter too soon! I also mix because I like to apply this after my shower and alone I don’t think the product is moisturizing enough. I hope that explains! Xo, Katey

        Published 14 Mar 19Reply
  5. MariTess wrote:

    I love this!! I’m all about easy, fast and simple! Will this rub off on your sheets a lot? If you dont shower it off before bed?

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! I haven’t had that issue if I put it on in the morning! 🙂 I hope that helps! xo, Katey

      Published 14 Mar 19Reply
  6. Laura wrote:

    That’s a nice hack! I loooove a good sunless tanner and take mine quite seriously! St tropez’s purity range is the best! Keeps my white sheets/clothes white! ??

    Published 15 Mar 19Reply
  7. Pale in DC wrote:

    Would you use Colleen Rothschild Lotion/Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Cream combination on your face as well?

    Published 18 Mar 19Reply