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The Details

Friendship Bracelet | White Wrap Bracelet | Pink Bracelet | Dress | Sandals | Sunglasses | Similar Bag {original is Clare V. sold out} | In collaboration with Victoria Emerson. Selections and opinions are all my own! 

The one piece of furniture I didn’t know I’d be so excited to arrive? The dresser.

“Why Katey? Is it that bad to have your clothes folded on the floor? Isn’t it just like college life?”

I’m glad you asked!

Y’all, my daughter is obsessed with jewelry. Bracelets to be specific. I could donate every last toy she owned and she would be perfectly aloof to it all as long as she could sneak her little paw into my jewelry box!

What does her questionably age-appropriate obsession have to do with my dresser?

Well, my jewelry box goes there and I was going to place all my bracelets in a drawer she couldn’t open until I found a storage solution. The past two weeks the jewelry has been on the floor in baskets, so each time I take Peaches out, make her food, or just turn my head for .5 seconds she is back rummaging through the bracelets. She comes out of our room {looking precious as always} with bracelets up to her elbows. Then I start to find the bracelets in her purses, her closet, HER CRIB. So each night I’ve been playing capture the bracelets for a solid 15 minutes and I’m just beyond thrilled to get a dresser in this room so we can keep a few pieces away from the woman. ha! We work on “not touching” but it’s a little unfair to a toddler to put it all on the floor I suppose, when I let her play dress up in her room. 😉 Kind of like when I’m trying to avoid sugar and a friend invites me to lunch at a bakery.

So with bracelets on my mind all day {LITERALLY}- I’ve also been thinking about my summer stack. We leave for the beach in 3 weeks, so I’ve been trying on swimsuits, summer bracelet stacks, and sundresses.

Let’s talk about the summer stack. Remember in high school you’d pile your camp bracelets up to your elbow and leave them there all summer long? Your mom would beg you to cut them off, but how dare she?! You spent 7 hours braiding that thing!

A summer stack has the same sentiment, but it’s elevated. It’s as beautiful as it is personal. It’s the “forever vacationing” look that is meant to exhibit your inner free spirit {or inner Maxi- ha!}. As you tie a wrap bracelet next to your watch and pass a salad at dinner people think,”Did she get that stunning piece on her trip to Tulum? Did a friend gift her that for her birthday?” It’s a conversation starter in a way that a traditional link bracelet is not.

Anyone on Insta Stories last year saw that colorful beaded friendship bracelets made a HUGE comeback last year- and the trend is here to stay. I’m talking designers were selling colorful beads for an unmentionable amount. Preying on our high school days, right?! So how do you achieve the chic glory days trend for less? Victoria Emerson!

Recreate My Look

Victoria Emerson knows her way around a wrap bracelet. I’ve blogged these pieces for quite some time because they are the perfect gift and so easy to stack into your everyday set up. Her wrap bracelets aren’t seasonal trends- they are everyday staples for layering. BUT today, I’m sharing some of her new wraps that scream this summer trend to me! I got these for the beach and beyond, and they are on sale. I mean, you can’t beat a fun $9 find

She’s got an Easter Sale going on- which is like a version of an adult egg hunt. 😉 My kind of celebration! This post is all about living through your younger self, right?

Certain styles this weekend are discounted to $9.99 and $14.99, you just have to search and save if you will- you know, the egg hunt part. 😉 No code is needed and the prices stay this way this weekend! Some of my bracelets are $34, but you can grab them for $9 to recreate the look for less.

If you are looking for something fun to add to your wrist before your beach trip or want something to surprise your BFF with as a little “pick-me-up” gift, shop this sale here.

The best part? These all tie or wrap or buckle, so my little toddler can’t put them on like a bangle. Meaning- I haven’t lost them this week because she doesn’t have an interest in stealing them. haha!

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  1. It’s never too early to start accessorising for summer! Cute bracelets! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 18 Apr 19Reply
  2. This is the perfect stack for summer!

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply