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For my girls that love to celebrate birthdays, big moments, small moments, and more, today’s post is for YOU. 

With my first blog post on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage, I included a few beauty gift sets on sale. While I’m finished covering clothing and accessories, I wanted to do a post on how to make the most of your buys. If you ended up purchasing those sets {or you want to look at more today} there are plenty of ways to get great use out of them and we need to chat about it. Beauty gift sets are cute, but maybe you think you won’t use one of the items or one of the scents. I’m all for getting the most out of what you purchase on sale, so I’m partnering with Nordstrom and breaking down 10 ways {and reasons!} to grab beauty gift sets on sale.

  1. Cost Per Gift– One of the reasons I’m such a fan of gift sets is the fact that your cost per gift is far less than if you were to just run out to purchase during the holidays or right before a birthday. While product size may be smaller, the cost per ounce is still so much more affordable. You might feel like you are a sucker for the gift packaging, but you’re saving anywhere from $5-$10 on an individual gift once you break down the cost per gift in the set.
  2. Hostess Gifts– In relation to gifts, hostess gifts are always your #1 concern in your e-mails to me. If someone is throwing you a shower, planning your drive-by party, or simply hosting your family, you want to know what to add with a thank-you note. Each Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I grab the Diptyque Candle Set which allows you to save $20. That gives me 5 hostess gifts throughout the year with the candles. It breaks it down to each designer candle being $11 and then you can pair it with a mug, a bottle of wine, or even a cozy throw. Those throw blankets are some of our favorites. While the Diptyque candle set sold out, I wanted to mention it in case you purchased it from my blog earlier. There are many gorgeous candle sets still available for sale linked above. A cute way to wrap your candle for a hostess is by using fabric swatches as shown in the photos. Place the mini candle in the middle of the swatch, wrap it, and tie it with a brightly-colored ribbon. You can get fabric swatches from fabric stores or any leftover projects you have. I always think the presentation of a hostess gift can be just as fun as the gift itself. So if you are having to get any fabric swatches throughout the year for DIY projects, pillows, or crafts be sure to save extras in your gift closet for wrapping.
  3. House Guests– I know it probably feels like forever since you’ve had a loved one come stay with you, but when friends visit us, I always like to keep the guest bath stocked with extra items for them. I’ll fill an apothecary jar with beauty samples just in case they forget shampoo, perfume, or lotion. Save those samples you get with your online orders, toss them in a jar, and it helps them if they left something back at home, or they can simply try a new-to-them product or fragrance. When girlfriends have come to stay with me, I’ve even left them a little beauty gift set on their bed as a present to celebrate their arrival. For this, I’d grab the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Set. The thing that makes this gift set so giftable {aside from it being a top-selling beauty product year after year} is the fact that the shade is universally flattering. If you haven’t heard of Pillow Talk {I’m wearing it in this post and here} this hue was designed to be a classic pinky-nude that anyone can wear.
  4. Empty-Handed– If you, too, never show up to someone’s home empty-handed a candle set will also save you if you are out of wine you can grab to take.
  5. Forgetful Moments– One thing that makes me so nervous is forgetting birthdays. I’ve done it two or three times and when I send that belated birthday text it kills me. I’ll know their birthday is coming up and think it is on a Saturday and it is Friday. It happened with a dear friend right after Harry was born and in my mind her birthday was Monday. It was not. I always feel so guilty about it, although whenever someone does that to me I do not care one bit! Anyone else unusually nervous about forgetting a birthday? Even if you aren’t, it’s so easy to forget to purchase something for a birthday dinner or celebration. By having beauty gift sets on hand, you can drop off a set of brushes on her porch for her birthday without having to run to the store. Even this clutch that comes with this lip set makes for the perfect birthday gift.
  6. Try Before You Buy– As you head into a new season or simply want to switch your makeup routine up, you can “try before you buy full-size” with gift sets. Take this MAC lip set for example. It features 5 fall shades, so you can see what you love for your complexion without committing to a full-size of one shade.
  7. Diaper Bag, Makeup Bag, Purse– If you are like me and have your lip products spaced out among diaper bags and totes, this trio set is a wonderful option for not ever being without your favorite formula. I love Laura Mercier glosses and you can toss one in your diaper bag, one in your regular purse, and one in your makeup bag. I like to always leave mini beauty products in designated areas since chances are I’ll forget. I keep a mini deodorant in my car and I’m embarrassed to say just how many times I’m grateful I left it there. ha.
  8. Candle Storage– Don’t forget to also repurpose your candle jars from beauty sets! I have a blog post here on how to get the wax out. If you purchased that Diptyque candle set and you’re using the candles yourself, save the jars to house bobby pins, ponytail holders, essential oils, and more. I get just as excited to reuse candle jars as I do to enjoy my favorite scents in my home.
  9. Product Swap– Just like with a makeup palette, I know there may be a product or two you are worried about using. You may want an entire lip set, but aren’t a big fan of lip liner. Once a year, I do a happy hour product swap with girlfriends. Bring unused or swatched items, enjoy a cheese board with friends, swap beauty products. What won’t work for one’s skin, is a holy grail product for another!
  10. Stocked Gift Closet– For bad days, last-minute celebrations, and more, a stocked gift closet is one of my “must-haves” or “do’s” in my home. I firmly believe gratitude and graciousness comes from the heart. If your friend has a hard day with her kids or work, she cares more if you sit and listen to her than if you drop off a favorite hand lotion on her porch. But I also believe planning ahead allows you to really let someone know you are thinking of them in special ways. When your friend texts you that her day has gone all wrong and it is only noon, when you have a stocked gift closet, you can grab a sweet card, a candle, and drop it off on her porch along with her favorite coffee. You may be in the middle of your day and not be able to sit on her porch and chat just yet, but a little “pick-me-up” always brightens a day. Stocking your gift closet during sales allows you to be prepared while being practical budget-wise.

As you gift others and think of ways to plan ahead for birthdays, here are a few Nordstrom beauty buys still available from the Anniversary Sale!

Do you stock a certain area in your home to prepare for celebrations?!

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  1. I need these sets in my life! Thanks for the recs ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 23 Aug 20Reply
  2. Tina Woodward wrote:

    Love these sets!!! Where did you get that amazing basket/tray???

    Published 23 Aug 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Tina! It is from Moda Operandi, but sold out last year! I’m sorry. 🙁 If I find similar, I will link! xx, Katey

      Published 25 Aug 20Reply