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You know when you are wearing a fabulous dress or pair of heels and people stop you while out and about to ask you about them? Do you want to know when that happens to me? NOT when I’m wearing a fun color. NOT when I’m in a cocktail dress. NOT when I’m wearing sequins. I know, I know. I get stopped while wearing these overalls. I kid you not, we left a bike shop {Paul wants a bicycle so badly!} last weekend and 4 women stopped me from the shop to the car. The fold up electric bike this year, as they are popular with caravaners and motorhome users. If you also want to own an electric bike, then make sure to head to the nearest electric bicycle shop in your area. By the 4th girl, I just had to hug her because I was like, “Y’all are making this overall girl’s day!

I’ve shared my long overalls many times, shop them here. I wear a size small in them.

If I could convince you to try something you probably assume is for dude ranches and nothing else, it would be overalls. Treat your overalls like your regular denim, and you’ll be surprised how often you reach for them. I’ve worn my longer pair for YEARS and never grow tired of them.

But as we head into summer, let’s talk short overalls! I think these are a great way to wear your graphic tees and funky sneakers. These overalls are a bit loose {I’m wearing a small} and that’s why I prefer this style. It’s relaxed and shows you aren’t taking the look too serious, but the distressed details give it a fun vibe. If you have a little crop top and you are unsure of how to wear it, wear it under these overalls for a balance in fit! It allows you to wear your flirty pieces, without feeling uncomfortable. Yesterday, we were at a birthday party for one of Maxi’s friends, and the mom {my friend, Sarah} was wearing overalls with a white tee and a cute bandana on her neck. She looked so cute in pictures and could still be comfortable enough to keep up with her 2 boys.

I’ll attach some other options below, so you can try the trend, and let me know if you like to wear them!

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  1. Skye wrote:

    I too get more compliments on my overalls than absolutely anything I own! I wear them often, even with a bodysuit and heels when I want to be comfortable but need to be a little dressed up! They are definitely one of my favorite articles of clothing, and so comfortable!

    Published 20 May 19Reply
  2. So cute, Katey! I love how you paired your overalls with bright pink sneakers too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 20 May 19Reply
  3. Lisa Moore wrote:

    Please, please, please…do a post on 30A…and all of your recommendations!!

    Published 20 May 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! I definitely am! It should be up on the blog Wednesday! xx, Katey

      Published 20 May 19Reply