Let’s Stay Home

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I have quite the affinity for sequins, mixed prints, and dresses, however, my favorite things to purchase are items I’m able to wear daily at home. After this post, I received a lot of kind messages asking for more content sharing casual pieces! I thought I’d start by giving you a little dose of “home wear.” Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a student studying on her couch or a girl that works from home, your loungewear can often get neglected. It’s not a “necessity” by any means, but if you stay home 5 out of 7 days a week do you want to feel like you’re always wearing pieces you don’t love?! People say, “dress well, test well” but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to be baking cookies with your children in a dress. I mean, you can…but you don’t have to! I think by incorporating a few key elements you can stay comfortable and still feel like you are exhibiting your personal style!

My favorite pieces while staying home:

  1. These Free People bralettes are incredible! I have them in neutral colors and they are great for off-the-shoulder sweaters or those tank tops that you know will show your bra!
  2. AG denim is a must for wearing at home because it stretches and I can comfortably sit on the floor and play with Maxi!
  3. I think delicate gold necklaces you wear daily always help you feel pulled together! This one is so sweet for multiple names- such a good gift for a mama! You may be in workout clothing with no makeup, but something about a necklace you never take off makes your look more you.
  4. I always ask for house slippers at Christmas because I hate walking around barefoot! This is a fun little pair for summer.
  5. Don’t forget a great pair of neutral sneakers. If you are casual at home all day and need to run to lunch to meet a friend, the right shoe makes all the difference. Many relaxed looks require a sneaker, but you can still keep it fashionable with a street-style option.

What about hair and makeup? 

For hair and makeup, I stay stick to your preferences! If you love a fresh-face, no need to throw anything on! My simple routine is a tinted moisturizer {love this currently!}, RMS highlighter, mascara, and a head wrap.

What do you wear while staying at home?! If you are a pajamas-only girl, these are my favorites!

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  1. I love the pieces you picked out, Katey. The colour palette is the cutest! A yellow jumper is a must! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 22 May 18Reply
  2. Allie wrote:

    I love that babes who brunch sweatshirt. It’s adorable. The perfect thing to wear while sipping coffee and eating crepes at home! xAllie

    Published 22 May 18Reply
  3. Jen wrote:

    Love this. Have other shirts by Brunette the Label. So cozy. Their sweatpants are fabulous too. XO

    Published 22 May 18Reply
  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    Love all of these cozy looks! I’m all about being comfy while hanging out at home!

    Published 22 May 18Reply
  5. Irina wrote:

    Ugh AG demin is seriously the softest. Makes you feel like you’re in yoga pants. I also just got a pair of jeans from Zara that feel like butter.

    Published 22 May 18Reply
  6. The pink NY hat is too cute! I’ve been so into baseball caps lately, and I need that one! <3


    Published 23 May 18Reply