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In partnership with Walmart. All purchase and opinions are my own! Photography by: Angie Garcia

From the bottom of my heart, I have to thank you all for your unbelievably thoughtful comments and messages yesterday. I sat in the parking lot taking Maxi home to nap just reading each sentence with tears in my eyes. I am so grateful for your love and support for my mom and her health. Hearing your stories of your parents or grandparents going through this was so encouraging, so I just had to start today’s post sharing my utmost thanks.

Last week I started to see some of my friends post the new bento boxes they were buying for their kid’s MDO {Mother’s Day Out} and preschool lunches and I was reminded that fall is almost here. Many of you all know Maxi started MDO at 18 months, and that is a little program at church where she goes twice a week for a few hours to play and learn. It was one of her favorite things during the week, so we will continue to do that this year as well! She still asks about her teachers during the summer and I’m already nervous about her going to the next class and missing her old one.

If you are in the same boat and going to prep your bento boxes, label your sippy cups, and think of lunch options, I’m here to help in the wardrobe department. 😉 I wanted to share these rompers that Maxi has been wearing this summer {see her little playdate above} and she absolutely loves them! This is an outfit I’d totally send her to MDO in. She’s comfortable, her shoes give her support but are closed at the toe, and she can play her little heart out. This romper set comes in 2 for $9 from Walmart and runs true to size. Maxi is a little tall, so I actually think I’m going to also get her the 3T {can’t beat the price!} and she can wear it into October since it will still be warm here. I’ve washed and dried these and the quality holds up great! The brand is Wonder Nation from Walmart, and this is a brand I’ve purchased a ton of her play clothes from. They are soft and fit her so well, and I’ll link a few other of their rompers for little girls below.

Now let’s discuss this “unaaacorn” backpack– or that’s how Maxi pronounces it! ha. I originally purchased this for her weekend with my parents this past weekend. While I went up to NYC for some meetings with my sister, my parents asked Paul if they could take Maxi to Oklahoma to visit my grandparents. Maxi got to swim, go fishing, and enjoy plenty of outdoor time with cousins. She loved it! But I wanted to have a little backpack for her with her activities for restaurants and everything so my mom didn’t have to worry about having all of that in her purse. Well, this “unaaacorn” backpack has become a THING in the house. We bring it in our car every single day. This is her with Paul for his birthday lunch.

This one looks to be a bit larger if that would be better for your child. Maxi absolutely adores her’s and will take her babies through the house with her backpack and say, “Let’s go, mom!

Speaking of funny things little ones say, we’ve been singing, “The Wheels On The Bus” more lately. Last night I put Maxi to bed and I hear for at least 30 minutes through the monitor, “ALLLL THROUGH DA TOWN. ALLLL THROUGH DA TOWN MAMA. ROUND AND ROUND, MAMA. ALL THROUGH DA TOWN.” I guess she was serenading me and I didn’t even know it. 😉 ha!

If your little one is headed to MDO or preschool this fall, definitely check out these finds from Walmart! The quality of the rompers are amazing and you just can’t beat the price when you know art, accidents, and lots of snacks will be happening.

Have a wonderful day, y’all!

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  1. I love all the pieces and products you mentioned, but I gotta say that unicorn backpack is my favourite! It’s so cute! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 31 Jul 19Reply