I Tried The Billie Razor Everyone Raves About on Instagram

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Billie Razor | Shaving Cream | Towel | Nail Polish | Sneakers | Dress, Similar Dress, Similar Dress | In collaboration with Billie. All opinions are my own! | Photography by: Angie Garcia

Tell me you’ve been there. You’re fully dressed, touch your legs and think, “My goodness, I shaved YESTERDAY!” So you stick your leg in the shower fully clothed and shave. Anyone else…?!

Quite honestly, this is a daily occurrence for me because a bit of stubble drives me nuts. However, razors are something I hardly give a thought to. I buy whatever I see at the drugstore, stare wide-eyed at the price and think, “Seriously?!“, then forget to replace the blade and wonder why on earth I’ve got razor burn. It’s a monthly cycle.

Chances are, if your IG feed is anything like mine, you’ve seen stories about the Billie Razor the past month or so. I’ve literally got this razor screenshotted on my phone from the LTK app from weeks ago! From ads to random friends reviewing on stories to anonymous accounts giving feedback, I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of reviews on this razor. I mean, I’ve STUDIED the thing.

  • I’ve seen people do a test where they shave one leg with Billie and one leg with a drugstore razor and ask their significant other to feel each leg and see which one is smoothest!
  • I’ve seen people do a test where they shave one leg with Billie for 3 weeks and one leg with a drugstore razor for 3 weeks and update with PROGRESS PHOTOS. The detail with that- all I could think was,”Can I be your friend?!”
  • I’ve seen people do a price comparison on the Billie blades vs. a drugstore blade.
  • I’ve seen people do tests in their shower with the Billie magnetic holder vs. a “suction” cup razor holder and how the Billie one doesn’t fall after a month, etc.

And each time Billie wins. For smoothness. For price. For a long-lasting shave.

So what made me decide to order it? I saw one girl on Instagram say that she and 3 of her girlfriends tried Billie for a month. And after 3 weeks of daily shaving with Billie, they were able to go 3 days in between shaving- and they’d never been able to do that in their life. Each girl said the same thing, so I thought, “Sold!” Living in Texas, we’ve still got heat advisories going on and will for the next month or so. You wear shorts or sundresses here 9 months out of the year, and I get sick of sticking my leg in the shower fully clothed, telling my friends, “I’m on my way!” like in the photo above. I know it’s a cheeky styled photo, but this feels like something that I do daily.

I ordered the razor and was excited to test it for the blog, as well. Here are the details:

  • As a brand, Billie wanted to focus on the fact that women still overpay for razors. They designed a sharper blade so that you could shave less with long-term use. It also has a smoother glide than traditional razors of this price. I noticed I didn’t nick myself with a new blade and I typically do with other razors. And they created healthier body products that are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, with no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, or animal testing.
  • When you first order, you select your Billie handle. I got blush. No surprise there! Then you take a quiz on how often you shave. If you shave daily, they’ll send new blades each month. If you shave a few times a week, they’ll send blades every 2 months. If you shave once a week, they’ll send blades every 3 months. Each delivery gives you 4 new blades. I like that this is a subscription service that takes that into consideration because many times subscription services can be a “no-go” for some that don’t want to accumulate excess in products they won’t use.
  • The “starter kit” is $9. I repeat $9. I can’t buy a bundle of razors at the drugstore for $9! In that, you get a Billie Handle, the magnetic holder, 2 5-blade cartridges, and the replacements are just $9 based on how often you shave.

So aside from the price being phenomenal and the packaging being cute, what did I notice?

You get an incredibly close shave without pesky razor burn. I even shaved one leg without shaving cream once to test it. While I wouldn’t recommend you do that {ever!} I wanted to get good feedback for the blog. The first thing I noticed in terms of long-lasting smoothness was in my underarms. I usually try to shave them each day, and within 1 week of using Billie, I noticed I could go every 2-3 days. I’d be in the shower and think, “Wait, I thought I needed to shave?” By going every 2-3 days, I cut down on any underarm bumps or feel my underarms are the smoothest they’ve ever been. Now for legs, I do think you need to try for 3 weeks to see that full effect. I also love the shaving cream. I typically steal my husband’s, but sometimes his can leave a film on my legs when I get out of the shower. This feels like a creamy conditioner that sticks to your legs evenly, allows you to shave, and rinses on quickly! So even if you are shaving quickly before something, you don’t have to take 30 seconds rinsing shaving cream off.

When Billie asked if I wanted to collaborate to share my results, I was thrilled- because the price on this is SO good and who can beat shaving your underarms less?!

You can sign up here for your subscription and let me know if you do the 3-week Billie Challenge!

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  1. Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of the Billie razor? It sounds great though – and I love the design! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    Aah you make me want to buy literally every single thing you post about ??

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  3. Sarah wrote:

    Thank you for your review on this! I have been so curious on these razors and if the hype was real.

    I think I may just have to try them out!

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  4. Laura Leigh wrote:

    This razor is everywhere and it sounds like for good reason! Need to give it a try! Also, these photos are the cutest things ever!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  5. Kaitlyn wrote:

    I’ve been using these razors for the last few months and I’m obsessed! I also love the body wash it has a great grapefruit scent ?

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  6. Lindsay Collins wrote:

    I just think that you should be promoting things that aren’t plastic. There are plenty of beautiful metal razors that aren’t killing the environment.

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lindsay! Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate that viewpoint. xx, Katey

      Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  7. Alexandra wrote:

    I’ve seen this razor everywhere on Instagram and I’m so glad you did a full post on it! It sounds like it’s definitely worth trying!


    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  8. I have been curious to try these because just like you, I’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE on social media! Honestly I think just the fact that they send to you automatically at such a reasonable price is enough to make me want to try it, so when everyone then proceeds to rave about it, it’s like an added bonus. I am embarassed to think how long it’s been since I replaced my razor head…

    Also the ingredient list on the shave cream is amazing! I’d been trying to get by with just using body wash because I hadn’t found a non-toxic shave cream and let’s just say it’s been bleak.

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 27 Aug 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Girl, that’s what drew me to it! I ordered and then they asked if I wanted to review and I was like, “The heavens have aligned!” haha. But seriously, I forget everything from toilet paper to razors- if they send me something for less than drugstore price- I’m SOLD! xx, Katey

      Published 27 Aug 19Reply
  9. I’ve been curious about this razor too! Glad to have read your review. Thanks for sharing!

    xx, Merritt

    Published 28 Aug 19Reply
  10. Deb Lumos wrote:

    Just ordered my starter kit. Thank you for reviewing it, and suggesting it. I’m actually excited to shave my legs! lol

    Published 03 Sep 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Yay!! It’s seriously so good! xx, Katey

      Published 04 Sep 19Reply
  11. Rachel wrote:

    I started looking into this brand after reading this blog post and was getting really excited about the whole concept behind this company and the safe ingredients I was reading on their products on their website. I didn’t see an ingredient list for the soap that’s actually attached to the razor though, so I reached out to Billie for that list. They responded promptly, but I was so disappointed to see polyethylene glycol listed in that ingredient list. It’s commonly known that PEGs can contain carcinogenic contaminants, so I was really surprised that they’d be using that unsafe ingredient! And I felt a little uncomfortable about that ingredient list not being included on the website too. Just wanted to share in case anyone else was interested in the Billie razor but prefers to avoid PEGs. Wish I could find a similar alternative to this razor with a better ingredient list.

    Published 09 Sep 19Reply
    • Marie wrote:

      Yep, If your gonna claim to be all that you can’t fall off when it comes to the ingredient list. It is more important to use clean products especially while shaving. Make-up and beauty products that we literally put on our skin have minimal oversight or regulation.

      Published 01 Nov 20Reply
    • Marie wrote:

      Clean products are very important today. Products and makeup that are used on our skin have minimal oversight or regulation. If a company is going in and that direction with there message they need to dot there I’s and cross there T,s.

      Published 01 Nov 20Reply
  12. Jodi wrote:

    I’ve been using the Billie razor for probably about 2 years now. I have always been a Venus girl but thought “hey, it’s delivered so it’s one less hassle in my life that I don’t have to try to remember.”
    My only “problem” (if that’s what you want to call it) is that I have so many replacement heads, that I am set for awhile now. They seem to last for a good amount of time for me and I’m not one to waste what’s still working, right? So yes, I definitely would recommend this product!

    Published 14 Jan 20Reply
  13. Mariah wrote:

    Love love love this razor!!! I just recently bought it and I usually had to shave almost everyday especially now with it being bikini weather but now I shave almost days apart because Billie gets such a close shave !!! I love it and definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new razor.

    Published 03 Jun 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ahh! I love hearing that! Thank you for sharing girl! Makes me so happy when y’all love the products I do as well. xx, Katey

      Published 12 Jun 20Reply
  14. Marie wrote:

    I got the Billie razor and once a month refills. Seems to take longer than a month to get my refills and once they TOTALLY LOST my shipment. They replaced it faster than it takes to get my every 4 week refill shipments. I don’t get that since I’m only 2 states away from their ship facility. COVID holdups I guess who knows. Love the razor though but it’s NOT convenient for me WAITING on the refills!

    Published 16 Jun 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear about that! I asked to see if I could get an update for you! xx, K

      Published 18 Jul 20Reply