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SUPER CALM GENTLE MILK CLEANSER {$34} | SUPER SOOTHE CALMING MOISTURIZING LOTION {$46} | DUO {$62, over 20% off!} | Duster | Jeans | Wedges | photography by: Angie Garcia

Y’all asked TULA delivered and did it even better! You may have seen {or actually maybe you didn’t because I ALWAYS forget to story} but I’ve had dinner with TULA a few times this summer to discuss something really exciting launching…and that is:


This week they are launching the Super Calm Gentle Milk Cleanser and Super Soothe Calming Lotion, which is meant to help soothe your skin whether it is sensitive, agitated from hormonal breakouts and you picking at it, or anything else that would cause your skin to be a little inflamed.

This combination is made FREE OF FRAGRANCE, alcohol, silicones, mineral oil, phthalates, PEGs, sulfates & other irritants. It’s 100% hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and tested safe for sensitive skin.

I’ve tried it on everything from dry, peeling skin, to eczema on my arm when I used hotel body wash in NYC. I’m so thrilled about this product because it’s a product you all have been asking about for quite some time- it is a TOP Tula request. Most of you have been asking for their cleanser {which I believe was one of their first if not first product} to be made without fragrance, and so they did that but created an incredible sensitive collection that FAR exceeded my expectations while testing it. I told them I loved it so much they agreed to let us launch it early for COF readers so you can get it and we don’t have another #EyeBalmCaseof2019 where it sells out in .5 seconds 3 times over! ha.

While trying this here’s a few things I notice:

  • The cleanser is a lovely milk cleanser, and I actually swore by milk cleansers before I was introduced to TULA 5 or 6 years ago. They don’t strip your skin, but what I love about the TULA milk cleanser is that you still feel clean and like your makeup is off. Sometimes when I try other milk cleansers, they are so nourishing, I don’t feel like all my makeup and dirt has been removed from my face. In fact, many times I enjoy a milk cleanser for the morning when I’m not removing makeup. This gives you a nourished and incredible clean feeling, so it’s perfect before bed, too.
  • The Calming Lotion feels like a whipped, milky version of their Gel-Cream moisturizer on first contact. It’s a beautiful texture that directly soothes the skin on contact. Even if my skin is cracked from too much acne cream or retinol, if I directly apply this it feels like a cool compress to help with any pain or inflammation. I even applied this straight to eczema during my recent trip and not only did it help calm the redness down, but it also reduced the inflammation of it on my skin.
  • The thing I noticed from first testing this product is how much redness goes away after using this overnight. Sometimes my Lupus rash flares up and combine that with a hormonal breakout or two, I can get quite a bit of redness. I’ll pile prescription on top or prescription and can wake up to dry, red, peeling skin. I found that using this combination and going to sleep helped remove redness more than anything I’ve ever tried in my skincare drawer. I found that to be shocking because this isn’t really a redness-reducing product per se, but that is how well the colloidal oatmeal, ginger, cucumber combination works! When you first apply, this is NOT like a green concealer. It feels cooling, but I don’t see an immediate change as this isn’t a color correcting product. It’s when you let the two work together, go to sleep, wake up that you’re in shock. Like did I get a soothing facial overnight?!
  • I also find this lotion to work beautifully with self-tanner or self-tanner drops! Sometimes those can be a bit more irritating to the skin and while applying it with this lotion, I found no irritation or bumps came in the morning.

I always feel like in the skincare world, you’ve got two teams: anti-aging and acne-prevention. These two teams are who skincare companies create products for and then sprinkled in the middle we’ve got some Vitamin C-ridden products to help give a glow and even skin tone. In terms of “quantity” or products, it’s almost like we really skip over other skin issues. Go to your local drugstore and spot it! You’ll find 20+ washes for acne and 25+ products for anti-aging, but maybe just a few formulas from brands on brightening and even less for sensitive skin. But our skin truly does know how to heal itself {despite what I may think when I apply a bit too much product on a blemish 😉 } and sometimes we need to take a break from all of our potions and focus on our skin’s sensitivities. Sometimes redness, and texture, and little bumps here or there is our skin crying, “Okay, enough, Katey! I’m a little sensitive here!

I’ve seen better results from using this cleanser, moisturizer, and a bit of organic rosehip oil at night than I thought I would and so I firmly believe this is a product that we should all have tucked away in our skincare arsenal to help our skin at times. So even if you don’t identify as having sensitive skin, let’s talk 5 reasons I think you should try this!

5 Reasons to Try TULA Sensitive Formula

Sensitive Skin

This formulation has such a beautiful ingredient story! There’s colloidal oatmeal to soothe and help retain moisture. Think of how you take oatmeal baths as a child or use products with oatmeal to soothe eczema or any skin rashes, this does the same thing! I have eczema on my eyes and this feels SO good to just place on my skin and let it soak in. The cleanser is a milk-based cleanser as well, so it’s incredibly gentle. There’s also cucumber which has Vitamin C and we know Vitamin C is a powerhouse that helps with irritation and brightening. See- girls that want brightening, this didn’t forget you! Ginger is also in this formulation and when you think ginger think SOOTHE. Ginger is great in teas as it helps soothe any internal inflammation. We use ginger chews to help ward off morning sickness while pregnant. And in skincare, ginger still has those soothing properties! It helps soothe skin tone to even it, improves elasticity and protects and prevents against future damage from free radicals. It also helps eliminate bacteria! Aloe is another ingredient in this formula and it’s just like using it after too much sun, this reduces any irritation and inflammation from numerous sources. And lastly, we all love TULA for probiotics. They were pioneers of this in skincare and now you can’t read a beauty website without seeing everyone see the power of probiotics in our lotions and face washes. Probiotics balance our digestive tract and since TULA was founded by a gastroenterologist, Dr. Raj, she knew the same applied for skincare. So even with sensitive skin, you want these probiotics to help balance any redness to get to your “Goldilocks” skin state of not too try or not too oily or not too irritated. The probiotics then lock in hydration and continue to maintain that balance, so your skincare keeps working LONG after you are done washing your face.

With no fragrance or irritants, this ingredient story is a match made for those with sensitive skin. Not only are these ingredients made to soothe sensitive skin immediately, but continued use also protects against your skin’s sensitivities in the future.

Weekend Break

Do you do a weekend break for your skincare routine? Many people take a break from a full-face of makeup on the weekend and either stick to their TULA primer {it is skincare infused and gives your skin a glow to even tone} or their favorite tinted moisturizer. But did you know that many professionals also recommend a break from aggressive routines on the weekend? They pause their self-tanners, their retinol, and their salicylic acids. It gives a nice reset, just like we do with our body in other ways like taking a day off from working out! On the weekends, use your sensitive formulas to calm any irritation from the prior week whether it be too much sun, not enough water intake, or forgetting to take your makeup off before bed. Just apply your sunscreen and enjoy!

Aggressive Routines

Maybe you have more mature skin and you’re thinking you wouldn’t touch a sensitive formula. But this is actually a huge audience base I believe would love this formulation. If you are in the stage of trying lasers, peels, and result-based facials, you’re in the phase of giving your skin some TLC!

Think of how you prep for highlighting your hair. Maybe you lay off the heat tools if you’ve had a bit too much bleach, or maybe you grab an extra deep conditioning mask. Your skin is the same! If you were heavy-handed with the retinol and your skin is peeling or you know you’ve got to let your skin heal after a certain treatment, let your skin recharge with a sensitive formula. Of course, be sure to ask your esthetician, but I love using this formula when I’ve been testing WAY too many products with work. I can test upwards of 30+ products a month for the blog and as you can see, most never make the blog. A lot of brands just want feedback, so I try, let them know my thoughts, etc. And while it’s an incredibly fun part of my job, it can be so harsh on my skin because I’m testing oils and products that aren’t necessarily made for the type of skin I have- but I want to give feedback on texture, application, smell, etc. Last week, I just used the sensitive combo of the cleanser, the moisturizer, and my beloved organic rosehip oil and go figure, I woke up to skin that didn’t even look like it had been upset by an aggressive routine. So if you know you will be a bit heavy-handed with some products now and again or have a few treatments coming up, I think it’s nice to have this on deck in your medicine cabinet. Or maybe you tried something your skin didn’t agree with, this is nice to reset it and get it back on track!

Let Your Skin Breathe

Piggybacking off of your skin knowing how to heal itself, let’s talk about how this works in conjunction with that.

Back when I was interning at a PR firm in college, I got my first taste of trying products. I was sampling things I was writing about, I was trying products from other blogger friends, and I had about -75 clues of what I was doing. I was mixing La Mer with prescription-based benzoyl peroxide creams which was a match made in acne heaven. I ran into Neiman Marcus on a lunch break and showed the cosmetics manager my skin. I said, “What do I do?!

I’ll never forget he looked at me and said, “Honey, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, drink water, and let air heal it!

Sometimes I get a bit too product happy- well, a lot of times. And when it comes to healing, less is more. Now, I won’t say that is the same for prevention- layering serums and the right acid combos are how we prevent things. But it’s also important to let your skin breathe this combination does just that WHILE still infusing high-grade ingredients into your skin. I’m not saying just use a makeup wipe and call it a day. In fact, sometimes that can do more harm than good. This milk-based cleanser and gentle moisturizer are made to help your skin heal. So if it’s Wednesday this week and you can tell you’ve been pocking and prodding your skin and playing esthetician in the bathroom, try these two, maybe a bit of rosehip oil and see how your skin thanks you!

Intro to Skincare

Now my COF girls usually fall into two camps via e-mail. Either you’ve got a skincare routine that I envy and you want to see if you need to switch something up, or you keep it simple and are just asking on some products to dip your toes into this pool. This combo is perfect for that. Remember, beauty products are fun, they are another frivolous thing in life. You do NOT need to be as passionate about skincare as I am. You do not. Nor, do you need an entire drawer in your bathroom dedicated to serums, lotions, and washes. If you enjoy that, do it, that’s why I do! But if that’s not your thing, don’t throw money away on that! However, this is a great routine that is simple and easy to use. Wash, moisturizer, and I WILL always recommend a sunscreen from a safety aspect. If you have a pre-teen getting into washing their face, this is also a wonderful option. It’s gentle, it’s got non-toxic ingredients, and it helps keep their skin balanced before their skin goes through so many changes.

But even if you want to pile on all the serums like me, I love to use this in my weekly routine when I need some TLC or when I know I’ll be using some stronger acids in my serums. This can work in conjunction with those to keep my skin healthy and in it’s best state for those products.

The exciting thing is this is launching two days early for COF readers so you have a chance to get your hands on it before it sells out! TULA knows that this is a top request from COF girls and so they are thrilled to offer you this! My code “KATEY” gets you 20% off!

You can also try the duo of the cleanser and moisturizer together where it’s already a better value and my code will work on it as well. It’s an $80 value and with my code, “KATEY”,  you get the duo for $49.60!

If you try this formula, let me know what you think! I am truly blown away at how much it soothes my skin overnight!

This is the organic rosehip oil I use!

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  1. Tula’s products sound so good! Would love to try them for myself. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Aug 19Reply
  2. Macy wrote:

    Can’t wait to try these! Do you happen to know the name of your nail color in the post?

    Published 12 Aug 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Macy! I’m so sorry it was a gel polish and I’m not 100% sure what it is! 🙁 xx, Katey

      Published 13 Aug 19Reply
  3. Courtney wrote:

    Ah I love this post! I love how you always tell us when products are good for the girl that is doing it all in terms of skin care or the girl that is tied up in school (I’m the latter of the two). You got me hooked on Tula years ago and I have been telling my friends about it ever since.

    P.S. I hope your mom is recovering well! My dad was diagnosed with RA about 13 years ago. It can take a toll on everyone emotionally but we are so lucky to be able to access some great medications and even better physicians! Keeping her in my thoughts.


    Published 12 Aug 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words, Courtney. And I am so sorry for your dad’s journey and diagnosis with RA. It is an absolutely terrible disease that I wish more people understood. Sending your family love! xx, Katey

      Published 05 Sep 19Reply
  4. Jessica wrote:

    Just purchased! I’ve been on the hunt for something that’s just right for use during pregnancy. Thank you! ?

    Published 14 Aug 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Yay! I hope you love it! xx, Katey

      Published 14 Aug 19Reply
  5. WOW! That’s exactly what I’ve looked for! Thank you for this review, I’ll definitely buy this cleanser and lotion.

    Published 15 Apr 21Reply