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If there was one thing I did in Santa Barbara, it was read! The weather was such a treat, we found ourselves on a patio every few hours drinking a coffee and reading a book. I was able to get through two books off my fall list, so I thought it was time to list out what is in my nightstand for the upcoming season. I get through far more books in the fall than I do the summer with it getting darker earlier in the evenings and less time outdoors later at night. Plus, reading is just more enjoyable with a slice of pumpkin bread in hand, no?! Do you have a season you read more in?

The Whisper Network

I was able to finish this book in Santa Barbara as I’d been reading it for a few weeks. It’s set in Dallas, which made it all the more realistic to read. While it is fiction, it focuses on sexual harassment in the workplace and follows four friends in the corporate world. A lot of reviews said that if you liked Big Little Lies, you would like this, which is what intrigued me, and I would agree. It’s not as intense as Big Little Lies, but there are many similarities in style. I will say, don’t go into it expecting a thriller/mystery. It is listed as such on some reviews and there is such a slow build in the mystery plot that I would say it really doesn’t lean that way in terms of genre. I more so sat rereading the page and really understanding each character’s thought process while cheering them on. I know this may be a bit of a vague review and I just don’t want to give too much away. It’s a timely novel and I think one that any reader of COF would enjoy.

November 9

I can read a Colleen Hoover book like you guzzle water after workout out on a hot day. I read this in a day and was sad when it was over. It’s a romance, it’s a little cheesy, but it also has a great plot twist as most CH books do. I think if you are in an extremely busy season of life with work or kids, you’d probably enjoy November 9 for the sheer fact it’s an easy and interesting read. The plot also moves pretty quickly, so if you are something that doesn’t want a slow build, I think you’ll like this one a lot.


This is what I’m currently reading, and I just want to preface it with warnings some of you all sent me! I’m actually not sure if I’ll finish it just based on what some other women DM’d me, but I did want to note it is on my list. When I bought this book at the bookstore, the lady checking me out said it was the best book she has ever read, while another lady behind me said it was the worst. That tends to sum up how the reviews have been from y’all after I posted I was reading this. Many of you said there was a lot of disturbing violence and that this book should come with a trigger warning for moms so that in and of itself is probably enough for me to put down. A few of you said it was very different and dark compared to CH’s typical novels, so I did want to put it here and see if anyone else had feedback from reading it. I’m only in the first twenty-ish pages and so far it is leaning like a normal Colleen novel. Will I hate it? Should I stop reading?

American Royals

This was listed on a summer reading list as it was a preorder and it came in in September! Woohoo! I’m waiting to read this next and the premise of it is if America had a royal family. I’m sure it will be a welcomed light-hearted read if I finish Verity. It seems right up my alley so we shall see!

do less

I picked up this book at a local bookstore after I saw that it was based around tiny experiments in your life doing less. I’ll be honest, I don’t love self-help books- but I do love anything that focuses more on rest and doing less so you can do a few things really well. I think it’s the type of book to leave in your car and read at appointments and in between errands.

An Anonymous Girl

The Wife Between Us is probably the best book I’ve read this year, so it was an easy “Add to Cart” decision when I saw this was by the same author. It’s a thriller/mystery {my favorite kind of read!} so it’s one I’ll probably read in a weekend.

Without Merit

Another Colleen Hoover novel. Guilty!

Then She Was Gone

I picked this up during a Target run with Maxi and it’s another mystery/thriller. I haven’t read anything by Lisa Jewell, so I’d love to know if you all have read this!

The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Ruth Ware is one of my favorites {The Woman in Cabin 10} so I’m excited to read this later. One of my friends said this is great to read around Halloween, so take that for what you will! 🙂 Read while you pass out candy?!

Just Desserts

I saw this on The Skinny Confidential’s Instagram and ordered it so fast! It’s a biography of Martha Stewart based on 400-something interviews from her former friends and work partners. Now, this was written in the nineties- just FYI. But this just seems like something fun to read on a Saturday morning.

Here is my Goodreads account where I list what I’ve read and what I’m currently reading.

What are you reading for fall?!


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  1. Ashley wrote:

    As to Verity, it wasn’t the worst book I have ever read but I felt that it was over the top for no reason and was pretty pointless. (Unpopular opinion maybe) American Royals was fantastic though!

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  2. Jada wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this list! Definitely, some more books for me to add to my list! Then She Was Gone was a great book! I read it really fast.


    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  3. Amanda Brown wrote:

    An Anonymous Girl is a really good read! It says interesting the whole way through.

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  4. I’m always looking for great books to read, so thank you, Katey! The Whisper Network sounds exciting! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  5. Tori Block wrote:

    I love when you blog your reading lists! I read American Royals from your Summer Reading List and really enjoyed it! I loved all the perspectives of the different characters – I think you will like it too!

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  6. Janie wrote:

    This is off topic, but I saw on Instagram that Maxi started dance. Someday I would love a post on the cutest little ballet gear for toddlers/preschoolers! I have an almost two year old and will probably start her in dance sometime next year.

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  7. Amanda wrote:

    Reading And Then She Was Gone now and I seriously cannot put it down!! It’s soooooo good.

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  8. Deborah wrote:

    I have never been as conflicted about a book as I was reading Verity. The subject matter is very dark and disturbing but I couldn’t put it down. If you love thrillers, two really good ones I have read recently are Lock Every Door by Riley Sager and The Whisper Man by Alex North.

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  9. Kristin L Lamb wrote:

    Verity is pretty tough reading for moms. There is some really disturbing violence towards babies that was hard for me to get through, particularly for a book that wasn’t really good enough to make slogging through that nastiness worth it, if that makes sense.

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  10. Jessica Johns wrote:

    Target online has buy 2 get 1 free on books right now online only! cant wait to read some of these

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  11. Madison Johnson wrote:

    Oh I read Then She Was Gone and I loved it! There are still a few parts in the book that stick with me and I always think about!

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  12. Kensey wrote:

    Just have to say I love that you included some light reads and non thrillers. I know lots are into mystery but I am more of a Romance and love person against the norm of others reading lists! You gave me some great recommendations!!

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  13. Sam wrote:

    This is always one of my favorite posts that you put together! I always read a few from your list and look forward to some of the recommendations above. Thank you for putting this together!!

    Published 08 Oct 19Reply
  14. Taylor wrote:

    I am part of the group that liked Verity. It wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read but it kept my attention & I flew through it because I had to see what happened. I still need to read Without Merit!

    Published 09 Oct 19Reply
  15. Anji wrote:


    We have the exact same taste in books it appears. 🙂 Looking forward to searching these out and diving into them. Thank you for writing this post. Love it! And you will LOVE The Wife between us. I just finished it, and plot twists galore.

    signed ~ Anji in Oregon

    Published 09 Oct 19Reply
  16. Dee Nowak wrote:

    These sound great, and pumpkin bread does too!

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

    Published 09 Oct 19Reply
  17. Ellie wrote:

    Hi Katey! Where did you find Verity in store? I thought that it was only published on amazon because it was independently published. Asking because i leave on a trip tomorrow and want to read it but won’t have time to get it in the mail so was going to pop into somewhere during lunch. Thanks!

    Published 09 Oct 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Ellie!

      I got mine at Barnes & Noble!



      Published 10 Oct 19Reply
      • Ellie wrote:

        Thanks, Katey! 🙂

        Published 10 Oct 19Reply
  18. Laura Leigh wrote:

    I WANT to read American Royals next – I have heard so many great things about it! Can’t wait to hear what you think as well!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 10 Oct 19Reply