Baby Organization

Organizing baby clothing is far more fun than putting up my own laundry. Would you agree?! I wanted to share a few things that I use to keep Harry’s baby items organized. I find you always have to stay on top of baby items because they grow so quickly! Y’all, H is 3 months next week and he is in 6-month pajamas, in some brands 6-9 months. WHAT?! He’s a little chunk- I love it. Maxi was the complete opposite so I feel like I can hardly keep up with the sorting. Harry’s closet had built-in shelving which I was so grateful for!

If you are organizing your baby’s closet, here is what I use:

Items to Organize

  • Hangers– These are the baby hangers I use! The rose gold hook is what is in stock, but it comes in an array of colors to suit your taste. I love having matching hangers in a closet, I think it makes it look like a little baby boutique.
  • Shelf Liner– I can’t take credit for this job, my husband is actually the patient one for shelf liner. He’s verrrry detailed and doesn’t get stressed installing it- whereas I do! ha. We got this shelf liner on Amazon and I love the print. I wanted something that didn’t feel too plain and gave a pop of color to his closet.
  • Lined Basket– This is the basket I have at the top of the shelving.
  • Rattan Baskets– The other baskets house backup toiletry items, Solly wraps, and Swaddling Blankets.
  • Gold Labels– In these photos, my gold label organizers hadn’t come in just yet, but they are in now and I put them on the baskets to label what is inside.
  • 3-Tier Diaper Organizer– Because we used a shorter dresser for Harry’s changing table, I didn’t have room on top for diapers or wipes. I purchased this 3-tier organizer to place next to it to hold the items I need within reach. I love the look of this because it can be used to house toys or games as he gets older.
  • Dresser Organizers– In his dresser, I use these linen organizers for pajamas and onesies.
  • Closet Dividers– These closet dividers are from etsy and so cute! While pregnant, many that I found had a woodland theme, but I like that these are more plain depending on your nursery theme.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to how you can organize your baby’s items! Let me now if you have any questions.


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  1. You’re so well organised! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Sep 20Reply
  2. Kim Warren wrote:

    Love this! Is that an airplane piggy bank? Do you have a link available for it?

    Published 04 Sep 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kim! It is! I’m so sorry, my mom gave it to me and we’ve been trying to find it online and have had no luck. 🙁 xx, Katey

      Published 28 Sep 20Reply