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StrollerCar Seat, Leggings, Non-Maternity, Sweater, Earrings, Headband, Look for Less,  Mules, Golf Footie, In partnership with Bloomingdales. All purchases and opinions are my own. 

In partnership with Bloomingdales. All purchases and opinions are my own. 

Last night, I kept telling Paul I had the “Sunday Sads” or “Scaries” and was not wanting the weekend to end. I can confirm that a productive past few days is the root of that feeling! On Friday, my parents came over to help me with a few to-dos on my checklist. My mom helped me organize baby clothes and items, while my dad built some shelves in Maxi’s closet to better utilize the space. We spent the weekend celebrating a dear friend’s wedding, sorting burp rags, and nesting in the house.

This second trimester has proved this pregnancy to be very different than Maxi’s, even though it was so similar those first 12 weeks. While baby and myself are great, a few things happened back in January that caused me to need to be at the doctor every few days until I deliver and closely monitored. {I won’t get into details quite yet.} Also, this is usually the time when expecting mothers are looking into getting a free breast pump from their insurance provider.

With the combination of restrictions and unknown, I’ve felt like I just needed some sense of control. Of course, I don’t have to preface a post with this, but I felt like I needed to for other moms feeling the same. Sometimes I feel so silly sharing all these organization tips or nesting details because they ARE so small in the scheme of things. It’s a baby coming to live with us, not Martha Stewart. But this pregnancy, I’ve learned that it’s almost more for the mom than the baby. To know his clothes are washed, folded, and sorted gives me this sigh of relief and honestly, peace. So mamas, whether your pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster or a smooth ride, fully enjoy your nesting. I like to think that in between the morning sickness and contractions, it’s this one peaceful preparation we can fully soak up before their arrivals!

So what all did we accomplish this weekend? 

In terms of nursery updates, we selected fabrics for pillows, the ottoman, and drapes. The rug and the ottoman in these photos are placeholders, as we had the ottoman in Maxi’s nursery. The rug got moved to our living room as it’s soft for a baby to crawl in, and baby boy is getting the carpet Maxi has in her room installed next week. There’s a leather mirror going above his dresser/changing table, and framed prints on either side. Then, above the crib, we will do art and brass sconces. I can chat more about this in another post, but Paul and I kept saying we wanted his nursery to feel like these masculine libraries we had seen. I’d need to show a few images to give an idea, but I am excited to have a few selections crossed off that give that feeling.

Moving on to baby additions, I’m most excited about these items arriving! We purchased his stroller from Bloomingdales and it is the Nuna Oxford DEMI Grow. I mean it’s all going to get baby snacks on it one way or another, but for now, the herringbone pattern is something I can’t get over. I just keep leaving it out in his nursery, so that I can look at it each time I pass by. It’s gorgeous! The DEMI Grow can technically be a double stroller, and while I think Maxi is too tall/old for us to use that feature, I got it for a different reason. Let’s talk about the underneath basket. Maybe I just run too many errands or need to declutter my diaper bag, but I always found strollers to not have a large enough basket. Since this can adapt to fit two seats for kids, the basket underneath is quite large. I figured with a baby and a toddler, I’d need the extra space. For his car seat, we went with the Nuna PIPA in Birch. A few of my friends have this car seat for their second, and they love how lightweight it is as they carry this in one hand and a toddler in another.

For pajamas, we stocked up on one of my favorite brands: Kissy Kissy. We had a ton of Kissy Kissy pajamas for Maxi, and their softness is unreal. Many of you have asked about these pajamas after seeing them in his drawer, and they are also by Kissy Kissy.

I purchased these big-ticket items from Bloomingdales, and you can shop their newborn essentials section here. Let me know if you have or love any!

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  1. Looks like you’re all prepped and ready! So excited for you, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 24 Feb 20Reply