My Top Ten Pregnancy Must Haves

I can’t get over the photo above of 5 months in vs. 5 months out. Harry is 5 months, has two teeth, and is 19 pounds! Time slow down.

It’s no secret that I would take 47 newborns over the pregnancy stage. The extreme nausea, the dislocated ribs, the feeling like your stomach can’t stretch anymore- I’ve crowned myself the worst pregnant person, ever. 😉 It’s not a title I’m particularly fond of, but hey, I own that my body doesn’t like the pregnancy hormones. ha.

And yet, it’s something I still miss. The little kicks inside of you. The guilt-free pregnancy naps. Watching your body grow an ENTIRE human. It’s a beautiful thing that I am incredibly grateful for. I remember the ultrasounds, how wonderful , watching baby’s development with A Date With Baby and their remarkable 3D ultrasound services, available in Toronto and Newmarket.

If you are sucking on ginger candy as you ward away morning sickness, this post is for you! After two pregnancies I rounded up my top 10 pregnancy must-haves. These are the things I used consistently with both pregnancies {minues a few things I got while pregnant with H}. I’m not going to tell you that you need 27 different things each trimester- when in reality you probably just want Zofran and a good nap. But these things helped me feel a little better, so I could enjoy the process a lot more!

  1. Ovaltine: I have to take Zofran and Diclegis my entire pregnancy until I push the baby out, but one hack? Ovaltine. I saw an Instagram friend say that it coats the stomach and helps with the nausea. When I heard that I thought, “I can’t possibly stomach milk while wanting to barf!!” But I was desperate so I ordered some good old Ovaltine on Amazon. When it arrived to my door, I mixed it in milk {you can use any kind!} and chugged. I stayed by the bathroom in case it came back up, and you know what? I felt better. That first trimester it’s the battle between needing to stuff your face with carbs to not get hungry {hunger = nausea} and then not wanting to eat because you are nauseated. The Ovaltine is like this sweet medium that helps ward it off. I still had to take my medicine, but I would have Ovaltine right when I woke up and I was able to get Maxi dressed and off to preschool. Then, I’d have another 4-ounce glass around 3 when the nausea was spiking.
  2. Ritual Prenatals– Another tricky part with morning sickness is finding a prenatal. In general, vitamins are finicky. You’ve got to take them at the right time so you don’t feel sick. Ritual has a no-nausea capsule design so you can take them any time of day with or without food {for those sick days!} and you won’t get nauseous. Their Essential Prenatal has 12 key nutrients, included FOLATE not folic acid- which is important! I used them my entire pregnancy with H and still take them. I take their new Postantal now! So whether you are thinking of trying, trying, or pregnant, you can try their Prenatal with my discount code KMC10 here.
  3. Amazon Leggings– I have a maternity outfit guide here, but out of the entire post, my Amazon leggings are the ride or die that I MUST have. You order your regular pre-pregnancy size and the buttery soft material grows with you. They have the same texture as the Lululemon Align Leggings but don’t worry, your bump won’t stretch them out. I wear them now, too! If I could only have one clothing item while pregnant, these would be it.
  4. Heating Pad– Last night I asked Paul what he thought I “had to have” with each pregnancy and he said, “Oh a heating pad, for sure.” ha. Whether your back, hips, or ribs are hurting sometimes heat helps. {Ask your OB!} I LIVED on my heating pad all of quarantine. They also have this amazing neck one that I’m ordering now for breastfeeding since my neck always kills me from looking down. ha.
  5. Nursing Bras– I’m an odd bird and wear nursing bras while pregnant. With my chest changing so much while pregnant, it just makes more sense to go ahead and wear the nursing bras. These are my favorite! They are from Amazon and so incredibly comfortable. I get a dislocated rib each pregnancy and this helps alleviate a sharp band going in my chest.
  6. Pink Stork– I love anything and everything “Pink Stork” while pregnant. From their teas to their lozenges, stock up and add everything to your medicine cabinet. Their products all help with morning sickness, too! Even the teas.
  7. Insulated Water Bottle– When pregnant, you have to drink at least 100 ounces of water a day. Get a HUGE insulated water bottle {I like mine ice cold} and keep it on your kitchen counter or by your bed. I’m always so thirsty while pregnant {I did not have GD either time} but get the biggest one you can find and then you don’t have to refill all day long!
  8. Belly Butter– You’ll try different oils for night while pregnant, but get a belly butter, too. Otherwise, you’ll ruin all your clothes with oil stains. 😉 I loved the Earth Mama one and used it every single day pregnant, and did not get stretchmarks.
  9. Cribsheet– I’m also the weirdo that will tell you to take a nap over reading 18 pregnancy books while pregnant. I read so many pregnancy/parenting books while pregnant with Maxi and then when she was here I felt like I didn’t use any of it. But my favorite pregnancy book? Cribsheet. There is a lot of noise around parenting. Will you do attachment parenting? Will you nurse until 12 months? Will you put them in the crib early on or wait? Contact naps or independent naps? With so many decisions and hot opinions, it can feel intimidating. Cribsheet is a data-driven book that takes studies on hot parenting topics and gives you the results so that YOU can make your own informed decisions that you are comfortable with. It’s also a quick read so if you have 18 other things on your to-do list it won’t seem daunting.
  10. Skincare– When everything is changing, it’s nice to have one routine down! This is my pregnancy skincare routine and I swear the TULA Sensitive line SAVES me while pregnant. Whether my skin is super dry or breaking out {I get both pregnant} it calms it all, so I don’t have redness on top of all the other lovely symptoms.

If you’ve got a sweet baby bump I hope this post helps you! What are your must haves while pregnant?!


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  1. Abbey wrote:

    Just purchased the leggings and some Pink Stork candies! This is my first pregnancy and I feel so lost ? my leggings are already cutting into my waist so I definitely found this post helpful! Thank you! Also, when do you start using a belly butter/cream/oils? Thanks in advance. Really enjoyed this post. ❤️

    Published 23 Nov 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you, Abbey! I start using them around second trimester! xx, Katey

      Published 07 Dec 20Reply
  2. Looking gorgeous, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 23 Nov 20Reply
  3. Juliya wrote:

    Life savers for me were – giant U-shaped pregnancy pillow, compression socks and comfy sneakers, brothers who brought take-out every weekend and forced me to go on walks! It takes a village…to get me through pregnancy 🙂

    Published 23 Nov 20Reply