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Today’s collaboration feels quite special because when Maxi ran up to be in a few pictures it also felt generational. Today I have partnered with Olay to share a gift set that I got to select, scour the ingredients, test, and assess. When I agreed to test the product, the first thing I thought of was my mom. Her grandmother {photos pictured above} got her started on Olay-  or as she still refers to as “Oil of Olay.” I knew I wanted my mom to be in these photos, because when I think of my mom and “beauty products” I think of the red nail polish she ALWAYS wore, I think of how she is big on sunscreen, and I think of how she never even so much as purchased a skincare product other than Olay cream until she was 44. But most importantly, I wanted to share this set based on DMs I receive 5 or 6 times a week, like above. Many of you want a skincare routine that is simple and not going to take 20 minutes, that is priced well, pregnancy or nursing friendly, and is going to work. The Olay Twinkle, Twinkle Dewy Skin has their most hydrating products- the key to plump, youthful skin. It’s a simple 4-step system that gives a glow and helps conceal dark under eyes- which all mamas need. It is originally $95.46, but on sale for $63.99. That can be the price of one serum sometimes! This deal is only available on Olay.com at the link!

What I love most about this review? Olay made us sign a retouch agreement, where we would not edit or alter these photos. I never retouch with skincare photos, but to see a brand make sure that we showed the true integrity of our skin {dark circles, fine lines, and all!} meant everything to this Enneagram 1.

I love transparency, and I also love proving things work. My mom is 1 of 4 girls and her grandmother {again, pictured above} taught all of them to use Olay. She’d take empty skincare jars of “expensive” products and fill them with Olay. She’d give them to the girls and when they were all used she’d say, “See! You actually used Olay- not something overpriced.

Let’s break down what is in this gift set!

  • Sensitive Face Cleanser, Fragrance-Free– This stuff is creamy, lathers well, and removes even the harshest of eyeliners. It is dermatologically tested and is soap and dye-free! I love to double cleanse, and this would be perfect as a first or second cleanser, but it also removes makeup alone. It also doesn’t strip your skin. I hate when I remove makeup and then my skin feels SO ridiculously tight because the cleanser stripped it.
  • Deep Hydration Serum– This serum has B3 AND hyaluronic acid. When you think of hyaluronic acid, think hydration. I know the term “acid” can scare off, but this isn’t like that. Hyaluronic acid plumps fine lines and fills your skin with moisture… but you MUST apply to damp skin! It’s going to take the water and seal it into your pores. Do not apply this to dry skin or it will suck any moisture to cling to it. You get the true effects of hyaluronic acid with damp skin. After you get out of the shower using the face cleanser, pat this into your skin, neck, even the backs of your hands. B vitamins also amplify the use of hyaluronic acid, so the fact that this serum has B3 in it means it is even more effective. It’s kind of like when you eat vitamin c with non-heme iron, your body absorbs the iron better. ONE drop of this serum has the power to visibly renew one million skin cells.
  • Ultimate Eye Cream– I’d spend $63 alone just for this eye cream, and it is the standout product of the batch to me! It is a 3-in-1 that de-circles, de-wrinkles, and de-puffs. You know I normally don’t rave about eye creams. I find it hard to believe they really do what they promise, but this eye cream does what is promises and is amazing for the morning! It has a *touch of concealer* in it to combat dark circles. A lot of brightening eye creams have such a highlight sheen in them. I like to either wear zero makeup or a full face of makeup, so those iridescent eye creams can seem aggressive for no-makeup days. This eye cream dries down softly so you aren’t shimmery under the eye, and helps conceals dark spots. I’ll share a before and after below.
  • Regenerist Microsculpting Cream, Trial Size– This is the product Gigi swears by, and it a night cream. If you are looking to start a night cream, this would be a great place to start with your routine. I use it on my neck as my mom always tells me I need to start doing that. So be sure to take your skincare down to your neck, but press up so you aren’t pulling products down and giving a “sag” effect. This product is designed to penetrate 10 layers deep in the skin- which is huge as I always talk about many products “sitting” on the skin.
  • Clear Beauty Bag- To keep everything neat and tidy.

*If you are pregnant or nursing, ask your doctor before you try any of these, of course. However, I recommend checking the 15-Minute Beauty Website as they are listed as pregnancy/nursing safe {some products fall under either} and I also checked on the EWG app!*

This was taken 30 seconds apart in natural light with no makeup or filter. On the left, you can see some dark spots after waking up with a teething baby. On the right, you can see how the eye cream gives you the “no-makeup-makeup” concealer look. It just helps aide in looking more refreshed.

This is a swatch of the eye cream.

Be sure to press up on your neck creams like this.

And pat any excess skincare product in your hands. Do not rinse off, give the backs of your hands some TLC!

You can purchase this gift set here. It’s such a lovely option for the girl that is just dipping her toes in the skincare pond, for the girl that wants a simple, quick routine, or for the girl that has an excessive routine and wants to try a few products that have worked for generations. You know me, I think skincare is the best gift to give or receive. 😉

And gift wrapping is also available on Olay.com! If you are shopping for more skincare holiday gifts be sure to check olay.com/offers. You can also shop Cyber Week deals at Olay here.

Thank you so much for partnering with us, Olay! What a dream collaboration to shoot for with the woman that got me hooked on skincare!

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