3 Colleen Rothschild Products to LOCK in Hydration for Fall

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When fall rolls around are you already anticipating dry, cracked skin? Do you not dare touch a liquid lipstick from October to March? Today’s blog post is for all my girlfriends that ever struggle with a bit of dry skin. I have talked more about acne and fine lines in skincare content lately, but let’s talk about one thing very common this time of year: skin that needs a little moisture! From hand cream to a mask that is fabulous flying, these products give our skin extra love when it feels tight and dry. The best part is that today starts Colleen Rothschild’s BOGO sale where you can buy one and get one 50% off with no code required. Grab a product you’re running low on and try one new for half off!

Three Products for Hydration

  1. Intense Hydrating Mask: I have never seen a beauty product that sells out this quickly once restocked. You all will e-mail me when you see it in stock. Friends will text me to ask if I know if when it is coming in stock. Basically, this product is always being talked about and it is usually about how people are always wanting to get their hands on it! Why can this hardly stay on the site? Take everything you assume about a hydrating mask and erase that from your mind. This hydrating mask uses coral grass and micro-algae to remove rough skin and leaves you with a face that looks supple and smooth. You basically remove this and look like you got a hydra facial with 45 minutes of facial massage. It’s not greasy, it doesn’t clog pores or leave you with breakouts. I use this probably 2-3 times a week and leave it on overnight and each and every time {this is my 4th or 5th tube of this mask} I’m in shock that I can genuinely still wake up and see a difference. But I think the TOP reason this product sells so well aside from the fact it is a mask that gives immediate results, is the fact that the texture allows you to use this while traveling. Beauty bloggers put this on when they get on a plane, leave it on, and swear it is the reason they don’t break out or have tight/dry skin while traveling. I have a friend that is a nurse and works crazy shifts and this is the one product she says she has to have to keep her skin looking awake. If you are worried about an overly greasy, oily mask, this isn’t that! This mask has a really nice texture {you can see in the photos} and melts into your skin, so you aren’t going to sleep with what feels like thick cream on your face. I always buy this and Colleen’s hand cream on sale.
  2. Restorative Hand Cream: Speaking of hand cream, THIS is my favorite hand cream and has been for years. I use this every single night, well, I should give my husband credit. While we watch a show on the couch, Paul will rub my hands or feet and he’ll always use this. He jokes if we are out of the Colleen lotion he skips because other lotions leave his hands so greasy and this one doesn’t. I love this hand cream for the same exact reason. Up until I found this, I wouldn’t really put lotion on my hands during the day because I felt my hands would get greasy and they’d slip writing something or my rings would start to twist off. This doesn’t leave your hands with that slippery feeling, but immediately you can see a difference of hydration locked in. I think a good oil and hand cream really extend the look of a manicure, so if you love your hands to always look manicured, try this. This time of year I’m washing my hands, even more, {school germs!} and as I type this, I can feel my hands getting drier, so I’m reaching for my hand cream and face oil to mix together and apply.
  3. Face Oil No. 9: When I first blogged Colleen Rothschild, I shared that I used this Face Oil for many things other than your face! I buy this oil once a year on sale, the bottle lasts me all year, and I use this as a mixer. Have a foundation that is breaking up on your face or looking too dry? Mix a drop of this in with your foundation on your beauty blender. Have a bad run-in with retinol? BATHE your face in this with the Intense Hydrating Mask. Need to extend a hair trim but your split ends are showing? Rub this on the ends alone or with your other styling cream. I also mix this in with the Colleen Hand cream to act as a cuticle oil a few times a week. Did you try a new conditioner you don’t think is moisturizing enough? I’ll even put a few drops of this oil in that to make the conditioner work for my hair so I’m not wasting a bottle. Now, remember, oils don’t hydrate the skin- it’s an oil, not a water-based skincare product. So apply your moisturizer first and then add your oil if you are using this directly in your skincare routine. You’ll find the vitamins and ingredients to have better results as they act as a superfood smoothie to the skin! This oil is also formulated without Parabens, SLS/SLES Sulfates, Phthalates, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, PABA, Toluene, Benzene.

Other Products I Recommend:

Retinol Products

Colleen makes my favorite retinol products! They are gentle, yet effective, and don’t leave me with flaky skin. My two favorites are the retinol oil and the retinol eye serum. You can read my entire blog post on retinol here to help break that down for you! But if you’re thinking about incorporating retinol in your routine, but you don’t want to deal with the trial and error of levels and strengths, I would start with the retinol oil.

Cleansing Balm

I always recommend double cleansing, even if you love the cleanser you currently use. Double cleansing is where you cleanse your face twice, but with two separate cleansers, and typically with different textures. For example: start with a balm like this to melt away makeup and focus on facial massage. Get your circulation going to really aide in healing the skin. Then, cleanse away oil and grime with a milk cleanser or cleanser of choice. I have used Colleen’s cleansing balm for 3 years and one jar lasts the longest time.

Le Balm Candle

Colleen also makes candles! I have always loved her candle scents over the years, but this one is just divine. The Le Balm candle smells like the cleansing balm and it was made after this was a top customer request. Her candles will last you the LONGEST time. I light one for 10-15 minutes and the scent fills my entire home for the afternoon- but not in an overpowering kind of way. I’m just about finished with my last CR candle that we had at least 5 months prior to moving from our last house, so that’s going on a year of use.

Detox Mask

I did a blog post on Colleen face masks here, but this is the one I probably use the most often especially around any time where my skin is more congested. I leave this on overnight as a spot treatment for blemishes as well.

What’s your favorite CR product to shop during sales?!

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