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One thing I realized a few months into marriage? It’s a misconception men don’t care about products. I don’t know where I got that notion; I think I just assumed it in my head as I was the one with the Nordstrom debit card to earn points buying my shampoos and serums. But as I noticed him stealing my face wash here and my sunscreen there, I realized, “Oh, you DO use these things, and you DO know they work.” Skincare for your guy isn’t talked about a ton, but many of you e-mail me about it. I wish I had a Diet Coke for each e-mail I got that said:

“This is probably random, but do you have an eye cream suggestion for a guy?” “Do you know of a good exfoliator for my husband?” “What about an acne cream?” 

They use and need products too! But just like I was a clueless gal before I lived with my husband, I think marketers don’t really market these items TO men. What’s up with that?! Why do we act like men don’t wash their faces? That is just silly and, quite frankly, not hygienic.

Today, I want to break down 5 skincare gifts from Kiehl’s at Nordstrom; you can gift your guy or a loved one! These are all used in the Hellman Household, and I’ll break down the WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY of each product for you!

  1. Age Defender Cleanser: I just went and grabbed this out of our shower to smell it again before I wrote about it for you. It smells fresh, minty, and clean! This is a dual-action cleanser; it has exfoliating properties but can also work as a clay mask. I touched on this in my guy’s gift guide last week, but Paul loves this cleanser. He has thick hair and always finds his skin irritated when his beard or new growth, and this helps alleviate that for him.
  2. Age Defender Moisturizer: Next to face wash, y’all want to know about eye cream for your men! I’m dead serious; that’s the THING y’all ask about because, again, it is rarely marketed. You’ll tell me your husband looks tired from work and needs to look more awake. The Age Defender Cream Moisturizer is meant for anti-wrinkles, which is great if your guy has more mature skin. But also have them apply some in the eye area to help soften any tired looks, or you can get the gift set which also has the eye cream. Just like the face wash, this has the same great minty smell and almost feels like jelly when you press your ring finger into it. It bounces back with a little pressure and dries down nicely. For a cream moisturizer, I’m shocked at how quickly it dries down. Meaning, your guy can and will want to use this in the morning because he won’t feel like he has 14 layers of skincare. Paul always jokes when I have an oily face from all my concoctions.
  3. Facial Fuel Cleanser & Moisturizer: Maybe aging and exfoliation isn’t a concern with your guy’s skincare, so I wanted to give you this other option. Their Facial Fuel line is awesome for oily skin. Gel cleansers are perfect for acne, and this is a non-oily moisturizer. It also has Vitamin C and E, which help heal any texture or acne scarring.
  4. Midnight Recovery Concentrate: When you think of Kiehl’s, I assume everyone thinks of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. That’s because it is the #1 Facial Oil in the US. It’s made for all skin types, boosts radiance while you sleep, is pregnancy safe {ask your doctor!} and restores health to the skin. It does this through a blend of botanical oils like lavender, squalane, and evening primrose. I think of it as the First Aid of skin oils. I put it on dull skin, sad cuticles, peeling skin, and wake up without a trace of any skin irritation the day before.
  5. Ultra Facial Cream: This is my fall/winter morning moisturizer! It has an ultra-light texture, so you do not have to wait for it to set before applying your foundation. But it immediately leaves the skin 2-3 times more hydrated, even in your driest areas. You’ve probably seen this tub on my counter on my skincare tray. I love it!


Both are a face wash moisturizer combo that is so easy to use! Keep the cleanser in the shower, and he can quickly apply the moisturizer, and it is dried down by the time he brushes his teeth. 

  • Need a wildcard gift? Someone that has it all? Get her the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I’m serious. It’s the #1 Facial Oil in the states, and for good reason. She can use her jade roller after!
  • Want to gift yourself? Get the Ultra Facial Cream. It is Kiehl’s NUMBER ONE best-selling item and my morning moisturizer. Tanning drops mix into it with ease, and it lays beautifully for a foundation.

*you can try both the facial cream and the recovery concentrate oil for $34 in this precious gift set!*

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  1. I want some of these for myself! Thanks! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 25 Nov 20Reply
  2. OMG I looove the Midnight Recovery Concentrate! That stuff is GOLD! I literally just started using it again some days ago after years of not, and I keep waking up with baby soft and smooth skin. It’s the greatest feeling. I will not stop using it now!

    I had no idea it’s pregnancy safe, either. I’m not pregnant yet. But that makes me happy to know!


    Published 27 Nov 20Reply