Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin & Marks

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Photography by: Angie Garcia

Anytime I post about having discoid lupus I get a lot of really sweet e-mails from girls and different brands offering to send me products to help. I’m typically really hesitant just because if something does react poorly with my skin it takes weeks to heal.

One of the brands that reached out to me was Tula and I’d actually heard of them from a few friends in Dallas, so I asked my mom to look into it. My mom has RA and we have the same skin issues so she is really well versed in what works/what doesn’t. Tula is based on a balancing concept using probiotics to help balance your skin. My mom and I were both interested because we haven’t tried skincare based on this idea, so I told them to go ahead and I would test them, but I couldn’t promise if I’d review because it’s hard for skin products to really help sometimes.

I’ve tried this brand for a month now and I truly did see a difference, so let’s review.

Three Key Takeaways I Noticed:

Red Spots:

I am so so thankful that I don’t deal with the harsh symptoms of discoid lupus. During the time it was really bad in my life [12-15] it was absolutely awful. But, there are still a few things I’ll always deal with and one of them are red marks. If I get a blemish or my skin peels from sensitivity [which can happen a lot] I’m left with this soft red scar for months on end! It can be really frustrating and I have to use mederma like it is candy. When I started this I had about two little spots that wouldn’t go away and I’m not even exaggerating when I say they were gone in a week after using the Tula mask. So while I know that is a rare symptom most don’t have, if you do have dark spots or soft scars I really think this would help!

Cleanser is Great For Makeup:

I typically double cleanse. I use an oil-based cleanser first to get my makeup off and then another cleanser to get all the dirt. However, I’ve been so lazy the past few weeks just because I got pneumonia and then food poisoning and the last thing I’m concerned about is a 30 minute bedtime routine! haha! So for the past three weeks I’ve honestly just used the cleanser to get my makeup off as well and it’s done a great job getting all the little bits and pieces of my Texas mascara and eyeliner! I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s made for, but it works!

Exfoliating Mask:

I think this is the product that stands out the most to me! I loved how it got rid of my red spots but sometimes I get scared to use masks because it will either pull everything out of my skin [who wants to willingly break out?! WHO?!] or overly moisturize. This is a gentle exfoliating mask so it’s getting rid of the dead skin cells so your skin is soft and also exfoliating out dirt and oil so you don’t break out. I didn’t break out after which was great!

I also use my clarisonic to cleanse which I swear by!

Your twenties are such a complicated time in terms of skincare. You’re concerned about eye cream and preventing wrinkles while knowing you can’t overdo it or you’ll break out. So while you may not deal with scars or red marks, the balancing of Tula is great because your skin levels have to stay balanced so you don’t get on one end of the spectrum [acne] or the other [wrinkles].

I posted on instagram when I tried the mask and so many of y’all had tried it! Let me know your favorites from the line!


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  1. Erica wrote:

    Love this post!

    xo |“>The Fashion Forecast

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  2. Christen wrote:

    I love how you store your makeup in the glass exterior of your used-up candles! Such a cute décor idea.

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    These products sound amazing – and I LOVE the packaging!

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  4. Mal wrote:

    Hey Katey!

    Thanks so much for sharing this post! I am definitely going to try these products 🙂

    Also – wondering if you could share your nail color?? It’s GORGEOUS!


    <3 Mal

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  5. Samantha wrote:

    Love your blog and Instagram!! My friends and I all follow religiously from NYC. I have been eying this brand forever! Any chance they’d offer a discount for your followers ?

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  6. I love trying out new skin care products! I’d love to try this one! 🙂

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  7. Valerie Bothell wrote:

    I am gluten free and my skin is super sensitive. I started using the cleanser 5 days ago and my husband noticed a big change in my skin in just the last few days! My next step is to try the mask.

    Published 20 Nov 15Reply
  8. Hi Katey! Do you still feel like the Tula is working well for you/are you still using it? I’m interested in taking the plunge on a majority of their skincare line, but have had weird things happening with my skin lately. I’m showing early stages of Rosacea (mild, but I love not wearing make-up and can’t with the redness right now). I tried the new BareMinerals line of skincare after reading great reviews and ended up having large and really painful acne that left scars in strange spots. Thank you so much! xoxo

    Published 17 Mar 16Reply
  9. Kelsey Johnston wrote:

    What do you use with your Clarisonic? Right now I use an eye make up remover, then a face make up remover and then a cleanser with my Clarisonic to remove any left over dirt/makeup. Just wondering with Tula, what you use to get the best results. Thanks!

    P.S. Love your blog!!

    Published 14 Apr 16Reply
  10. Jessica wrote:

    Love your recommendations! I have extremely sensitive, breakout prone skin and have been using Clinique’s Clearing System for a few years but I just feel like it’s maintaining but not improving my skin. Definitely interested in trying Tula to see if it makes a difference and love how naturally made their products are! Thanks for sharing Katey! Also use my Clarisonic daily, it’s a staple for me.

    Published 14 Apr 16Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Additional question though, is Tula sold in stores anywhere? Or only online?

      Published 14 Apr 16Reply
      • Katey wrote:

        Hi Jessica! Currently, TULA is only sold online from their site! 🙂

        Published 16 Apr 16Reply
        • Vicki wrote:

          Amazon. Qvc. Target on line offer Tula products.

          Published 16 May 16Reply
  11. Definitely going to look into using these products. I have the acne prone skin issue and I am still wanting to protect against wrinkles. I love keeping up with your blog I wish I could purchase all you’re recommendations (:

    Published 07 May 16Reply
  12. Lauren wrote:

    Hi Katey! Love your site!! Just wondering if you use any kind of sun protection with the TULA? I always try to use a cream that has SPF in it, but I would like to try the TULA. I currently use Estee Lauder with SPF and I do like it! Thank you!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  13. Rosi wrote:

    Thank you for replying on instagram tonight! I just read this blog post and think I may give TULA a try. ????

    Published 26 Jul 16Reply
  14. Din bedste hjemmeside mod Akneguide, bumser og urenhud

    Published 12 Oct 16Reply
  15. i already use this product .its a very effective and fresh

    products for sensitive skin

    Published 12 Nov 16Reply