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Anytime you can combine my love of small businesses and “Add to Cart” I’m a big fan. Which is why I’ve got quite the Etsy addiction if I must admit. I can find some of the most unique items on the internet while supporting those that truly excel at their craft. I think back to my very first apartment post-grad and the entire thing could have been one big Etsy advertisement. Every pillow, frame, and piece of art was ordered from an Etsy shop. I have found some of my favorite companies, business friends, and customer service wizards via the site- so I knew it was much overdue for me to share a post with some of my favorites. This doesn’t even touch the surface- but it’s a good start for items you probably see all over my Instagram!

  • Wrapping Paper: Packaging and presentation is all part of the fun in gift giving. Ruby Stripe has beautiful wrapping paper, that is also easy to wrap with. Sometimes over-the-top paper can be a bit difficult to wrap tricky packages with, but this one is great. I use the blush gingham for Maxi’s gifts.
  • Towels: This monogram applique shop might be one of my top 2 best Etsy finds. I have these towels all over our home {see a post here} and they are one of the most asked about items in our home. You can choose different styles and colors to fit your aesthetic, but no matter which style you choose, one towel will make such a statement in your bathroom.
  • Starbucks Cup: Need a gift under $20 that will make her day? This reusable Starbucks cup has a handwritten font so it’s not your typical personalized product. And while I usually encourage people to stay away from mugs and Starbucks gift cards as gifts, this is quite a cute exception.
  • Clutch: If you need something unique for the girl that has everything {think your MOH or bff} this ombre clutch is perfect. I gave this to one of my best friends last year because I love that she can carry it for date night or perch it in a closet shelf to serve as decor.
  • Wetbags: I have three of these wetbags for Maxi and just ordered some for Harry! You can them in your pool bag, your car, your diaper bag, or travel- they are so easy to clean. I like to keep little “emergency” bags in my car in a tote for each kid. Diapers for Harry, an extra change of clothes, socks, etc. I don’t like to carry a huge diaper bag around 24/7, so with this I know I can always have what I need in the car.
  • Stationery: This was the stationery set I used after I had Harry to send thank you notes for gifts and meals.
  • Marble Board: I use this marble board to serve appetizers or I like to make a little arrangement on my kitchen counter with candles and soaps.
  • Shams: These are the shams we have in our bedroom and you can see them here. We used parchment thread in the style “Carter.”
  • Cart Cover: I’m a little picky on cart covers. Germs and monograms- you can never be too specific. 😉 This one is our favorite! And bonus points- it washes incredibly well!
  • Topiaries: You might be wondering, “You bought a topiary on Etsy?!” Yes, twice! I found this shop after a friend sent me a plant gift from them and I was so impressed at the plant and packaging. What a sweet idea for a friend that may be going through a hard time or a new season of life, send her a beautiful topiary.
  • Bow Holder: I have a bow holder from this shop in Maxi’s closet and it’s an item we have used every single day for years! If you want to gift a new mom something unique, send her this Etsy shop and ask her to pick which style she loves best. She will appreciate it for the organization and the design!
  • Intaglios: You’ll want to add this shop to your home decor favorites. I have three intaglio pieces in our home from her and they are just beyond- plus you can’t beat the price. 😉
  • Labels: We really want to redo our bathroom, but that is on pause. I can’t fathom having people in and out of our home working each day until Harry is at Mother’s Day Out…PLUS the cost of lumbar is just outrageous. So my next project is to paint our laundry room cabinets and work on that space. I ordered these labels as we have lots of jars like it in our laundry room to hold dryer balls, stain remover, and more.
  • Wand: I used these for Maxi’s party favors for her birthday this year and she still plays with it every single day. I also love that it isn’t plastic and is sweet!
  • Paci Clips: One of my favorite monogram shops on Etsy! I love their burp cloths and paci clips if you need a little extra goodie to add to a gift basket.



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  1. Great picks! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 May 21Reply
  2. Marlee B wrote:

    Thanks for the post! We are on vacation and I was just thinking I needed to buy a wet bag! Perfect timing!

    Published 05 May 21Reply
  3. Claire Rooney wrote:

    Miss your daily blog posts! I got off social media about a year ago so you might be posting on Instagram but I miss the good old blog :). Hope all is well!

    Published 12 May 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Claire! Aw thank you! This means a lot. Yes, all is well. 🙂 Just choosing to focus more on family in this season of life while my little ones need me so much. I still post daily to social media but knew I probably couldn’t do both as consistently with two kids now. Thank you for still checking in- I’ll still be posting! I love this community so much and am grateful. xx, Katey

      Published 13 May 21Reply