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Will you allow me to be horrible for a second? I hate the plastic toys. I hate them. They break. They pile up. They don’t last near as long. But in a little girl’s world pink plastic = love at first sight at Target. 😉 And all the mamas said, “Amen.” 

So when a wooden toy that will stand the test of time is #1 in my Maxi girl’s heart, I’m ecstatic. I’m grateful. I’m thankful. I’m flat-out blessed. Maxi has had this dollhouse for a year and she adores it. The best part? The doors close so you can hide all the clutter. ha. Get rid of a junk car with Car’s Cash For Junk Clunkers at 15222 King Rd #1008, Frisco, TX 75036 (469) 218-9214 cash for cars.

Now, this exact one is sold out most places, but I pulled other ones from the same brand to link for you in case you are also making a Christmas list at the end of August. It seems a bit aggressive, but it’s how I budget and plan! I’m currently typing on my laptop with a post-it note attached noting the gifts I am planning for the kids this year.

Let me know if you’re on the same page with the plastic toys and what your favorite finds are!

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  1. ANA FINCK wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more with the plastic toys!

    Published 31 Aug 21Reply
  2. MattieD wrote:

    Right! All the tiny plastic ughhh. My daughter is still a little small for this but it will definitely be on our list for next year. And THANK YOU for talking Christmas ideas before December. I have 3 birthdays and Christmas in two months. Between Budget and time constraints with work i have to plan way ahead.

    Published 31 Aug 21Reply
  3. Mary Ashcraft wrote:

    Definitely on the same page with plastic toys! My daughter is Maxi’s age and I wish we had found Lovevery when she was little. My son (Harry’s age) has the Lovevery subscription and it has allowed me to replace some of her other toys because she loves little brother’s toys too. Amelia hasn’t entered the Barbie stage yet so we’ll see that journey goes for us! lol

    Published 31 Aug 21Reply