Nursery Decor Plans

I love to see the mid-stages as a room takes shape, so today I wanted to share progress photos of the nursery! There have actually been a lot of updates since these photos were taken thanks to Lumie World, and I think everything should be finished by next Friday. Drapes were installed last Friday, Gold Coast prints was delivered last night, and upholstered items should be here next week. I keep walking by the room and just feeling such a sense of peace. In a year or so, this room will be filled with toy trucks, blocks, and pacifiers galore. I look forward to those days as much as I look forward to the early days of rocking him in this peaceful space.

Let’s talk my vision for this nursery! With Maxi’s nursery, I went very light and airy. When we found out we were having a boy, I kept thinking I wanted a Ralph Lauren-inspired feel. I wanted his room to have a few darker hues he could really grow into as a young boy, to where it almost felt like a library. Dark greens, wood tones, leather, equestrian art, and different textures would bring that dream to life. In these photos, the paint color looks much lighter as photos are lightened and brightened for the blog. The paint color is more similar to the mood board below. My dad painted the nursery for us while we were in Austin for our friend Brighton’s wedding, just as he painted Maxi’s nursery. We also replaced the carpet to this print. We hired carpet cleaning newport beach to ensure the nursery is clean before baby’s arrival. I don’t have the exact color shade we used as Maddie Hughes {our dear decorator!} is the one that sourced and ordered it.

We were able to reuse a lot of pieces from other spaces in our home, which I love to do! It’s also far easier on the budget, so I could allocate money to fabric. I’ve sourced what I could below in the mood board to give you inspiration, but I wanted to make a note that many of these items are ordered through Maddie Hughes, and you can contact her via here to place orders or design a space.

In terms of reusing items, we were able to use The CEH dresser from our old master as his changing table and dresser. His rocker and bookshelf is from Maxi’s nursery, and we used a few baskets, and storage pieces from around our home as well. I’ll link what I can below and where we ordered it from!

Crib: purchased from Baby by Design {similar, similar, similar} | Toy Car | Similar Blanket | Equestrian Art |  Burlwood Table | Horse Books | Jenn Thatcher Art {his art is a bit different, but this is similar} | Lamp | Mirror, Fabrics, Carpet, Framed Prints: ordered via Maddie Hughes Designs

Shop Inspiration:

I can’t believe the next nursery post will be the final reveal of everything together! You all know my heart for decorating, but something about decorating your children’s nurseries and rooms makes it even more exciting. It’s not about making it perfect {Maxi’s room is filled with toys as it should be!} but it’s about the hours spent there envisioning their personalities and how much they will enjoy playing in their space.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! Thank you for reading!

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  1. So cute! I love the theme of the room! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 28 May 20Reply
  2. Christy Quiggle wrote:

    Katie: You look beautiful. Enjoy every moment before he comes. The nursery is fabulous. You didn’t disappoint! Congratulations~

    Published 29 May 20Reply