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Well howdy, y’all! 😉 Today’s post is quite exciting as it centers around one of my favorite things: gift giving. In a world that digitally consumes so much there is something to be cherished about the art of slowing down to source, select, and send something to a loved one. Over the past 18 months, my q&a’s have been 90% centered around gifting. I’ve curated gift guides and sent suggestions, but one wall I kept hitting was the fact I didn’t feel like a signature gift existed. We have signature lipsticks, casseroles, and scents. Surely, we can have signature gifts we reach for with newborn babies, new homeowners, and newly-engaged couples?!

Enter the Lauren Haskell Designs x Katey McFarlan boot vase.

I’ve been a fan of Lauren Haskell Designs for years. Maxi’s room houses a few of her jars, and they’ve been shared as a top gift on my blog. I’ve always been blown away by the quality and craftsmanship her work exudes. She reached out to work together on a cowboy boot vase as a nod to Harry’s rodeo birthday, and I could not be more proud of the result. Her team is phenomenal! I wanted to combine something sentimental with something that served as a solution. I’ve wanted something I could confidently recommend for any and every occasion and the cowboy boot vase is it!

These vases work as beautifully on a nursery shelf as they do as a table’s centerpiece. They can symbolize, “Hey, you’ve got this! This isn’t your first rodeo.” when your friend needs a little pick me up. Maybe they will serve as “Baby’s first boots” when your friend finds out she is expecting. No matter how you gift them, style them, or arrange them, they are sure to represent that friendly Texas spirit we all know and love.

They launch today on! They come in a variety of colors for nurseries, offices, shelves, and tabletops: light pink, light blue, light green, blue, tan, and lavender. With hearts, stars, and custom monogramming you can personalize these to the recipient, or stock a few plain ones for your gift closet. The options are limitless.

The boots are $67 each and if you choose the 22k gold monogram that is $5 extra. The Lauren Haskell team was so generous and offered a SITEWIDE code for you all. It is KATEY15 and that takes your cost down. These are handmade in small batches by a team of Lo Home artists, with the lead time being 1-2 weeks. Each color boot will be available in:

  • Hearts with monogram
  • Hearts without monogram
  • Stars with monogram
  • Stars without monogram

I’ve already gifted one this week bringing a new mama a meal! I just filled a basket with a casserole, some wine, a few desserts, a burp rag, and a boot vase. It was so special to go inside and hold this precious new life and see his mama place it on his dresser. As you can see, I have these all over our home, but I wanted to share a few ways I envision you using this vase.

  1. I’m partial to it on a nursery shelf, as I have always had cowboy boots on my son’s shelf. He had a rodeo birthday after all. 😉
  2. If you are hosting an intimate birthday lunch or bridal luncheon, how special would it be to have these at the guests’ place settings. It could be their party favor to take home. Or place it at the bride’s seat and ask the guests to leave words of advice on strips of paper to place in the boot. It’s a gift she will have forever!
  3. As a Texan, I couldn’t help but picture this as a wonderful housewarming gift. Add a few sunflowers or daisies inside and take it to a new neighbor or friend that recently moved.
  4. It was also important to me that this vase could serve as a pick-me-up. I often think boots represent strength, and a boot vase with a card telling a friend this isn’t her first rodeo and she will crush whatever storm life is throwing at her is perfect.
  5. From kitchen counters to bookshelves, anywhere you’d place a candle or a book, this vase fits in beautifully.

Lavender, French Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Green, Tan

Thank you so much for your support of this launch! As I type this before launch day, I’ve been blown away by the sweet comments on social media. It is cliché to say how grateful I feel for this community, but my goodness it is rare to find such a generous group of people that adores gift giving as much as I do. Each time I scroll through Friday Q&A, Instagram DMs or e-mails, I’m always blown away to see the thoughtfulness you all possess. I’m constantly seeing friends ask how to cheer friends up, how to celebrate them big, and how to spoil them throughout the year. And in a world where 9 times out of 10 you don’t always feel more positive getting off the internet, I personally feel more hopeful just knowing YOU all and your compassion exist! Lauren Haskell Designs is women-owned, committed to sustainability, and employs a team of artists. Carbon Click featured demand eco fashion brands, visit their website here. Thank you for supporting such a wonderful {and I mean WONDERFUL} group of people. I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many business owners in almost a decade of blogging, and when I tell you this team is comprised of angels, I firmly believe it.

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  1. Allyson Lacoste wrote:

    I’m so excited, I ordered mine this morning!!

    Published 15 Jul 22Reply
  2. Romy wrote:

    Oh my goodness! I thought it was real boots at the first sight lol! These vase are so cute!! I will be definitely ordering these! Thanks for the sharing!

    Published 25 Jul 22Reply