MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale

The MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale is here! This sale happens once a year and it used to only be in person. About three years ago they switched to online and ever since, it’s become my favorite sale of the year. It’s the most practical for gifts for myself, my home, and the holidays. And due to the nature of MC rarely going on sale, you simply won’t get these deals at any other point throughout the year.


You’ve got 82 pages of sale to cover, so it is overwhelming. But this is where I’ve done the work for you! MC allowed me to peek the SKU list about 3 weeks ago, so after digging through 15 hours or so, I’ve rounded up the very best for you. Here are my top sections to shop:

  1. HOLIDAY– Take inventory of what holiday you’re wanting decor for. I always recommend the pumpkins, it’s the number one thing people purchase on my site during the sale. I have had mine for about 5 years and get so excited to pull them out once September rolls around. See how I use them to decorate here. Secondly, the Patience Brewster Nativity set is my newest Christmas addition and I adore it!
  2. CALENDAR INVENTORY– Skim your upcoming calendar for weddings, births, and showers. The toddler dinnerware set is a favorite gift of mine and one I still always remember and use daily from both my baby showers. Last Christmas, my kids got the Maypole Tea Set and they both play with it together. I have this first tooth and curl set that I keep in my cabinet filled with sentimental items, it is the sweetest baby shower gift. Don’t forget to grab whisks for Christmas cookies! I gift the two together for the holidays.
  3. WISH LIST– I want to live out my Ina Garten dreams with this carving board.
  4. PRACTICAL PIECES– If you want your purchase to be a practical one, here is what I reach for daily. The everything bowl {I use it for *literally* everything from fruit to storing sidewalk chalk}, cutting boards,  and the sweet stand for hosting.
  5. RIBBON– I stock up on ribbon during the sale! I use it to decorate my Christmas tree, wrap hostess gifts, and add gift tags.

sheep | butterflies {Maxi’s Bathroom Blog}

whale basket | canisters

wreath hanger | canister | butterflies | everything bowl | placemats | shower curtain | sterling check tea kettle | rattan tray | pumpkins | canister | whale basket

mini bear | toddler dinnerware {one of my favorites to gift!} | tea set

tea set | bear

toddler dinnerware | mini bear | mini bear | bunny | toile butterfly | tea set | bear | bank | first tooth & curl | chair | rattle | spoon | kenzie bear | whale basket

cake stand | ribbon | pumpkins

tray | deer

jack-o’-lantern | witch hatbeware pumpkins

carolers display | dish towels | reindeer ornament | gnome snowglobe | whisk {add with christmas cookies!} | nativity | ribbon | swan ornament | tartan ribbon | deersanta sleigh | reindeer | santa dish towel

parchment check | beverage canister

fish serving board | royal check

cake carrier | fish dish | cloche | knives | coasters | heart pot holder | fig pot holder | enamel beverage hostess | leopard spoon rest | everything bowl | bud vases | frame | triplicity | herb pots

utensil holder | triplicity | three-tier sweet stand| serving set | champagne flutes | apron | pitcher | tea kettle | colander | cookware | wine cooler | cake knife | cheese course| fruit compote

santa sleigh | reindeersterling check

carving board | compote | pumpkins | wreath | canister | leopard mug | gnome snowglobe | christmas canisters | ladybug wreath | breakfast bowl | cheese course | pot


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  1. Liz Beauchamp wrote:

    I am sure you have probably posted this at some time, but I love the framed scripture in your children’s playroom. Can you share where you found it?

    I am a new grandmother and I love keeping up with the latest and greatest so that I can keep up with taking care of my daughter in laws and my grandkids!

    Many thanks!

    Published 27 Jul 22Reply