Amazon Prime Day 2020

As you sift through deals and steals for Amazon Prime day, I thought I’d share Amazon items that simplify or streamline things in my life. I love to share bits I purchase from the ever-too-easy-to-order app, but when I went through my purchases from the past year or two there, these were the winners for making things better than before I had them!

  1. Money Pouches: Way back when I blogged my budget binder here. For budgeting, I don’t use just one person’s method, but I really like the envelope system from Dave Ramsey. I used plain envelopes for years with this, but then I grabbed these pouches off Amazon. I love that they have different colored zippers so you can color coordinate. They are great for saving receipts for work vs. receipts for personal, budget envelopes, and storing cash for future sales or holidays.
  2. Disposable Coffee Cups: I’ve been using these since 2018 for showers I host {they come in multiple colors!} but they are even more precious if you are having a drive-by shower or socially distant baby shower. The quality of these cups is amazing, if you have a coffee bar at work that can offer disposable cups to clients or customers, don’t skim over these.
  3. Tea Kettle: I don’t necessarily collect things {outside from MacKenzie-Childs}, but you could say I’m one to never turn down a tea kettle. I have two regular ones from MacKenzie-Childs that I use daily, but with heating up frozen milk, I decided to grab an electric one. If my parents are watching Harry, this is much easier for them than turning the stove on with a baby on their hip and a toddler at their feet. I’ve had a few electric kettles over the years from different jobs to different apartments, and this one is as cute as it is easy to clean. I got it in a light blue, but it comes in a few different shades to fit your aesthetic.
  4. Gel Manicure Light: 2020 the year of the DIY gel manicure. 😉  This has been my most-read blog post of the year and it has been the one I use the out most! All of the polishes and tools streamline manicures at home for me, but I had to include my light because it really does cure the polish quite fast!
  5. Nail Polish Storage: Speaking of polishes, I had kept my polishes in a makeup bag for YEARS. But now with a little girl that requests manicures of green and hot pink polish regularly, I wanted to get this stand. She likes to look at every single color {although goes back to her faithful colors as we ALL do- ha} so this keeps polish upright, visible, and clean.
  6. Water Bottle: I’ve ordered many water bottles over the years that promise they make drinking water easier. I’m not sure if it is the straw on this one or the shape, but it’s my go-to for chugging water with breastfeeding. I fill it up at the beginning of the day, leave it on my kitchen counter, and without having to remind myself, I finish it in the evening.
  7. Shampoo Scrubber: I had seen these scalp scrubbers recommended on Amazon for years. Each and every time I rolled my eyes. I thought, “SERIOUSLY?! Does Amazon think I’m so frivolous I need extra junk to wash my hair?” I laughed and thought I’d never buy one. Then, I entered the period of postpartum hair loss a few weeks back, and I was reading a blog that said this helped a lot. After a few showers of being horrified at the amount of hair that was coming out, I ordered this bad boy. I’m eating my words. Do I think this scrubber is as nice as getting your hair professionally washed when you get a haircut? Heavens no. Do I think this scrubber gets your hair cleaner, less tangled, and removes build-up faster? 150% yes. I have less fallout in the shower when I use this, and I’m not sure what to attribute that to. But I have also noticed it keeps my hair from getting greasy an extra day or two, because it really removes all that buildup. Dry shampoo buildup can also contribute to hair loss, so I knew I wanted to be mindful of that and order this. We will see how the products I’m using for it work over the next few months, but so far, I’ve told all my postpartum friends to order this!
  8. Diffusing Oil: I enjoy diffusing oils, but typically, candles win in my house. I say that because I find candles to be more powerful in scent and I’m VERY particular on the oils I diffuse. {Post coming on that later!} Some oils don’t mix well together or some don’t fill an entire room. I have the combos that work for me but don’t stray too far from it. Enter Santal oil. If you have a friend that has everything and has a diffuser, get her THIS. She will become addicted! It’s hard to pick one Amazon purchase to change my life because I’d probably have to be realistic and say postpartum underwear. ha. {If you are pregnant, order these, thank me later.} But if we are speaking pure frivolity here, this oil is what changed my life most. It smells like the Le Labo candle and fills my entire home with just 2 or 3 drops. You don’t need half the amount of drops recommended, it’s got such a great fragrance level.
  9. Stroller Fan: I did an Insta Story on the stroller fans I use, and this is one of them! The flexible legs allow this to wrap around your stroller handle, or sit as a tripod if you are outside at the park with baby. It also has multiple settings depending on the level of cooling you need. As a Texas mom, this is one of my MOST used Amazon items!
  10. Snack Cup: I originally ordered this snack cup for Harry in the future, and Maxi adores it, I had to order her one as well. It’s one that can collapse when they finish their snack so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag. Plus, I have no shame in saying it is cute and many practical toddler items don’t fit that bill. 😉
  11. Amazon Coat: This coat is the mascot of Amazon Fashion. It’s been the most popular product for years, and there was a good moment there they couldn’t keep it in stock no matter how hard they tried. I have it in black, but now they have everything from beige to camo. If you need a practical gift for your daughter or sister, this coat is it. It simplifies my life because it is the warmest coat I own, makes winter preschool pickup much easier, and goes with everything from jeans and a turtleneck to workout clothes. I wear an XS in it. It meets the simplify criteria because the functionality and style allowed me to donate most of my heavier coats and I just stick with this one!
  12. Floor Pillow: There are plenty of baby items you will only use for a hot second and back in storage they go for future kids. The Pello Floor Pillow is on my girlfriends all told me I had to get because Harry would use it well into the toddler years. While I haven’t owned it nearly that long, it’s been so nice I purchased it twice! I bought my first one and it was so helpful for laying him down safely if we were playing with Maxi, that I took it to my parents’ house. They loved it so much for him that I left that one there and ordered another for our home. It’s far larger than the boppy lounger, and even Maxi loves it for cuddling on the floor to watch a movie! It also comes in cuter prints than some competitor items. 😉
  13. Expanding Vase: Yesterday’s blog post highlighted this gold vase and how you can style it for your Thanksgiving Table. If you are someone that doesn’t love a ton of excess, this vase streamlines your products because it can be rolled up to stand like a tall and thin vase, or it can unroll to style a dining table. You have many shape options with this, so you don’t need numerous vases for your decor. If you love the concept, this is an even longer one!

Amazon coat above for reference!

Your Top COF Amazon Products & Posts

Below are the most purchased products and read posts from COF readers. 

  1. Coffee Mug Warmer: This takes the cake {or coffee} for the most practical Amazon gift! Paul and I both religiously use this coffee mug warmer so we don’t have to reheat our mugs 800 times. I know a Yeti mug is great and all, but there’s something comforting about your classic mug for coffee or tea.
  2. Fabric Shaver: I asked how y’all were gifting for this holiday season and one person said, “EVERYONE is getting this fabric shaver!” haha. I’ve shared this for years because it is an item we would rarely buy ourselves, but it SAVES your fabrics. From cashmere sweaters to sofas, you just run this shaver over items that have snagged, pilled, or aged. It refreshes everything so you have fabrics that last longer and look newer.
  3. Nursing Bras: Going to get TMI for 2 seconds, which is fine, we are all friends here. I’m a DD when nursing. I want a nursing bra that is supportive, but smooths well under clothing and doesn’t “add” to my chest. Many nursing bras just make my chest area look even fuller, and that’s not the goal. ha. These nursing bras are incredibly comfortable and don’t add to the area. I love them!
  4. Handheld Vacuum: This wins the award for my favorite Amazon find of 2020! I’m a bit nuts when it comes to crumbs or spills, and this vacuum is always in my hand. It’s small, lightweight, and powerful. I use it to clean car seats, my floorboards, or any toddler messes along the way. I asked you all your favorite items you’ve found via COF, and this was in the top 5!
  5. Folex: “What’s that fabric cleaner you swear by?” is a common DM I receive a dozen times a day. I have preached and praised Folex for years, and it would feel wrong for Amazon Prime Day to come and go without putting this on the pedestal it deserves once again. THIS is how I have light fabrics and a toddler. From wine to self-tanner, it removes it all!


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There you have it, friends! I hope a few of these Amazon items help simplify or streamline some processes for you. Which ones do you love?!


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