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When I open a personalized gift, I’m immediately overwhelmed with gratitude that my friend thought of me weeks prior. Every gift says, “I was thinking of you,” but something about a personalized gift emphasizes that feeling. I knew we had to do a personalized gift guide this year! Plus, I’m a Texas mama. My babies walk around with their monograms on their shirts until they go to college. 😉 This only seemed fitting! ha.

  • Maxi’s Favorite Headbands– We love Winn and William for their hand-embroidered bows, and they also have the best headbands. Maxi loves headbands, but it is hard to find bow ones that stay on well, and these do! We have them in 4 colors, and she rotates them for school.
  • Go-To Mom Tote– When I am tasked with recommending an overall 10/10 mom tote, I always say the Barrington St. Anne Tote. You can personalize them with prints, monograms, and leather, so much so that there is truly a style of tote for anyone! My tote for fall/winter is the St. Anne Zippered Tote in Charcoal Grey Geometric with an Equestrian and Powder diagonal strip and black leather. I’ll post a reel today showing all that it fits. I also have a code for them- KATEY10.
  • Harry’s Travel Tote– Harry didn’t have his own travel bag yet, and he’s starting to tag along for sleepover fun with Gigi and Papa, so I got him this boot one! I adore how it turned out, it matches his room. It’s the Belmont Cabin Bag in the Blue Boots pattern with an Inkwell and Stone block solo monogram with British tan leather. My code also works on these, as well.
  • Personalized Sweatshirts– This summer I got my kids some embroidered shirts from Juju and Stitch and they have become one of our favorites! I’m not sure if you remember this photo, but my kids lived in them all summer! Juju + Stitch makes embroidered clothing for babies, kids, and adults! A “mama” sweatshirt or embroidered onesie would be so sweet for a friend with a new little one.
  • Gift Tags– The school supply lover in me has naturally become obsessed with collecting gift tags. Who doesn’t like to be stocked with paper goods? When you’re wrapping a hostess gift right before you have to walk out the door, you’re always so thankful you have gift tags. I may be biased, but I think my sister makes the best gift tags, and so I always ask for a new stack for holidays. You can order custom gift tags a friend can use year-round.
  • Blankets– My kids both have Baublebar blankets and sleep with them every night. Their print inventory is quite large, so scroll through and find one that suits your fancy.
  • Phone Case– Mine JUST came in the mail this week- it’s even better in person! I only buy a new phone case once {maybe twice} a year, so it’s always a treat to receive one.
  • Meal Planner– Speaking of an obsession with paper goods, this meal planner is something I use every single week! I got them back in March and have loved gifting them to friends. This would make a great coworker gift based on price point, and everyone has to meal plan.
  • Hair Towel– I’ve collected monogrammed Weezie towels in this home, and their personalized hair towels look so cute!
  • Heirloom Gift Sacks– I’ve shared Keepsack Co. over the years. They are heirloom quality monogrammed gift sacks. I use their Santa sacks for gifts, and then during the year, I use them to save their Christmas pajamas. I hope to make a quilt or something with them one day.
  • Mugs– I have a few mugs from Typeleague Press with my kids’ faces, and this latest one is just hysterical! They took his school photo and added: “Per My Last E-mail.” This is sure to bring a smile {or laugh!} to a friend.

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  1. S. Marie wrote:

    What is your opinion on the BEST way to set up a monogram.
    For towels or maybe a travel bag. WHAT script and arrangement of the letters works best or is considered proper? I thought I knew but have since been led to believe (or have seen so many different versions) from the last name initial being larger in the middle with the first initial to the left, middle initial being on far right of the larger last name initial in the middle to all initials the same size and in name order, FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST. Am I making sense? Also, all my mother in laws monogramed items, now at our house, wedding gifts, yet monogramed with her maiden name initial! MAYBE ahead of her time!? 😉

    Published 05 Nov 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi! So sorry for my delay on response! My mom had foot surgery this day and I got behind. Totally makes sense! You just decide whether you want initials vs. monogram. I find initials to be more casual, so I think that’s fun for a more modern font or item {travel bags}. Initials where they are all the same size and FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST. Then on more formal items {linens} I like monogram with the large last name being in middle. I hope that made sense!! xx, Katey

      Published 13 Nov 22Reply