Styling a Cardigan with Shorts

The Details

Sweater {less expensive version that I also ordered!} | Tank {similar} | Shorts | Bag {c/o} {more affordable option} | Star Necklace | Crescent Necklace | Booties {sold out}, Similar, Similar, Similar | Sunglasses | Earrings | Photography by: Angie Garcia

If you watch my Insta Stories, it is no secret I’m ALWAYS in a sweater. Wrap me up like a burrito, baby. I need to feel cozy at all times!

I ordered this chunky knit to go over shorts, fitted dresses, and leather leggings for fall.

My friend Diana told me, “I always appreciate you get on Insta Stories dressed like you’re in an ice storm and it is 100 degrees out.” Isn’t that the truth!

Now I also wanted to take today to ask y’all a question! You all know I like to mix my content up. I enjoy sharing a blend of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and home posts. I know that some posts take a good 30 minutes to sit down with and some are just a nice, quick scroll. I’ve always felt like fashion posts can be short and sweet because you’re looking to the sources or imagery for recreating a look in your closet. I like the clothing to speak to you, spark a little creativity in your wardrobe if you will.

For example, I love food blogs….but I sometimes don’t like to scroll 4 minutes to get through the story to the muffin recipe. Is that how you feel? Do you want my outfit posts to be more simple with “look for less” links and then my other content to be more chatty? Or, do you prefer fashion posts to still be longer? What do you look for in terms of verbiage when you see an outfit on a blog post? I just wanted to get your feedback as I start to share more fall inspiration for your looks!

I really appreciate your sweet words so that I can help cater these posts best to you!

P.S. I also wanted to make a note for those of you that have asked about the sermon I shared this past weekend on Insta Stories. Here is the sermon link if you are interested in watching it.

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  1. I prefer chattier posts any day, even for outfit posts. It’s nice to read about a blogger’s day. If I just wanted to see outfit shots I’d flip through Instagram! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  2. Georgia wrote:

    Noooo I love your writing on your posts! I never ever think “I wish she wrote less”! (Although sometimes I do for other bloggers)

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  3. Alex wrote:

    Totally get what you mean about the stories on a good blog.. but yours are never like that!! my favorite thing about your blog is that your posts usually include more than just talking about the outfit, which I think makes your site stand out and so much fun to read! your content still flows flawlessly, it’s truly a talent! I wouldn’t change (or shorten) a thing!! 🙂

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
    • Kensey wrote:

      I agree with this comment! I like that you usually talk about other things other than the outfit. It’s like catching up with a friend and telling how you incorporate that look into your life!!

      Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  4. Amanda Sullivan wrote:

    Love this look! Did you size down in the amazon version of the sweater? Thanks!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi love! I just got my normal size! 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  5. Katrina wrote:

    Personally, I love the chattier posts you cultivate. It makes me feel like I’m chatting with a girlfriend & then there’s a fabulous outfit to source with it.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  6. Scarlett randolph wrote:

    I love the chatty post with outfits cause its always good content and I look forward to your post everyday. Kinda makes me feel like we’re all girlfriends sitting around and chatting even you can’t here what I say and somestimes gives me a giggle.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  7. Amanda Jo wrote:

    Just wanted to pop in and say that redesign of the website and now the emails is amazing! I love the look and how easy it is to click to read the full post. Then with the website I just love the layout and how I can click a link at the bottom if Im interested in looking/purchasing something! Such an amazing blog from my favorite blogger!!!!!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  8. Kelcie wrote:

    Chattier, then i feel like im talking to a friend when I read your blog! You should do something on booties and shorts, I always feel like i never get the right top when I want to wear shorts and booties but I dont always want to wear jeans when its 85 degrees out still! Fall is a little hard to dress for right now!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  9. Lindsey wrote:

    I prefer quick “picture” posts when they’re about fashion. I scroll through the pictures and try to gain inspiration for mixing up things I already own. I also LOVE when you include less expensive versions of items, so please keep up with that.
    With that being said, I adore chatty posts when they’re home, life, family, etc. related because those feel like I’m reading a message from a close friend!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  10. Cecilia wrote:

    Hey Katey! I absolutely LOVE your writing – reading your blog posts with my cup of coffee is one of the highlights of my morning! I personally love longer, chattier posts, even when you aren’t necessarily talking about the outfit in the photos. Hope this helps!

    xoxo, Cecilia //

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  11. Elizabeth wrote:

    I love a chatty post! I feel as if it is more conversational and I am enjoying a chat with a girlfriend. Love this look on you!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  12. Laura Leigh wrote:

    I am ALL about styling cardigan sweaters with shorts. I absolutely love the look! And I like your longer posts! I really enjoy reading them.

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  13. Lindsey wrote:

    I love how chatty you are in your outfit posts (and all)!!! Sometimes the outfit may not be a perfect match for my style but I still love checking out the post for the other stuff you talk about!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  14. Allyson Lacoste wrote:

    I look forward to reading your posts every morning and I personally love when they are chatty and fun!! I love to hear about what’s going on with you in your life so I love when your posts are a bit longer.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  15. Jessica G wrote:

    I agree with the others, I like your chattier posts and hearing about life. But totally agree about food blogs! Just give me the recipe!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  16. Sarah wrote:

    I personally like the chattier posts – they feel more personal to me! You’re the only blogger I follow that has some sort of topic other than the outfit to talk about when making an outfit post and that has always been something I’ve loved about your blog.

    also – obsessed with that cardigan! Can Fall come to Texas already?!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  17. Robyn wrote:

    I personally love your chatty posts! I really enjoy starting off my morning taking a few minutes to sit, enjoy my coffee and read your posts. I’m a little sad the days you have shorter posts lol.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  18. Pamm wrote:

    I think your posts/blog is perfect just the way it is!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  19. Hannah S wrote:

    Katey! I love love love the chattier posts! I’ve been a devoted reader for a few years now and I love getting to read your thoughts on the outfits and pieces, as well as, the things you are experiencing in life! Also, love the cardi with the boots!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  20. Ashton wrote:

    I prefer chattier posts as it feels like I’m chatting with a girlfriend! 🙂

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  21. Julie wrote:

    I agree with the other comments! Since I have been following your blog for so long, your posts just feel like I’m catching up with a girlfriend so I really enjoy your chatty posts! I think that’s why I also enjoy when bloggers share mirror selfies/everyday shots as opposed to only professional photographs, it just feels like you’re getting ready with a friend for a day or night out! 🙂

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  22. Amina Khatun wrote:

    hi there

    I prefer the light hearted banter and sweet heart words as they do lift my mood, I look forward to reading about someone else’s life once I am away from my own stressful life! It’s a lovely distraction, and inspiration, you always look lovely, and I like to style my outfits in a similar way! I admire your talent in the written word, and the effort you place in your hair and make up, a natural beauty!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  23. Carrie wrote:

    TBH I love when you share a little more on all of your posts 🙂 I’m nosy like that. I get at times it’s hard to come up with something genuine to talk about on every post but when you do it adds another level of fun to scrolling thru your posts.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  24. Sara wrote:

    I feel like when I sit down to read your blog I’m listening to a friend talk! I like hearing about your day or your option, that’s why I continue to read is because I truly value your opinion! Hope that helps!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  25. Amanda wrote:

    Katey, I like that you mix it up. Sometimes your posts are short and sweet and some longer. I like that you share your faith, your family, and yourself. Honestly, we can look for just clothes ideas on Pinterest or scrolling Instagram. What brings me back to your posts time and time again is feeling like I’ve just chatted my best friend for awhile.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  26. Amanda G wrote:

    P.S. from Amanda G. (You have a lot of Amanda readers, lol) I didn’t read anyone else’s comment before writing my post about feeling like talking with my best friend. Most of your prior posts and I all agree, you have a unique talent! 🙂

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  27. Winter wrote:

    I definitely prefer the more chatty posts. I enjoy reading the content and never really just scroll to see the outfit then leave your website. I read the blog every day and love how it feels like we could actually be having a conversation with you.

    Keep up the good work! The content, and its length, is fantastic.

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  28. Kirby wrote:

    I personally love your chatty blog posts,even when it comes to fashion posts. I admire lots of clothing online but don’t always pull the trigger because I don’t know what to wear it with or when – you always do a great job of describing the clothing, the fit, and how and when to wear it and I appreciate that so much!

    Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  29. Kelly wrote:

    I hate having to scroll through a novel to get a recipe, but the reason why I come back to seeing lifestyle posts is for the life that’s being lived! Chat away!

    Published 06 Sep 18Reply
  30. Sarah wrote:

    I love your style of post. I like having a little more to read even if it is fashion based post. Also was wondering if you had any daily devotionals or faith based books you would recommend? Thanks!

    Published 06 Sep 18Reply
  31. Sabrina garcia wrote:

    I love both, I can read your content and watch your stories all day long?, even on my busy days I will go back and see if I missed any blogs and make time for them! And of course I enjoy all the pictures as well❤️

    Published 07 Sep 18Reply
  32. brittany wrote:

    ha!!! i have always thought that about food blogs!!!! but i think it’s because i go to them ONLY because i’m looking for a recipe and not because i’m attached to the author, really. but i do agree with that thought!!! i do think many fashion bloggers can get a little carried away with like 97 shots of them just… wearing an outfit… but i always like your posts, i like your voice when you write, and i think you have a good balance!!! anyway. all this to say i LOVE chunky cardigans over shorts and it’s my fav thing about going into fall… slash air conditioning. i’m always cold. that cardi looks like heaven and you look adorable. xoxoxo

    Published 09 Sep 18Reply
  33. Lindsay wrote:

    I love the chatty posts, it makes us feel like we are getting to know you and having a convo with our bestie! Keep the long posts coming!!

    Published 09 Sep 18Reply
  34. Ash wrote:

    Hello! I just wanted to say, your blog is the only blog I read and a lot of that has to do with your writing style… It is clear you have a passion for whatever the photographs are showing and that comes across through your writing. Basically what I’m saying is, you just keep doing you! Your success thus far is based off of that genuine quality your blog has always championed through your writing.

    Published 09 Sep 18Reply
  35. I happen to love your posts just the way they are – real! I think your content is great. I think just posting about the outfit anybody can do but I actually look forward to reading your blog everyday! I think you do a great job of having some longer and some shorter posts also so I think don’t change it!

    Published 10 Sep 18Reply
  36. Abi Nowlin wrote:

    I love both! Editorial and real life. Mirror pics are my fav! It’s an easy, natural way to show it off and I love that you give us inspiration in the comments.

    Published 11 Sep 18Reply
  37. Alyssa wrote:

    Honestly, I’m much more likely to stay on a post longer if it’s real-life photos vs. styled photos! But you do a beautiful job with both.

    Published 11 Sep 18Reply