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If you listen quietly, you can hear the collective sigh of relief from moms around the world. The madness of May has come to an end. No more mid-day school events and end-of-year chaos to magically master. But before you kick your feet up too much {kidding, what mom seriously has time for that} don’t forget a Father’s Day gift. I know, I know. They don’t want much. They’d probably just prefer a round of golf where we don’t text 14 times and ask what hole they are on. *Or is that just me?!* But if your guy is like mine, I find he is particular and just wants the brands he loves, like Mizzen and Main. I’ve been blogging this brand since almost the beginning of Chronicles of Frivolity. You know the drill. It’s the menswear brand that is comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, and doesn’t require dry cleaning. It checks all the boxes, specifically Paul’s- comfort and long-lasting. Right now I have a code for Father’s Day that is good in store and online until 6/15. It’s KATEY15 at checkout.

So grab a few Mizzen shirts and something extra. I’ve divided it into interests, so whether they are the chef in the family or watched Full Swing the day it premiered, you’re sure to find a gift or two.

“Yard of The Month” Dad- Maybe he takes his landscape seriously, or maybe he’s just more into a practical gift.
  1. Bootjack– Is the cowtown in me coming out? This bootjack has been on my list for Paul for months! I love that it has a quick turnaround on personalization, too.
  2. EasyKnit T-Shirt– I cheated and had Paul sign off on the Mizzen and Main selections, and he goes, “They have these t-shirts?! You’ve never ordered me these!” I take that as he wants them.
  3. Helsman Shorts– Paul is obsessed with these shorts {shown in the photos}. I want to say he has every color and I can’t think of another type he owns. He says they are more comfortable than Lululemon, but look more professional.
  4. Portable Tire Inflator– This can be kept in the car and can easily air up basketballs, stroller tires, car tires, etc. I think it’s a great item to have on hand in any car, but Paul said it would be great for all his “honey-do list” items.
  5. Power Washer– This is the power washer we have, and it will truly be a gift to yourself. Paul and Harry will spend hours outside power washing everything and I end up with clean patio furniture. Win-win!
“Refuses to Pay for Uber Eats” Dad– If he’s the one over the Blackstone for all the summer gatherings, he’s sure to love these.
  1. Blackstone Cutting Board– My entire Explore feed is Blackstone videos where I send recipes to Paul. They all have this, which would solve the problem of him thinking my MacKenzie-Childs ones are for this. ha.
  2. Bucking Bull– If you’re a DFW family, do a date night and try Bucking Bull Bourbon. We went to the launch party and had margaritas {with bourbon?!} and they were delicious! Recipe here.
  3. Waffle Maker– We got this for Paul for Christmas and it has been our favorite addition to weekend brunch. It’s no mess and Paul will batch-make a ton of waffles, so we can pop them in the toaster in the mornings for the kids.
  4. Helsman Jogger– These joggers are great for travel, but they are even better for the weekend dad uniform. From making brunch to carting kids around to basketball games, these are perfect.
  5. Versa Polo– If he doesn’t have any of these polos yet, you can’t go wrong with the crisp white to start his collection. It features moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, odor resistance, and UPF 50+ sun protection.
  6. Legacy Cooler– I love the look of this cooler! It could be kept on the back porch all summer long and not be an eye sore.
“I Promise It’s Just 9 Holes” Dad– If his favorite hobby takes up 8 hours on the weekend, you’ve found your guide.
  1. Stitch Golf Garment Bag– This is a 2-in-1 travel bag that converts from a garment bag to a duffel with one zip. Perfect for a weekend golf trip.
  2. Racer Leather Head Cover– I got Paul and my dad a few of these last Father’s Day and they loved them.
  3. JFK Golfing Photograph– Anytime I go up to Paul’s office, I’m reminded that I need to get him a few additional pieces of art. You can order this photograph alone and have it framed, or order the frame with it.
  4. Versa Polo– In our Disney pictures, this is the polo you see him in on repeat. The print he is wearing is “Tea Rose Floral.” A nice pop of orange for summer!
  5. Versa Polo– I also recently got the “Blueprint Tile” print for him and he’s worn it on repeat to work.
  6. ProFlex Quarter Zip– These have a great lightweight feel so they can layer for the office now and outdoors later. We go to Colorado every summer to escape the heat, and I always like to pack a few of these for Paul.
“The Works Through Lunch” Dad
  1. Helsman Chino Pant– This has the same wrinkle-resistant and stretch material the Mizzen shirts have, but in a pant. They have shorts, joggers, and chinos that are Paul’s go-to for the office.
  2. Lavelle Blazer– This jacket has a 2-way stretch to it, which offers a bit more comfort than the traditional work blazer.
  3. Leeward Dress Shirt– This is the dress shirt that started it all with Mizzen and Main. It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, has 4-way stretch, and is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant! You can’t mess them up in the laundry and that’s what I love most.
  4. Suede Driving Shoes– I have these in light blue on my list for Paul!
  5. Personalized Golf Mug– We have so many of these and can’t get enough! Put your little one’s face on their coffee mug.
  6. Stanley Travel Mug– Our travel mugs get left everywhere and we are stuck using the holiday ones in our cabinets. I like the sleek look of this one from Stanley.
Use code KATEY15 in-store or online at Mizzen and Main!

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