How to Use a Berry Bowl

The berry bowl in my collection is something that sparks joy. What’s not to love about the marriage of practical and precious? The fluted rim. The stripes. The sponge painting. I could ramble, but instead, I’ll be succinct and share ten ways to use a berry bowl in your home. When you first pick it up, as the name suggests, you think, “How cute for fruit and berries!” But as you place it around the house, you find dozens of uses. I could have at least three berry bowls in each room. Matches, candy, earrings, seashells- Maxi even uses hers for her Barbie accessories! It’s the cutest catchall…if I do say so myself. 😉

I wanted to share plenty of ways that you could use the berry bowls in your home! Grab a set for your table, but in between hosting, you may find you don’t like to store earrings any other way!

for candies on the coffee table

for kitchen sink sponges

for ice cream

for hosting

for tablescapes

for momentos on side tables

for essential oils by diffusers

for desk accessories

for jewelry

for pacifiers in a nursery

How would you use a berry bowl?

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