Gift Guide- Kid/Tween Gifts

Cookeez Makery | London Bus | If You Go Down To the Woods Today | Dump Truck | Rainbow Pillow | Rocket Ship | Lightning McQueen Monster Truck | Horse Stable | American Girl Princess Dresses | Barbie Dreamhouse Lego | Ride-On Red Car | School Kit | American Girl Dollhouse | Dinosaur Sleeping Bag | Coffee Bar

Welcome to the kid and tween gift guide! Whether you are trying to find the top toy of the year, a rocket ship you can DIY, or an American Girl Dollhouse, you DON’T have to DIY– there’s something for everyone. A few things I have to make note of- this princess dress set from Amazon is great quality! We saw our friends have it at a Belle tea, and it was darling. This London bus has been one of Harry’s favorites for years, and we love our sleeping bags for movie nights.

Maxi: Barbie DreamHouse, School Room, Lila Doll, Barbie Camper, Cookeez Makery

Harry: Buzz Costume, Leaf Blower, Firetruck, Mario Kart, Remote Control Lightning McQueen

Glaze for Days, Mini Projector, Neon Hart, Name Necklace, Speaker, Rainbow Cake Kit, Sneakers, Universal Snacks, Slides, Mirror, Reloaded Game, Fleece Belt Bag (pink too!), Skincare Fridge, Controller Stand, Spikeball

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