Summer Weddings

I’ve hit a defining moment in my life: my friends are getting married and it is normal!
I was in a wedding for my grandbig in college, and she was a lot older than me, but so where her friends. These are just large parties with all my friends from high school and we have no curfew this time!
So the next 5 summers of my life are going to be filled with figuring out what to wear to celebrate men taking my girlfriends away from me.
A few wedding clothing rules:
1. I don’t care if you think Jesus himself told you to wear white, he didn’t, so don’t wear it.
2. Don’t wear anything fitted. Bodycon dresses were not made for weddings. And if you want to wear one to show off how much you’ve been working out save it, fly to dallas, and I will tell you how awesome you look! Just not on a wedding day. 
3. Invest in a full skirt. This way you can swap out cheaper tops for each wedding, while saving money. 
4. Wear a bright lip. Chances are this wedding will be outside, and you will be hot and sticky. Pink lips can withstand heat better than other colors because it will fade into your lip color and look like a natural stain. 

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    Love the wedding look! I’m on the hunt for skirts and tanks for this season, especially if they involve floral prints!

    xo Amanda
    Strawberry Chic

    Published 09 Apr 14Reply