Summer Obsessions

 First off, it is almost the middle of July. I’m sorry…what?! This summer has been filled with work (lots of work!), weddings and binge-watching Revenge (helllllloooo Daniel Grayson). I haven’t shared anything personal on the blog lately so I figured I’d share what has been filling my summer-both clothes and life wise! 
1. Summer Denim: Last week I posted an outfit selfie IN A STORE DRESSING ROOM (kill me) of these boyfriend jeans. I was questioning how much of a loser I was for doing so after I bought them, but then all of y’all were sweet and said you loved them. Now I’m on to questioning how I’m such a loser and have lived 22 years without tattered boyfriend jeans. They are life changing. I also want these, these and these. Size down in the pair I bought! 
2. Birthday Planning: My boyfriend turns 26 in two weeks. He’s going to send me a text in two hours about how he is embarrassed I put him on the blog (apparently some people at his work read it…Hi!) but it’s because I need help. He might be the most selfless human being in the entire world and he found out what I got him for his birthday….so now I need an extra little idea of something to do for him. If you’ve got a great idea just go ahead and e-mail me like yesterday. Is this gift cheating? 

3. Braids: I wear a braid at least 3 times a week now. I think I look like this and I honestly just look like I did in 6th grade, but I’m quite proud of my fishtail and dutch braids. I top them off with an Emi-Jay hair tie. This leads me to my next topic, hair. I decided to cave and do a hair tutorial for my curls. I’ve put this off because ummm I’M GOING TO LOOK ABSURD. I am no Amber Fillerup… does anyone have tips?! Seriously….please! 
4. Dance Competitions: I was a dancer from 2-16 and then the occasional classes I took in college and now that that chapter of my life is closed, I get REALLLY into it with my sister. I’m at each one of her competitions running backstage to safety pin costumes and help girls put on their eyelashes. And what I seriously want to tell all these 16-year old girls is that their bodies are better than Victoria Secret models so please continue to keep dancing because there is nothing (Sorry, cross fit) that gives you that body after college, except to continue. But I don’t and instead I just ask them where they get all their workout clothes. So now this, this and this is on my wish list, so I can “look” like I still dance. 
5. Neutrals: Normally if you give me chartreuse and leopard print I’m in heaven (and I still am) but I can’t get enough neutrals and I’m sure y’all can tell….because I mention it every 5 seconds. It is seriously the easiest way to look pulled together, when I never feel like it! I feel a lot more like Rachel Zoe with dirty hair and a sunburn in black skinny jeans than an orange romper. Here is a little sneak peak of my fall shopping list: one//two//three//four//five

Also, here are a few links to what I’ve gotten e-mails the most about this summer! In case I missed an e-mail or comment on Instagram I figured I would include them here! 🙂

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