Omg, Shoes.

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Happy Friday! It has been the saddest little week in Dallas. Between the time change starting [I don’t support it] and a few really rainy, gross days I needed a pick-me-up today!
The Nordstrom Clearance Sale is still going on! On Wednesday I pulled my favorite pieces, you can see that here. I wanted to pull my favorite pumps from it, for you! 
I’ve never been one to obsess over shoes. In high school Kristin proudly owned 84 pairs of shoes and I thought she was mad. I owned like 4. In college I’ll blame my sorority house closet for being small, but once I graduated I had nothing. I still didn’t get the point of buying countless pairs of shoes. 
Fast forward to a year later, and I’m obsessed. I think they are the easiest way to define your outfit, and my favorite investment piece. I’ll buy a handbag, think it will change my life and get sick of it in a month. Clothing stretches and our bodies fluctuate. I lose jewelry. But shoes? Shoes never get old. Whether I’m wearing a canadian tuxedo or tee and jeans, a unique pair of pumps allows me to go to any restaurant or event and look pulled together. 
I’ve had the Kate Spade Licorice Too pump bookmarked for a year and I think with the sale I’m going to grab them! 
I pulled shoes that I think are versatile enough whether you are in college or a working mom. These can be worn anywhere from church to the office, so go ahead and treat yourself on a Friday! 
Any shoes you can’t live without?!

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