Get Out of the Kitchen

I wanted to break up my posts for you all with my apartment so I didn’t overload you with a hundred photos! I recognize that my kitchen entire apartment is incredibly overly girl. The most important part of a kitchen is to make sure it is welcoming. I promise if you offer everyone a donut and sangria that walks through your door you will be their favorite person.
1. Candles: I keep a cake platter of candles burning at all times in my kitchen because it is the easiest way to make your home inviting. If a girlfriend is about to come over and cry about the worst date of her life, I don’t want her to have to deal with the smell of burnt Lean Cuisine. A cake platter just saves the day. Seriously.
2. Mackenzie Childs: Have a staple neutral in your kitchen. Let me introduce to you, Mackenzie Childs.  The Courtly Check pieces (the black and white pattern) allow you to always mix in and out different colored pieces, while still looking clean and chic. Build your collection one holiday at a time (they are a bit more expensive). They are also my favorite gifts to give my girlfriends, because who seriously buys a precious paper towel holder? But you know you want it…
3. Baked Goods: My Nana taught me to always have baked goods in your kitchen. So while I only have red wine (I got that from my Nana too…) and Lean Cuisines to feed myself, I still have donuts or sweet bread or cookies of some sort for everyone else! I store my wine on the best-selling wine walls. You don’t have to make these from scratch, just grab some the next time you are at Target, put them on a cake plate, cover with foil and offer them to anyone that comes over. Seriously, everyone will then go wherever you want for dinner.















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  1. Your apartment is so cute, I can’t even stand it!! It looks like a boutique – AKA adorable!!!

    Published 30 May 14Reply
  2. Melanie wrote:

    I love it!!! So cute!

    Published 30 May 14Reply
  3. B+E wrote:

    Love the candle and cake stand idea! Your apartment is so chic!

    Published 04 Jun 14Reply
  4. Ashley Timmons wrote:

    Tell us about your fave sangria and other fave summertime drinks!

    Published 07 Jun 14Reply
  5. Taylor wrote:

    Where are the kitten linens from?! I AM IN LOVE!!!!

    Published 22 Jan 16Reply