Bag Lady

As women we do a lot of shady weird things. Why are we fascinated with what is in other women’s bags? Seriously. It’s all a random concoction of lip gloss, loose change and advil. But we figured we’d coax this weird little habit ourselves and partner with the sweetest girl, so you get THREE bags to snoop it. Seriously, what a great Friday. We partnered with Lauren from La Petite Fashionista. Lauren is a Former FL girl, moved to the Midwest for her career and fashion merchandising. She recently branched off to start her own social media company for lifestyle brands. 

Lauren’s Bag:

Head to Lauren’s post to see more details of what is in her bag! 

Kristin’s Bag:
Bag//Book//Sunglasses (similar)//Phone case (similar)//Tassel Keychain  (similar)//Pouch (similar)  Planner and Notebook//Wallet 

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