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Handbags are a personal preference. Some girls prefer satchels, some girls prefer totes, some don’t bat an eye at designer prices and some don’t want to spend over $50. It all depends on our lifestyle, wardrobe decisions and just plain old taste.

However, I think one thing is for certain, anytime we see a good dupe we get a little wide eyed. Maybe you love to cave to similar styles or maybe you just like to appreciate the find, but I thought I’d share a few that had me saying, “Wow! What a great look for less bag!”

This isn’t to say dupes are better than designer or vice versa! I just wanted to provide a post that gives you options if you love a look but not the price or you want to test before you splurge!


I love my Chloe Drew bag but before I chose to save for it, I tested out a dupe! This one comes in an array of colors and mine lasted all year. I just chose to go with the Drew because I loved the one I had carried and wanted it to last a lifetime.

Chloe: Link

Dupe: Link


This YSL bag is so sentimental to me! Paul got it for me for my birthday as a little nod to my first birthday as a wife. He said it looked like a lady and I just thought that was so sweet! However, the price tag is far from it! He definitely would never have done this normally, but he’d actually never seen me on my birthday due to busy season so this was honestly 3 years of birthdays rolled into one. And probably the next 3 as well! haha! If you love the ladylike structure with a quilted flap, I suggest this bag under $80!

YSL bag: Link

Dupe: Link


I’ve shared before that to make sure I’m being “wise” with purchasing decisions I try and synchronize my saving by a milestone. For example, if I have my eye on a pair of jeans I’ll save and then not splurge until I’ve accomplished a certain goal. This Fendi Petite Shopper bag is just that! I had had a certain goal for a year in my head and told myself I couldn’t justify a mini bag until I accomplished it. Then last night I found this dupe for under $45. And you know what? I think it’s JUST as beautiful. Y’all, had I known this would come out! haha.

Fendi Shopper: Link

Dupe: Link

I’m going to be honest with you all, this Chloe bag can have some cons. I LOVE how easy it is! It’s my best bag for being on the go! I’m convinced this will be my “mom” bag one day because of the great cross body to satchel combo and how it fits a lot. However, it can be a black hole and I lose everything half the time! Because of that I was really happy to find a dupe under $65! It comes in black and grey which are perfect for work!

Chloe Bag: Link

Dupe: Link

I just want to close out this post by saying, handbags are just another silly part of fashion! They don’t define us. They shouldn’t be used to label us. And they just flat out don’t matter. If you are wise with your money and given the ability to purchase one, go on girlfriend! I’ll join you for lunch at Neiman Marcus to celebrate. [Because hello, it’s a big deal to save and splurge on this!] If you never splurge on designer, that is just as wonderful! And cheers to you for finding other ways you you like to spend your extra money. We all have our “things” we like [and clearly mine are bags! haha] but they won’t come with me to heaven one day and they certainly don’t matter at the end of the day. It’s just a silly frivolous thing, but I feel confident knowing they don’t define me. So find all the faux bags you want or splurge if that is your style! I care more about grabbing your arm and heading to coffee for girl talk than the bag on your arm. I hope this post just served as a helpful tool for you if you’re looking for a dupe or to treat yourself!


Photos by: Angie Garcia

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  1. These dupes are amazing!! I especially love the Fendi one!

    Jordan: The Teacup of Style
    Instagram: @teacupofstyle

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  2. I absolutely adore this post! Thank you so much for linking all the dupe, I plan to purchase one or maybe all of them Lol. Amen to the fact that we can’t take them to heaven but we can have lunch to celebrate if you get one! Love following you.

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  3. Shauni wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been lusting and wanting the YSL bag for soooo long but it just doesn’t fit in my budget just yet and knowing that there is a dupe out there makes me so excited!

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  4. Such a fun post! Love seeing the dupes and really enjoy hearing a little about each of your bags. Thanks for sharing and putting together gal 🙂

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  5. Loved that blurb at the end. I love how you can focus on fashion but remind us it isn’t the main priority. Our treasures are in heaven!

    Much love,


    Published 24 May 16Reply
  6. Kelcie wrote:

    Love everything about this post!!! Thanks so much for doing the research and finding these ???? This and the lipstick dupes have been my favorite posts! I keep going back to the lipstick one to try them all. Next up home decor dupes?! Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading COF every day!

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  7. alyson wrote:

    Oh my goodness best post ever! I’m in love with the Fendi Shopper and the dupe is so close to it!
    XO Alyson

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  8. Aditi wrote:

    Such a great post! I have been eyeing the Chloe Drew bag for sometime now but to have a dupe first would be so intelligent ????

    Thanks for all the links and info ????
    xx Aditi

    Published 24 May 16Reply
  9. I absolutely love this post! Bags are an obsession of mine and my husband tries to spoil me every Christmas with a new designer bag, however throughout the year I am always on the hunt for a more reasonably priced bag that meets all my needs! 🙂


    Published 24 May 16Reply
  10. Eva wrote:

    I am late reading this, but I love hand bags too and am glad to know others do as well! I really liked the closing to this post too 🙂

    Published 13 Jun 16Reply
  11. dr.amy wrote:

    this is a great post , really like the pictures

    can you please help me find a dupe for tory burch half moon satchel ?? i really like the design but wanted to try a cheaper version first

    Published 19 Oct 16Reply
  12. Randomly came across this when searching for a bag on google lol and I loved how well you described the ins and outs of each bag. I also loved your blurb at the end because you right our designer items don’t define us…we just sometimes like to buy nice things, or sometimes find a deal because we would rather spend elsewhere.

    Loved this post!!

    Xo, Nikki

    Published 18 Mar 17Reply
  13. frances eza wrote:

    hi pls the links are not active anymore. could u send me the links via my email add and i am seriously looking for dupes for chanel classic flap bag and celine mini phantom bag. i would really appreciate your help.

    Published 06 Aug 17Reply