Khloe with a K

I know absolutely nothing about the Kardashians. I think I’ve seen their TV show like three times in my life and I probably wouldn’t have known Kim was married for a year if I weren’t so obsessed with Kanye West (sorry I’m not sorry his rap is so catchy). I also spelled Khloe’s name wrong via social media a few days ago and then I got yelled at by Katey and our lovely intern Kara because OBVIOUSLY it would be spelled with a K, she’s a Kardashian for heaven’s sake WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!
What I do know is the Kardashians’ hair and makeup is always dramatic, and I think that’s just fabulous. When my friend Becca said she wanted to do Kimye wedding inspired makeup for me I was all in. Tuesday was my day off and I planned on flaunting my dramatic makeup to happy hour that afternoon.
HOWEVER, I somehow managed to forget I had a job interview scheduled that day. So as Becca began applying my makeup I starting getting anxious and told her not to get offended if I took it all off when she was done, because obviously Kim Kardashian makeup is not appropriate when you’re trying to act professional and get a job.
But guess what?! This makeup look turned out totally natural. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was beyond pumped, first of all because I looked Flawless with a capital F (due to Becca’s contouring skill, not my own natural beauty), but also because I could totally work this look for my interview, fake lashes and all. I love when my friends do my work for me. 😉

Check out Becca’s blog, A Pretty Hot Mess, to learn how to rock the Kimye wedding look if you’re a brunette, and shop my outfit below!

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  1. I thought you were working for Nordstroms? You look super pretty 🙂

    Published 12 Jun 14Reply
    • Thank you! I am currently at Nordstrom but I’ve had a few opportunities pop up recently that I’m really interested in. You know how they always say you’ll have at least 5 different jobs during your career? I think I’m already at 15 haha!

      Published 12 Jun 14Reply
  2. I love this look. Your romper and necklace are amazing!


    Published 13 Jun 14Reply
  3. You look gorgeous, love the hair & romper !

    Published 16 Jun 14Reply