Outfit Repeater

I’m being such an outfit repeater. Oops. 
Last Friday I showed you all the Coco to my Chanel top and got a lot of e-mails asking if I knew of any other top just like it. The answer? Of course, and I wore it the exact same day I wore the Coco top…just for you all. 
But this post isn’t just to tell you another tee to buy, we are discussing Casual Friday.
Last week Kristin explained the 3-piece rule for work. You always look put together as long as you have “three pieces.” [Example: Dress, Blazer, Clutch]. I’m here to discuss Casual Friday. 
Clearly, this is more for a relaxed or creative work environment, but those are honestly the most difficult to dress for. If you work in an environment where you have to wear suits and pencil skirts on your birthday then just invest in heels and good mascara. In my young 22 years of life and work experience, I’ve surprisingly seen lots of Casual Friday looks: ponchos, no makeup, topknots, converse with slacks. Kristin gave you the 3-piece rule, I’m giving you the Friday-3 rule. To look pulled together at work and still be able to run off to your date night, follow these 3 babies.
1. Wear your hair DOWN. I know by the 5th day the thought of washing your hair or teasing it sounds like torture, but you will be so glad you did. You can get away with wearing a tee like this if you look pulled together with your hair. I’ll teach you my waves trick with a tutorial once I stop being so scared.
2. Wear chic pointed-toe pumps. I think on Friday flats are the most tempting, but just don’t do it. I promise your jeans will look a lot more put together. 
3. Wear a clutch. A clutch? To work? Katey, have you ever had an office job? Yes…I know that doesn’t carry your laptop. By the end of the week I hated my work bag. Sorry, LV. It had half eaten protein bars and misplaced advil all at the bottom. I just grabbed my laptop and an oversized clutch and felt a whole lot more chic. Also, this way you don’t feel like you have to run home on Friday before meeting your friends.

You can purchase this top [c/o] here. By Luciana also has so many other cute tops and prints for your cubicle! If your office is more strict and jeans with a tee isn’t going to work just pile a blazer over it or pair it with a pencil skirt. In order to make HR love you, I compiled some Casual Friday heels and clutches below! P.S. get my jeans here


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  1. Love these tips for a “casual friday” at the office and that top is adorable!!


    Published 23 Jun 14Reply
  2. How does the sizing run on the T-shirt?

    Published 23 Jun 14Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    what nail polish are you wearing? Love it.

    Published 02 Aug 14Reply
    • Oh I’m so sorry! I’m not sure! It was a bottle of Essie! It was my sister’s! I hope that helps 🙁

      Published 05 Aug 14Reply