I’m really bad about making habits. Flossing, running, getting my oil changed….
Those things just don’t happen consistently. However when it comes to finding “me” time, I’m fabulous at it. I think that “me” time once a week is the most healthy thing you can do for yourself. Clean your house. Paint your nails. Burn candles. Put on pajamas. Don’t respond to text messages. 
In college I only slept in nike shorts and Sorority tees. And guess what…nike shorts aren’t super comfortable for sleeping. Go figure. I’d been on the hunt for actual pajamas. Like I can put them on and not look like a hot mess pajamas. 
I found Punjammies and am so glad I did! They are loungewear fashioned from Indian fabrics and sewn by women who are part of the International Princess Project. The International Princess Project advocates for women enslaved in prostitution. 27 million men, women and children are trapped in modern-day slave trade and International Princess Project is partnering to highlight this issue. 
They are partnering with Punjammie, LVX nail polish and candles from Prosperity Candle to create the perfect “me” time. How perfect are these blue and white pants?!

Get your PunJammies here to pamper yourself and spread the word about the International Princess Project. These are perfect for Yoga, brunch in bed and vacations.
Shop below to see my favorite touches for your bedroom and self!

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  1. My sorority sisters always teased me because I LOVE actual pajamas! I love the pair that you have, I love the story behind them, and I love the price tag. I can’t wait to purchase a pair!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 18 Jun 14Reply
  2. Thank you so much! Those Shaban PUNJAMMIES™ look gorgeous on you! Cheers to pajamas that don’t make us look like a hot mess! 😉

    Published 19 Jun 14Reply
  3. Jodi H wrote:

    I love your throw pillow!


    Published 20 Jun 14Reply