Friday Frills

Hi girls! I’m bringing back the Friday Frills! In honor of all you sorority girls (or soon-to-be ones) headed back to school this week or next, I thought Friday Frills could take a little trip down memory lane with my time as a Tri Delta and all the wisdom I can impart on you (which isn’t a lot, if any.)
1. First things, first, let’s get your uniform down. You will wear these with these and these every single day for the next four years. Invest.
2. You need a good cross body, because when you decide to make a Starbucks or Chipotle run you can’t be toting around a massive Michael Kors tote in your nike shorts. These are steals for under $90! One/Two/Three
3. A black shift will take you from sorority meetings to class presentations. This is my favorite. Stock up before you forget! Because you will remember you have a presentation on Tuesday on a Monday at 8 p.m. when the mall is closed and you don’t want to call your mom crying from the library. I probably did that 18 times in my college career. I can never walk on the 4th floor again. 
4. Get a backpack. A tote will kill your arm, and you will slouch when you walk and then when you see some handsome guy on campus you will look like a fool and be mortified [totally didn’t happen to me….]. I love this and this
5. You will love your planner more than you love your phone or instagram feed. My planner I always post is this and I used this one in college. 
6. My biggest tip is to do your hair. You can go a week without makeup and never take off work out clothes, but you will feel so much better about yourself (which helps you concentrate) if your hair is done! You never know when you have to go talk to a professor after class and you don’t want them to question when was the last time you showered. This keeps your hair styled for days!
7. Here is a great packing list!
8. Save your money in college! We all say we are poor college students, but nothing is more poor than fresh out of college and paying an insane amount for rent. Don’t throw money away eating out every single meal! Invest in your wardrobe as you use that after graduation, but don’t invest in cheap beer or fast food.
9. Get a weekend bag! You will run back home a lot of weekends and don’t need a huge duffle. Bright and under $50?! I’ll take it.
10. You will come across so many individuals that you admire their career: a professor, a sorority advisor, a girlfriend’s older sister. Learn how to network now. “I’d love to meet you for coffee and learn how you got your career” is nice, but they probably get that a lot and what are you doing for them? Chances are no one taught them how to get where they are.  My favorite tip is to ask to help them! I got so many internships that way. Send them an e-mail and say, “Hi x, I admire your career so much for x,y,z and if you ever needed someone to assist you on a project or event I would be more than happy to help. I’d love to learn more about what you do.” That shows you are willing to put in the work and they are more likely to share tips. That is my biggest piece of advice, work all the time and work hard, that is how you learn how to get the career you want! Add in some killer heels and you will get whatever your pretty little heart desires! 
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  1. These are some great tips Katey! As a May graduate I can honestly say I miss college already. This post took me back :]

    Published 08 Aug 14Reply
    • Me too!!! I graduated in December and am so sad I’m not buying a backpack! 🙁

      Published 08 Aug 14Reply
  2. Great tips!


    Published 08 Aug 14Reply