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Last week I was able to attend the Dallas launch of Jouer Cosmetics at Blushington. I had a little date with Blushington this past summer and loved it! 
Jouer Cosmetics is a French line that is somewhere between Bobbi Brown & Laura Mercier. Well, Bobbie Brown and Laura Mercier are some of my favorites for my skin, so I was really excited to see how well these products worked. 
I’m a little makeup junkie, have you seen my Glambox?! I have over 100 lipsticks and yet only wear 3. I told you all a while back my mom was a makeup artist when she was my age and so somehow I inherited the, “I’ll buy an eyeshadow and will feel better” trait. Go figure. 
But if there is one thing my mother taught me it is, “Confident girls never change their staples.” 
In high school every weekend I was off begging my mother to do something different. I wanted to cut my hair, I wanted to dye my hair and I wanted to try purple eye shadow. Seriously. It was so bad. 
She taught me the importance of playing with your look, and adding a fun red lip for a date night. But what she meant with that quote was I needed to find a look that worked for me, with a classic brand, and stick to that 75% of the time. Of course every now and then we need a few fun updates, but you get the idea! My mother has worn Bobbi Brown Bone topped with one of their chocolate colors since I was born. Her pictures holding me 3 minutes old show it. And she has never once looked aged in a photo. She found out her staple and she stuck to it. 
Cosmetics like Jouer really specialize in making your staple look even more chic, and beautiful. I gravitated towards their blushes [that looked perfect on ever skin tone I saw] and eyeshadows. They had a few chocolate ones that reminded me of my mother’s and she may or may not be receiving some! 
Because I loved this Blushington event and the line so much, they are doing a giveaway with 6 of the Jouer Long-Wear Créme Mousse Eyeshadows just for you! Head on over to my instagram to see how you can win! 
What is your staple look and do you see an Jouer pieces to help you with that?! Oh and let’s plan a Blushington date soon!

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  1. I love Bobbi Brown and agree with what your mother says about staples. Thank you for sharing! I’m definitely going to be trying this xx

    Published 29 Sep 14Reply