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Tory Burch has some of my favorite “investment” pieces that fit the investment test. 
When I purchase something for myself that is a little bit more expensive I give it this test and probably look like a moron standing in the middle of Nordstrom talking to myself. 
1. Will it wear down? 

I’ve had Tory boots and flats for 5 plus years and I still wear them to this day. They look brand new. Her leather and craftsmanship makes the price tag look completely fine. 
2. Will this be in style 5 years from now? 

A true investment piece should be able to carry you through the next 5 years and still look chic. Granted, her Robinson Collection might get a few tweaks every now and then, but it is her signature. That is one of my favorite aspects about Tory Burch. Her style is classic, so you’ll never look back and cringe at yourself, but they have just the right amount of luxe details for you to find each piece unique. 
3. Can I wear this to a meeting [or class!], church and a girl’s night out? 

I think this is part of the investment test that a lot of people miss, because I know I fail at it a lot. If something is over what I would normally spend I should be able to carry it to each of these places. My least favorite thing to do is switch out shoes or bags in the car, but with these pieces you never have to. 
Until Monday Tory Burch has a sale for 25% off! Use code: FRIENDLIEST at checkout! This is the perfect time to grab onto an investment piece and treat yourself before the holidays, when you’ll be buying for others! 
What are your favorite investment pieces? 
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