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I’m letting you in on a secret: there is NO correct way to layer. NONE. Layering is all about what makes you feel comfortable and how each piece works with your life. 
I wanted to share one of my favorite little layered looks I’ve had on repeat. 
Working for myself means half my days are spent in work out clothes and the other half are spent trying to blend an outfit that can withstand meetings, styling appointments and errands. I’ve been pulling together this combination and wanted to share!
Poncho + Fur Vest + V Neck + Heels

I’m obsessed with a good v neck, it’s embarrassing. I’m also not prejudice to any kind. Give me a $2 one or a $200 and I’m going to justify exactly why I need both. Wearing them is perfect for errands. I also put on a fur vest to help polish them off. With it being a lot cooler I add on a poncho for warmth and top off with a pointed heel. The heel dresses my look up just enough for meetings and dinner. 
I’ve pulled together some of my favorites of each, so that you can mix and match to create your own layered staple!
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  1. Love your layered look, that poncho looks so effortless!


    Published 11 Nov 14Reply
  2. You look awesome!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 13 Nov 14Reply