Pumpkin Patch Outfit

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Sweater: Back In Stock Here!, Similar [same brand], Another Similar Option under $35! | Jeans: Nordstrom | Flats: Chanel, Dupe | Bag: Fendi, Similar | Lipstick: Girl Next Door | Bracelet: Baublebar, The Styled Collection [c/o] | Sunglasses: Dupe, Almost Exact!

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I love how many pumpkin patches there are at this time of year! We don’t have a ton of farms with them all over Fort Worth but there are always pumpkins being sold on the street and it’s so fun to pick a few smaller ones up for your tables or mantle.

Another funny story about this look is my Starbucks! I’ve shared I’m not drinking caffeine while pregnant but it’s also hard at coffee shops because a lot of the decaffeinated teas they sell are considered “not safe” for pregnancy because of the herbs in them. But after months of searching for something to have that is a tea at Starbucks I found I could have their decaf mint tea which is called the Mint Majesty tea.

Not every Starbucks knew which tea it was [I’m sure some people were new or hadn’t heard of it]. I’d go up and say, “Can I have your Mint Majesty Tea, please?” And they would ask which one it was. So I just started to say, “May I have your caffeine-free mint tea, please?” Since they have one that is caffeinated.

I went to Target the night before and said, “Can I have your caffeine-free mint tea?” The guy working said, “We don’t have caffeine-free, but we do have a decaf mint tea.” I just kind of looked at him thinking he was joking and realized he wasn’t so I said, “Yeah, that’s great!”

[Edit, I know decaf can have a tiny trace of caffeine like in decaf coffee so there is a little bit of a difference but this tea has no caffeine so I think he was confused! haha]

Maybe he had baby brain too…

So then the next morning I went to a Starbucks before shooting this look and I said, “Can I have your caffeine-free mint tea, please?” The guy looked at me and said, “Um, why don’t you just learn the name? It’s called Mint Majesty. You don’t need to say caffeine-free. If you say Mint Majesty we know it is caffeine-free tea.”

I seriously feel cursed with this tea! It’s hilarious though because I’ve had so many stories like that. So each morning I call Paul on his way to work and I’m like, “Okay, guess what the guy said this time about my tea! This is why I drink black coffee, there is no confusion! haha” Maybe they are so used to just hearing coffee ordered? Who even knows! But I thought I’d share it in case you got a good laugh, too!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. Hah the tea story! The poor Starbucks baristas must hear so many strange orders. I only drink black iced coffee and the other day I ordered “coffee black iced”, it was a palm to forehead moment because why couldn’t I have just simply said “black iced coffee”!? Anyway, love the pumpkin patch!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Bahaha! But that’s very New York of you!! To the point and straight! Lol they honestly probably appreciated you ordering like that so maybe I’ll do that next! Haha!

      Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  2. Bets wrote:

    Could Mint Majesty be a more fitting drink name for you and your little girl. Love it! Decaf however is actually not the same as caffeine free. A decaf beverage may contain a small amount of caffeine in the leaves. That may have been why he mentioned that.

    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Bets!

      So that was what I thought, too! Because I know decaf coffee has tiny traces of caffeine, but this tea literally has no caffeine! haha. I think he was confused or something. Or maybe wasn’t sure? All I know is every Starbucks I go to gets a little feisty over this tea! bahahaha.



      Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  3. Hannah wrote:

    I have a pumpkin patch look going up this week too! I would be just like you though and find drink at Starbucks I could have just as to not feel left out! I can’t believe how rude to you they were over tea though! Happy Tuesday!

    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  4. Alexandra Walker wrote:

    Oh I always feel so bad for the baristas at my Starbucks.. My orders are always so out of the ordinary, I’m always the girl at Starbucks with the complicated order haha! But I so loved this outfit, makes me so ready for actual cold weather here in Texas!

    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  5. Leeann wrote:

    Thanks for the laugh! There are always drinks on their “secret menu” that I want to try, but I’m nervous they won’t know what I’m talking about!!


    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
    • Lindsey Stroud wrote:

      This makes me laugh, I can definitely relate! I always look up and read into these articles about the “best kept secret items” on the menu, and I always talk myself out of ordering any. I am like SURELY they don’t have people in small town Louisiana doing this often, so they won’t know!

      Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  6. I hope Starbucks got your name right, at least?! Love this post, and you can never have too many cozy sweaters. I have about six gray ones, but I’ve convinced myself they’re all totally different!


    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  7. Amy wrote:

    Loved hearing your Starbucks adventures! Also loving this bell sleeved sweater! Looks so cozy!



    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  8. Loving those Chanel flats! <3


    Published 25 Oct 16Reply
  9. Kathryn wrote:

    Oh how adorable! Loving that sweater.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 27 Oct 16Reply
  10. Katie wrote:

    This outfit is so cute- I love your sweater and bag! Love the story about Starbucks, so funny!


    Published 06 Nov 16Reply