How To Keep Jewels Clean: Bling Brush

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*After not cleaning my ring for two months, keeping it on in the ocean and chlorine this is how it looked after cleaning once with Bling Brush*

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Bling Brush: Nordstrom [c/o] | Glitzy Glove: Nordstrom [c/o] | Glambox: Shopbop | Mimosa Jar: Nordstrom | Zebra Tray: Nordstrom | Earrings: Baublebar [c/o] | Bracelets: David Yurman

I truly don’t believe you have to spend a lot to look luxe. To me, a chic woman is all about how she carries herself and cares for her pieces. You can even take a look at things like handmade necklaces for sale online, and you will find some really great and unique pieces that might fit just right with a certain one of your outfits. One of my best friends, Laura, is the epitome of this. Every time I’m around her I’m convinced she is the great grand niece to Coco Chanel herself. And then when I ask where she got her pieces from she always surprises me. Her jewels could be from H&M and her bag from Forever 21, but she consistently looks pulled together because of how much time she spends caring for her wardrobe and accessories.

Tailor your $20 pants, stuff your handbags so they don’t lose their shape and always clean your jewels! An article by madison 365 provides effective jewelry cleaning tips. And work only with trusted jewelers when you need jewelry repair services!

My favorite way to clean jewels is using a Bling Brush! I posted about this right when I got engaged! My mom had given me one of the brushes [they were sold at a cute little boutique in Dallas] and I was a huge fan. The great thing about the Bling Brush is it a natural jewelry cleaner so you can use it on your diamonds and your faux pieces! 1 brush lasts you up to 100 uses, so I still haven’t run out of mine. You can use this as little or as much as you want, you just twist the bottom cap and clean it using the brush. I keep one in my purse because I always remember to clean my ring when I’m sitting waiting for an appointment,etc. However, I go to Martha Stewart town and clean all my stone jewels with it about once every 3 weeks! I typically take a Sunday afternoon and do the dirty chores: clean my makeup brushes, clean my glambox and clean my jewelry. But if I go a long time without cleaning [i.e. the past two months, you can see the after photo above!] it still cleans it with one use.

If you have lots of silver that tarnishes the brand also makes a Glitzy Glove that can be used on silver, gold or brass. I wear the heck out of my David Yurman Cables that I got in high school and I use the Glove once every two weeks to keep them clean [and maybe clean queso off of them too…].

And lastly, I store all my jewelry in my Glambox. I have a little chest for all my custom jewelry in our bedroom that Paul knows is hands off to him. haha! In one drawer I keep sunglasses, in another I keep statement necklaces, in another I keep fine jewelry and my everyday pieces go in my Glambox! I don’t like it to get cluttered [that’s how jewelry tangles/gets messed up] so if I start to get to cluttered I clean out!

The Bling Brush is a great gift if your girlfriend just got engaged [trust me she will get a million monogrammed goodies] and you can pair it with the ring holder. Or if you do Secret Santa swaps for all your girlfriends. Both jewelry cleaners are under $20 so you don’t feel guilting splurging on a cleaning item. 🙂

You can get the Bling Brush here and the Glitzy Glove here.

Do you have any secrets for extending the life of your jewels?!


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  1. Preeti wrote:

    such gorgeous photos!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Published 29 Oct 15Reply
  2. Great tips! I completely agree that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look luxe.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 29 Oct 15Reply
  3. Courtney wrote:

    I have been needing something like this! Thank you! And I am obsessed with your jewelry display! 🙂

    Published 29 Oct 15Reply
  4. Love this little jewelry area! <3

    Published 30 Oct 15Reply