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Couch: Local Store, Similar | Lip Print: The Aestate | Pillows: Furbish, Little Design Co | Coffee Table: OKL, Similar, Similar | Pomander Candle: Nordstrom | Tray: Furbish | Urchin: Furbish | Flowers: OKL | Ginger Jars: Vintage, Similar, Similar | Matches: Design Darling | White Chair: Ikea | Rug: Ballard’s | Cowhide: Similar | Bar Cart: Target Sold Out, Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar | Wine Rack: CB2 | Mexico Cookbook: Amazon | Gold Pineapple: Homegoods, Similar | Buzzed Cocktail Napkins: Waiting on Martha | Hey Y’all Sign: Gift | White Table: Similar, Similar | Lucite Chairs: Amazon | White Serving Table: OKL | Fibs Jar: Jonathan Adler | Prozac Jar: Jonathan Adler | Side Chairs: Overstock, Similar | Cow Print: Similar | Spotted Ottoman: OKL, Similar | Big Mirror: At Home, Similar | JFK Print: Art | Curtains: Pier 1 | Prada Print: Z Gallerie | Gold Mirrors: Sold Out, Similar

Photography by: Carmen Evans

I’m so excited to be sharing our home tour on the blog today! And yet I’m laughing at myself in the process, too. Every time I do a home tour or share home photos on the blog I take way too long to post them and by the time it gets up I’ve changed so much in our home already! haha. And that’s what happened this time as well! I’ve changed our ottoman, purchased new side tables, changed out our lamps, refreshed our bedding, planned out new art and mixed up the coffee table. haha! So here is our home from a few months ago! 😉

When I lived in Dallas [see home tour here] I had a ton of different prints going on and it was really bright! It was a fun space, but once Paul and I got engaged I knew that our home would incorporate a lot more neutrals, which I was ready for. I wanted to still keep prints and texture through lots of ginger jars, coffee table books and curtains.

You’ve also probably noticed it is a smaller space. Welcome to 1940, y’all! haha. We purchased an older, renovated home and loved the charm and neighborhood. We knew we weren’t having a family right away and so location was the most important factor to us. Being newlyweds it’s really fun to be 3 minutes away from everything. We are naturally home bodies and so it’s really easy to go to our favorite sushi spot a minute down the road or our gym 2 minutes away. Because if things were further I honestly think we’d just say, “Ehhhh. Maybe we should.”

My favorite part about this open living space is our bar cart. I’m not a drinker. I order wine at dinner. Take two sips and then try to get Paul to ignore the fact I just wasted $20. But I think it’s such a fun thing to incorporate for displaying little pieces! My mom doesn’t drink and they have a bar cart in their home that stores all her serving ware! I plan on putting all of my China on mine in little hat boxes once I can get it all organized. It’s also a huge help with hosting. Before friends come over I just add a bucket of ice, some cookies and glasses and that way I’m able to get them anything they need without going into the kitchen and not being able to converse with them.

I’ll list where everything available is from above, but I’d love to hear if you have any home decor questions or post requests you’d like to see! I shared how to decorate and move quickly before here but if you want something in terms of budgeting, combining his taste with hers or anything else please let me know! Interior decorating is such a passion of mine and something I never turn down talking about!

Our bedroom spaces will be up on the blog too next week! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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  1. Melanie wrote:

    OMG, your home is amazing, you´ve got a great taste for interior!


    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  2. bianca wrote:

    So my fiance is a simple guy and he likes to stick with matchy matchy type things like a living room set from rooms to go -_- . Any suggestions on how to incorporate other things without him realizing it.

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I think it’s all about compromise! If he likes matching sets [try places like the pottery barn outlets, furniture outlets or even Nebraska Furniture Mart has beautiful options!] say you want to do decor. Paul picked our couch and we got rid of my velvet tufted one, so I picked pillows! Or go antiquing, pick an old coffee table and repaint it a color you love! So if he gets a matching rooms to go set, you can add in fun coffee table books and like knick knacks that make the space more unique! Or if you get to pick mix matched furniture for an eclectic look he can pick decor maybe from one theme at Pier 1. Pier 1 is great because their website divides things based on themes they have currently and he can get his matching pieces he likes! Target has some great faux fur white pillows right now that are neutral and would go with anything but add a fun touch that he probably would like because they are soft! Paul loves anything soft haha. I hope these tips help!! xoxo

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  3. Anna Littlejohn wrote:

    You have a beautiful home! I would love to see a post about combining his taste with hers!
    Xo Anna

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  4. Your home is so beautifully decorated! I love it.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  5. I am engaged & living with my fiancé so I understand the struggle of having to tone down the girly vibes but I LOVE what you’ve done to make it more masculine. Definitely inspiring! I hope you have a good day girl!


    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER!! haha! No one thinks our home is masculine ever and I’m like, “It isn’t pink anymore! This is a huge step for me!” bahaha!! Thanks so much for following! xo

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  6. Kacie wrote:

    How adorable! Older homes are the best – they have such personality! I’m not a drinker either but adore bar carts! Love how you put books and other things on it instead 🙂

    XoXo, Kacie

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  7. Veronica wrote:

    I almost went to school for interior design, I love it so much!! I’m always wanted to redecorate. But for some reason, our outdated apartment is such a challenge for me!! I like so many different styles it’s hard to decide which direction I want to go, to make it look well designed but still uncluttered. I love all of your posts, it helps me think about our space differently and help me get past my brain blocks. Thank you for being so open and sharing!!! Love your style!!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I totally know that feeling!! Sometimes I love eclectic, sometimes I want Z Gallerie Glam and other times I want neutrals from Pottery Barn! haha. I think the best thing about home decor if you buy things you absolutely fall in love with somehow it all looks beautiful together! I have lived in an outdated apartment before and I went with a Pottery Barn-esque look to try to blend with all the neutral countertops, etc! I hope this helps!! Thank you for your support!!!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  8. Winter wrote:

    Love the living room, Katey!

    Do you know where I can find a similar bookcase? I have empty wall space in my bedroom and was searching for a white bookcase.

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hey girl! Ours was a built in that came with the home! Ikea has lots of ones and there are so many great Pinterest posts on ikea hacks but that is honestly a nightmare for me to even think about. I’d try finding a handy man! I like using thumbtack.com and they can build it to look vintage for probably $200 which would probably be less than an Ikea hack!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  9. Julie wrote:

    Where is your cheetah print rug from? Love that it is a neutral shade, but still adds a fun pop or print!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ballards! But I don’t recommend it. 🙁 It gets so dirty I always have to get it cleaned and the rug guy I go to says it was super cheaply made. 🙁 I like RUGS USA because they always have great sales!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
      • Julie wrote:

        Aw, darn! It’s so pretty, thanks for your honest feedback! 🙂

        Published 02 Dec 15Reply
  10. Ali wrote:

    Where is your prada canvas from? I’ve seen similar on Hautelook, but not recently. I’m looking for one to buy for Christmas! Thanks & love your space!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Z Gallerie! But if you want a trick you can order this Prada stencil from etsy and make your own for like $40!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  11. Hope wrote:

    I love your home tour! Everything is so cute and well put-together. Where are your blue and white plates on the wall from? My sister and I give blue and white plates to each other for Christmas and I’d love to find some like those for her 🙂 As a young newlywed, I would love to hear your thoughts on budgeting and mixing his and her style – I feel like that can be hard to do. Thanks for sharing your home, I love your style!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hey girl! Aw that is such a sweet tradition!! Mine were gifts from my Aunt when she lived in Germany! But you can get them at antique shops or etsy! 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations! Definitely want to post those!!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  12. Emily wrote:

    Where is the black chest of drawers from by the door?

    Love your house!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Pier 1 a few years ago!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  13. Clarissa wrote:

    This is so so stunning I would kill for my home to look like this!!! It is the perfect space for newlyweds, looks like paradise!!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  14. Gah, every time you post pictures of your house here or on Instagram I just fall more in love! We might be moving to Dallas soon, any chances you can just come over and decorate the place for me?!?! 😉

    One quick question: are the ghost chairs comfortable? I’ve loved them for years but always wondered if they would be comfortable to sit in or if they just looked good.

    Thank you!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hey girl!

      Aw yay!! You’ll love Dallas! They actually are!! My mom didn’t think they would be but I hosted Father’s Day at my house and my Nana and Dad thought they were so comfy! I mean of course they don’t feel like a fabric chair but I work from that table a lot and never feel uncomfortable. 🙂

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
      • Thank you so much, I appreciate the feedback!!

        Published 02 Dec 15Reply
  15. Hey Katey! Love your little home! You did a great job. I think it would be a great idea to post a budgeted room decor how to. Like how to decorate your living room for less than $500 or something. Most people can’t spend 80% of their budget on a floor mirror so that would probably appeal to readers =)
    Happy December!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Definitely try At Home if you have one in your area for a floor mirror! They can be so expensive it’s hard to find them for less but I always find At Home has them for a great price if they have any in stock at the time! They just go so fast! That’s a great post idea! Definitely want to do that!

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  16. So lovely, Katey! You are so right about the bar cart but we really don’t have a good space for it right now. Once our dining table is done being built, I’m going to work one into that room somehow!

    Hugs, friend!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  17. Hannah Sneed wrote:

    I absolutely love that you explained your bar cart. We aren’t drinkers either, so I have always thought “wow, bar carts are really cute, but I have no use for one..” Well DUH! Just use it for cute decor! Why did I never even consider that before lol

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you!!!! You can totally use one for anything! I’ve seen them used to hold magazines and shoes! It was so cute!! xoxo

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  18. Jessica wrote:

    Y’alls place is beautiful! It would be awesome to see a post on incorporating his and hers taste!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  19. Your home is so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store next week.

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  20. Heather wrote:

    Your decor is FAB girl! I have been following your blog for awhile now and love your style. I have to say I was super bummed that this was not a whole home tour post 🙁 When I saw the title in my inbox I couldn’t open it fast enough. I needed to know the answer to my questions: how did Katey manage to hide the TV wires in the living room–maybe a photo will show the secret (this is something I struggle with every time the military moves us so I wanted to know!), how does Katey arrange her closet with all the clothes she must have? (I cant figure out the best way to get everything to fit–what should be hung vs. folded? Katey will know!), how does Katey store all her beauty stuff in a tiny bathroom–is there a photo of an extra cabinet she has?, and the big mystery… what does glam Katey’s kitchen look like?!? HAHAHAHA You almost NEVER post your kitchen 🙂 With all that being said, maybe one day I will learn your secrets to making the house look good while storing everything a girl needs to stay glam. Thanks Katey for giving us a peek into your life!

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! This isn’t the whole home tour! I am breaking up the post because I had 105 photos and thought it would be absolutely crazy to include them all in one post! hehe! I’m doing other posts sharing pieces of our home. 🙂 But, I won’t be posting our kitchen, bathroom or laundry room! Just out of respect to my husband and safety concerns, we just didn’t feel comfortable posting every nook and cranny of our home on the internet. We had to drill holes in our walls to hid the tV cords. 🙁 But because the home was so old it’s like straight cedar behind the dry wall, so my dad actually had to come like help break the wall. haha. So I will never do that again! I’ll just get a different console if we move. And the kitchen is just a galley kitchen with white backsplash and Mackenzie Childs! But I’ll have more images of my closet, bedroom and kitchen with the other posts! 🙂 I just didn’t want people to be overwhelmed with that many photos in one post. Of course!! So glad you enjoy and thanks for following!! xoxo

      Published 01 Dec 15Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I don’t know how much it will help or if explaining via text will be understandable but to hide the wires you can cut (eeek! I know – but trust me) a smmmmmalllll piece of the wall behind the tv… drop the wires down to the floor inside the wall then have them come out to plug in! My husband did electrical work in high school and did ours – if you have a handy helper you could totally You Tube it too! Only scary part is resale – either having to patch or hope the buyers want to do the same with their TV!

      Published 03 Dec 15Reply
  21. Jennifer wrote:

    I LOOOOVVVEE your blog! I live in Houston! and I just move out into my own little space out of my parents house. Recent college grad…any tips on how to decorate on a budget? Love your style and it’s killing me little by little seeing your wonderful home decor. I’m like “I want my home to look like Katey’s….like right now” lol Please keep sharing home decor.

    Published 01 Dec 15Reply
  22. Obsessed with your home!! We have such similar style! I have the same Prada Canvas & the large white mirror, but in black! Including some other items, but then I’ll just go over board hahaha. <3


    Published 02 Dec 15Reply
  23. Elizabeth wrote:

    I always love your home decor posts! Loved this one in particular..I’m currently in the thralls of the newlywed struggle to compromise on decor tastes!

    I know this isn’t super related to this post but as far as post suggestions go I would love to see another Bible-study type installment! I loved that every week and I was so impressed with the way you walked in your faith from within your business platform. That’s rare, and I thought it was really admirable! 🙂

    Published 02 Dec 15Reply
  24. Brooke wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    LOVED this post! Where are the gold Letters from on the wall? I have been looking for some and yours are just so cute…

    Always love reading your blog!

    Published 02 Dec 15Reply
  25. Stephanie wrote:

    Hi Katey!
    I absolutely loved this post! Your house is precious. I love that you have super fun pop pieces mixed in with more subdued traditional items. I, too, would love to see your suggestions on how to decorate on a budget. Or can you just like make your way to Arkansas and do it for me? ?
    Also, I’m a short, chubby girl with giant boobs. Do you have any clothing suggestions that could be trendy and cute without showing off all my goodies?

    I’ve been following you on Instagram and Snapchat for awhile and totally feel like we should be BFFs haha
    Thanks! ?

    Published 03 Dec 15Reply
  26. CoCo wrote:

    Hey Katey,

    What color is your living room walls? It looks like an off-white sort of tan which might be exactly what I need for my master bedroom!

    Published 03 Dec 15Reply
  27. Angie wrote:

    Hi Katey! Great post! Could you share a link for the horned ring dish on your console table? I have the perfect spot for that!
    Thanks so much 🙂

    Published 08 Dec 15Reply
  28. Cassidy wrote:

    Could you tell me where you framed and what size is your Lara Lip print? Thanks!

    Published 16 Jan 16Reply
  29. Kaitlin wrote:

    My husband and I are recently married also and thinking of relocating to Ft. Worth. Do you have any recommendations of neighborhoods that we should check out?

    Also- could you tell me where you got the cow painting? It’s so awesome!

    Thanks! Love love your blog !

    Published 20 Jan 16Reply
  30. Leah wrote:

    Hey Katey! I LOVE your home and have been making a few updates of my own. I know I have seen your lucite TV table and spotted storage bench before either on your blog/insta/snapchat but I can’t put my hands on it. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? I want to show my husband as a possibility! THANK YOU!!

    Published 24 Jan 16Reply
  31. HAZ wrote:

    Where did you get the R&P letters? Super cute!

    Published 24 Jan 16Reply
  32. Estefania Ortega wrote:

    Hi Katey! You have a beautiful home I love it!
    I recently got engaged (6 months ago) and my fiancé and I have never lived together, we’ve been together for almost 8 years! So we are obviously going to be purchasing a home pretty soon, can you give me any advise? We are 23 & 24 and have never lived alone so we’re totally new at everything! We want a beautiful home and we want something new, but now I’m wondering if purchasing a smaller/ less expensive home would be smarter. We do plan on starting a family, maybe not right away but definitely within the next 2 years.
    Any advise will help! 🙂

    Published 01 Mar 16Reply
  33. michele moore wrote:

    hi! i am looking for coffee table decor books like the dior and chanel ones you have! any suggestions on where to find them? thanks!

    Published 10 Dec 16Reply
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  37. So creeping on your blog, haha! You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers & I love reading all of your posts:)

    I absolutely love the cow painting and am currently trying to find a piece like this for my own living room, do you mind sharing where you got this from or any of your favorite places to shop for home decor?

    Published 09 Apr 17Reply
  38. amy marshall wrote:


    I was wondering where you got the gold fortune cookie decor from?



    Published 17 May 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      One Kings Lane!

      Published 17 May 17Reply
      • amy marshall wrote:

        Thanks. LOVE your decor. Got the same lip pic to put over my bar cart!

        Published 23 May 17Reply