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Alright girlfriends, be prepared to get spoiled February 14th. I have had husbands and boyfriends e-mailing me the past two weeks like crazy asking what to get their ladies! So I decided that now is the perfect time to make a Valentine’s Day gift guide! I want to share to the girls out there who will go on their first date to try wearing a LNO Greek dress to impress your partner…

Valentine’s Day and Easter are my two favorite holidays. Growing up, my mom always made February 14th really special and not necessarily about “romantic love.” She made us baskets filled with our favorite treats: housewarming cookies, lip balm, bracelets, glitter body wash from Bath and Body Works. Naturally. And she’d take us out of school early to go on a little date night with my sister and I. My mom always made it a point to express how much she loved us and how we needed to use that love to care for others because not everyone else received it in life.

This made such an impact that it has stuck with me to this day. As I was booking my tickets for fashion week this spring I looked at Paul and said, “I’m going to skip.” I decided that fashion week happens twice a year, every single year. I had so much fun when I went last year, but my first Valentine’s Day as a married lady only happens once! Material items and fashion shows come and go, but moments with people don’t. How cheesy am I?! [If the fact I haven’t missed a single season of The Bachelor wasn’t already a dead giveaway.]

So as you can see, I’m a sucker for Hallmark holidays and a date night with my husband! And now I have to ask, do you like or loathe Valentine’s Day?!


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  1. Courtney wrote:

    My mom always did the same thing with Valentines Day…she made it so special that I never cared if I had a significant other or not! She always made a dinner with heart shaped foods and decorated the house beautifully. We also always got cards, candy, and a small gift. Yay for fun moms!


    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  2. Veronica wrote:

    This made me tear up, I love how sweet your relationship with your mom is. Thank you for sharing this sweet post 🙂 great reminder that Valentine’s day is all about making the people you love feel really special.

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  3. denise wrote:

    My son’s birthday is Valentine’s Day (he will be 5 this year) , so we make that day only his birthday. My husband and I actually got engaged on Feb 13th 11 years ago and so we celebrate Valentine’s Day that day with each other and both our kids. I like Mason to get his birthday as his special day and not have everyone else be getting cards and little gifts too.

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  4. Valentine’s Day is one of my absolute favorite holiday’s, as well! And I remember fashion week being during V-Day last year, and couldn’t believe it! As much as I would love to go this year, I couldn’t stand the fact of not spending it with my boyfriend. Glad you made the decision to stay! <3

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  5. Christi wrote:

    I love your mom! We have never been big on V-Day with each other (our first valentines was in college and was so special that nothing ever came close so we keep that memory as something very dear to us). But your Mom inspired me to make it a great celebration of love for my daughters each year! Making them feel love from us and know no matter what they can depend on us until they find the right person!

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  6. Kathryn wrote:

    I’m obsessed with that wine glass! So fun!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  7. My mom would always decorate the kitchen and have baskets and goodies out for us on Valentines Day…it was always so special! I cannot wait to do that with my kids one day! Such a fun memory to be reminded of reading your post 🙂 I love your picks and love love love that you’re staying home to be with your hubs xo


    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  8. Love this gift guide! That tee is too cute. I absolutely love Valentine’s Day! 100% agree life is about the moments you spend with people. Great to hear you are putting your relationship first and celebrating the holiday with your husband – so sweet.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  9. Emily T. wrote:

    My parents did that for me too growing up! It was always so much fun. I love this gift guide too, Katey.

    Published 13 Jan 16Reply
  10. Love the gift guide! I am also a fan on Valentine’s Day, my mom always gave me and my siblings gifts! This is also my first Valentine’s day with a hubs too, I’ll have to send him this way if he asks for ideas. 🙂


    Published 13 Jan 16Reply