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Earrings | Maxi’s Swaddle | Polish | Lipstick [Baci]

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another Instagram roundup, and with that I have some exciting news! I know many of you use like to know it to shop instagram! But for those of you that don’t prefer extra e-mails or like all their fashion inspiration in one spot, you’ll be happy to know there is now an app. You can simply download the new app here, screenshot a look you like on Instagram OR Snapchat and get the details!

Chronicles of Frivolity - Education

I’ve been using the app for the past two days and my favorite feature is that everything is in one spot. Sometimes I’ll like an Instagram photo to shop it and I’ll check it, then forget about it when I actually want to shop! A few hours later in my head I will think, “Who was that one blogger and what jeans was she wearing?!” Now on the app I can either like a photo or screenshot it on Snapchat/Instagram and all of the photos I want to shop are in one specific space. This whole “one spot shop” thing helps make my phone feel much more organized when in reality my phone is a disaster. At any given time I’ve got 87 photos of Peaches eating a treat and 14 reminders going off at once. It’s a mess! haha! If you’re intrigued by the idea of streamlining your mobile experience even further, consider exploring options with specialists like hiring react native developers sydney to improve and organize your smartphone chaos. Let me know if y’all download the app and I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂


Similar Sweater | Jeans | Bag | Shoes | Sunglasses


Dress [runs a little small!] | Shoes | Bag, Dupe | Sunglasses | Necklace


Sweater | Bag | Jeans


Earrings | Dress | Lipstick [shade: Child Star]


Shoes [shade: Blush]


Jeans | Sweater | Shoes | Bag


Bag | Sweater [runs small] | Jeans | Shoes | Belt | Car Seat Cover | Sunglasses


Gold Flats | Studded Flats | Leopard Espadrilles | Similar to Chanel, Similar to Floral


Bow | Outfit | Cards


Dress | Lipstick [shade: Cherry] | Similar Scarf | Bag


Top | Jacket | Necklace [c/o] | Ring | Jeans | Lipstick [shade: Baci]


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  1. Cute pictures, and I think I’ve said it before but I love that bamboo/straw bag of yours!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  2. Caroline wrote:

    I love all your picks!! Maxi is just so precious, and her OOTD’s are already cuter than mine 🙂

    Unrelated, I really appreciate and admire your efforts to have new posts up first thing in the morning. I get to work a few minutes early every day to eat breakfast and read your blog. It’s like grabbing brunch with a friend! It’s cheesy, but it really makes my morning routine! If I have time, I’ll check other blogs after yours, but they always still have yesterday’s posts up and it’s a bummer! I just wanted to let you know that your dedication to producing a quality and timely product every day is noticed and appreciated! You rock momma!

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
    • Bianca wrote:

      Im the same way!! I eat breakfast at work and read the blog. It is very much appreciated Katey. 🙂

      Published 08 Mar 17Reply
      • Glory wrote:

        Agree! It’s really clear that you’re dedicated, organized, and super professional. Love your blog!

        Published 08 Mar 17Reply
    • I read it in bed before I get up in the morning! I always think “you better open your eyes now or you won’t have enough time to read Katey’s post and then you’re going to be sad”.

      I was just telling her how she feels like a best friend! It’s so crazy how her blog is so inviting! She rocks!!!!!

      Published 08 Mar 17Reply
      • Katey wrote:

        You are the SWEETEST!!! XOXOX

        Published 09 Mar 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Caroline!

      Your comment truly means so much to me! Thank you for taking the time to say that- it’s such an encouragement because sometimes I wonder if people do like things up at a specific time! Thank you for your loyalty as a reader, it means more than you know! xoxo

      Published 09 Mar 17Reply
  3. Madison wrote:

    Ok I am officially buying that Stila shade you’ve been wearing lately because every time I see it on you I’m like dying inside because it look so gorgeous!! I just wanted to say that you give me so much inspiration! Not only for fashion & makeup products to try but also for blogging and being a mom one day. Like I completely plan on matching my clothes to my carseat covers on the daily LOL.

    Have a happy Wednesday!
    XO, Madison

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  4. Kristen wrote:

    Just wanted to tag on to Caroline’s comment. I always login early and take my first 10 minutes to catch up some blogs and at 9am ET, yours is the only one up.The day gets too busy to remember to check again and so I love starting my morning with your blog and really appreciate all the work you put into it. Your little is adorable and I don’t know how you do it all, but thanks for the continued posts even during her first few weeks!

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  5. Mary-Katherine wrote:

    That first picture of you and Maxi is just the sweeeeeetest thing!!!

    I have been so excited for the launch of the LTK app and have been using it the past two days and overall really love it. My only nit with it is that I wish there was a tab for just screenshots. It all gets lumped together in images I’ve liked/screenshotted, but sometimes I like images on Instagram without wanting to shop them, but when I screenshot, it is specifically because I want to shop. So it would be super helpful to be able to go into the app and essentially filter on screenshotted images like when I get home from work and can actually shop. Otherwise, I think the technology is amazing and the aesthetic of the app is really nice!

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  6. I’m loving the new app! I also wanted to recommend the Bare Minerals matte nude lipsticks, I think you’ll like them!

    xo Amanda John

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  7. Love the roundup! That necklace in the last pic is my fave!! Need to get that!

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  8. Magdalena M wrote:

    Puh-lease do an eye makeup tutorial post!!!

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  9. Morgan K wrote:

    I’m loving the LTK app so far! I really like having all of the photos I want to shop in one easy to view place, versus having to sift back through strings of emails.

    Anyway, also commenting to say I agree with Caroline (and everyone else!) about really appreciating your consistent posting structure. I, too, often start my day with your blog (and clearly end my day with it quite a lot as well, as I type this at 10:30pm!) and I agree that yours is one of the only ones I can think of where I know I’ll see new content regularly and at a certain time…and I love it! Also, thanks so much for sharing the sweet photos and updates of Maxi and your journey into motherhood…she’s very lucky to have you as a mom, and I’m loving seeing the two of you embark on this adventure together! <3

    Published 08 Mar 17Reply
  10. Obsessed with the new LTK app! <3

    Published 09 Mar 17Reply
  11. The app is a godsend. So useful and practical! I’m downloading it right now. And btw, your instagram is just fabulous. Love it!

    Published 10 Apr 17Reply